Femanon here. What are some red flags you should be worried about in dating a guy?

Femanon here. What are some red flags you should be worried about in dating a guy?

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when he behaves like you

bad hygiene, rudeness, gets angry too easily, lies about things (even small things), pushy about sex, clingy or controlling behavior, convincing you to blow off your friends and spend time with him yet ditches you for his friends whenever he wants

How does he treat restaurant servers?
How does he treat his mom?
Does he value life, have goals, dreams?

How does he handle defeat?
How does he handle when things doesn't go his way?
It is good to measure these things in a controlled environment. Like go on a canoe trip and when you eventually get stuck, how does he handle that?
Does he immediately get mad at you, does he aim to fix the situation by himself, does he get help, does he view you as a team?
Positive shit tests like this is good. It forces everyone to deal with life at a much higher speed and you realize who they are.

damn, i might do this subconsciously

I've always been perplexed about girls and that last criteria, considering they themselves never have any solid, long term plans or ambitions that they stick to and don't abandon or decide that actually they want something different now.

The hypocrites.

When he feeds your mental illness.

You have a decent point. I’m male btw.
The way I see it, if a person is really content with how things are, no hopes to accomplish anything out side of work eat sleep shit, they are not a good partner.

Why is that? And what kind of ambition are we talking about here? I have zero professional ambition as it just does not bring me any satisfaction. But I try to work on myself physically and learn new things, not because I have specific end goals, but simply to keep engaged and become a better me.

He can't throw or catch a baseball, shoot a basketball, pass or catch a football. I know this eliminates most guys but....

oh and kicking a ball doesn't count anybody can do that.

it's what YOU consider red flags. it could be needy behavior or texting/calling too much or not making enough money or not being able to make u laugh/have a good time. whatever you feel is a red flag on negative features like those.

it's your choice

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>shit tests like this is good
Are you reading this, guys?

Getting seriously mad about small or abstract issues. Guys are supposed to get mad sometimes but not over every little weird judgement they have over something you said or did.

Biggest red flag.
What does he do when driving and an animal crosses the road.
1. slow to avoid
2. speed up and swerve to hit

Here's a hint. Trying to hit is bad

He's a virgin past high-school

Fuck, it sounds exactly like me except for the last part.
How could I improve as a person?


Because hopefully their aspiration is kids which is a lot of work for them.

This but c'mon, it doesnt matter how he treats his dad then?

Is he antisocial, a loner? How does he treat people he doesn't know?
Does he have insecurities, do you notice they interfere with his and/or your everyday life?

Are you 13 by any chance? There’s really no reason an adult male would ever do any of those things.

If he doesn't have his life together at 20+. People like that are still gonna be losers at 30+.

Based materialistic roastie of quints

Like what exactly? With age comes more money usually

>it doesnt matter how he treats his dad then?
Not really unless you're gay
At the same time you don't want a total momma's boy because if things do progress well, she might be a monster mother-in-law because no one would ever be good enough for her little boy

A lot of people are still students in their 20s

what do you mean?


When he acts like a woman: insecure, bitchy, manipulative, cries

When he doesnt take interest in your life or interests, when he only talks about himself, if he treats cashiers/waitresses/people around him like crap, if on the first date he invites you over to watch a "movie", doesnt respect boundaries

By not doing those things

I don't think it's hypocritical. I want a pretty gf but I'm not a looker myself. Nothing wrong with that

>bad relationship with his mother (he'll inevitably treat you like he treats his mother)
>only "hobby" is gaming (lazy)
>smokes weed every day (lazy)
>drug or alcohol abuse (deep seated problems)
>can't hold a job (lazy/little self control)
>never been into any kind of sports or physical activities (mentally and physically soft)
>bad with money (bad self control)

I agree and also want to add
>blames everything on this list on someone else

They browse Jow Forums