Guys help have an abortion my boyfriend and I dont want it rightnow what are the ways on aborting aside from abortion pills and surgery

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Have the baby and sell it on the black market they cost around 30k ea.

Just get the pills dumbass.
They exist specifically to prevent retards from trying to punch a baby out of their uterus.

Accept the consequences of your actions like an adult. You'll be better off for it in the end.

The only correct answer is FALCON PUNCH

The coalfires in hell are being prepared for you if you kill your baby just for your selfish reasons

have him beat you with a baseball bat.

I've heard that being pushed down some stairs can work.

Shit country dont sell pills and its illegal here.

Major trauma to the womb area once the fetus develops a bit is one way, but that will be much more painful, you could also force a miscarriage. If I remember right ingest massive amounts of salt and basically starve yourself for a few weeks. Drink as little water as possible and do as much hard labour as you can. You want to put so much stress on your body that it cannot continue to develop the fetus. Drinking a lot could also help, as week as smoking. This is less effective that belly flopping down a flight of stairs, but will likely cause you personally less pain. There's also certain meds you can take that cause a miscarriage as a side effect, research those a bit. What country btw? Ireland?

Have the baby, and then "abort" yourself by jumping from a cliff.


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Large amounts of vitamin c and induce a miscarriage, eat oranges, take vitamin c tablets and shove some parsley up your cunt.

Abortion is murder of an innocent baby

have the baby and then kill yourself


Drink, smoke, take drugs, drink a bit of bleach, submit yourself to high doses of radiation. If you don't die and all that shit doesn't straight up cause a miscarriage or something, give birth to your baby, call it Raul.
And congratulations you've just made an average Jow Forums user.

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Nice. Fuck innocent babies

what a trash thread :/
why don't you want pills OP? it's the safest way

Legal, honest abortion clinics don't use surgery, but injections to induce miscarriage

Have the fucking baby like a responsible adult and don't damn yourself to hell by murdering your own kin

An option your mother really should have gone with to save the world the trouble

there are herbs that can induce a miscarriage however it might be incomplete so the best way is medical or surgical for efficient results. I wouldn't suggest drinking a lot or smoking or doing drugs because it might not work and you will end up with a retarded baby for the rest of your life.