Gf Has Sexual Past

Basically I found out my gf had one long term bf, and a string of 5 one night stands and fwbs after.
I never had any of that, just 2 steady gfs and a fwb for a month that I wanted to date but didnt go anywhere. Were both 28, together for 2 years, I thought I loved her.
Shes clean, and I know I can fuck her better than all of them, but it still bothers me, knowing she had this past, especially when I know that's not something I as an average looking guy can ever accomplish. Imagining her riding some sleazy cock that is going to show off to his buddies the next day about the slut he fucked at the party last night makes me sick to my stomach. Even worse if I bump into one of these guys. She does say she regrets it but I cant get over it.
What do I do here? Am I unreasonable? She will ne hard to replace, plus I feel like most attractive women my age would've had a slutty past, but its fucking gnawing at me.

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It is unreasonable
Actually for 28 that's a relatively short list
If she wants you now that's all that matters

How does an insecure loser like you get a girlfriend in the first place?

>2 steady gfs and a fwb
You have been disqualified in your pursuit of a virgin

She regrets it, that's a big start. She sees your trust as valuable. Try to work past your paranoia. And give us or a trusted friend more specific details about her present behavior that may worry you since you might be too paranoid to think straight about it.

You sound like a faggot. I recommend dumping your gf and then getting your ass fucked.

I dont want a virgin, just q girl who didnt get passed around like a joint in college
That's the thing her present behavior is fine for the most part, I just dont want the potential mother of my children to be someone school bycicle somewhere

You are both degenerate whores who thinks sex is entertainment, why do you care she is more successful than you?
If it is history and she have been exclusive with you for two years, you know whether or not she is a whore.
There is no new information you need to get over here.

Both disgusting degenerates. You're made for each other

talking about ONS like its something to be proud of

youre degenerate already, just let her go what he said pretty much

I had the same problem with my second girlfriend, when I was like 17-19. I loved her but it bothered me so much that she was my first but she had slept with 2 boys before me, first one when she was 13. She also said she regrets it and wished I would have been her first, we were really in love. She was a beautiful girl, I guess you could be surprised that the number wasn't even bigger considering how much attention she got from boys. And yeah, I'm an average looking guy too.

From one side it bothered me to think she acted like a slut, from other side it bothered that I never had chances like that. And I was planning to marry her so I knew that I can't run around anymore too.

Even when had talked through it, it still stayed in my head, waiting for next moment to come up. I guess it's an insecurity problem, to put it short it's "beta" to worry about it. And you know it's shit that it even bothers you, you don't want to have this problem so that you could have a good relationship with this perfect woman, but it is so deeply inside of you, that it can ruin every good moment when you happen to remember it.

Anyway, the relationship ended because I didn't love her anymore and not related to the sleeping problem.

Now, during the years after the relationship, I've slept with 4 more girls. Every day my goal is to better myself as a man, to be more confident and successful, but I also try to sleep with as many girls as possible, half the reason is just to up my "score". I'm never taking a chance again that I find a woman I want to marry and it will start to bother me again that I haven't slept around as much as her. I'd like to be so confident and secure that I would know that something like this would never bother me again, but as long as I'm not there yet, I take a more practical approach to the problem and just fuck more than my future wife who I haven't met yet.

So, I don't have a solution to you. I just understand how shit it feels to have this feeling.

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That's a good way to look at it honestly, thanks
I'll try to make things work with this girl, but if they dont I'm gonna make sure to do what you do to ensure it's never a problem again.

She's 28, that's not bad at all. if she's clean and loves you and want to be with only you now, what does it matter?

stop being an insecure little bitch.

A woman of 28 who did not have a sexual past would be more suspect than one who has

If you had sex out of wedlock, you deserve the trash leftovers you get


Another problem that we had, was that I always sort of felt that she was out of my league. I was jealous that boys constantly approached her while we were together, but I wasn't so popular among girls. But that's a insecurity problem that's about the present, and can be solved very easily - just be even proud that you have such a girl for yourself, whom everyone is dying to get. And as for the "out of my league" thing, it was just a part of my general low self-image, which can be improved just as well in a relationship, by understanding your self-worth and setting goals in personal life.

But.. If we are talking about jealousy over the past, then I don't see another solution other than assuring your past will be as wild as your future wife's or even more. Back then, I talked about it with my psychologist as well, of course she told me it's unreasonable and comes from my general problems with self-esteem. We talked it through but it never helped. If I would have made a thread about it, I would have heard the same "man up" answers, but it just means to push the feeling inside and to cover it up, but it's still living and will never go away like that.

Although as I understand from your post, you only found out about it recently, so maybe it will go over for you in some time.

Assuming she isn't lying about her number, she hasn't been too big a slut for a 28 year old. If she doesn't cheat and is a good gf, I would stay with her long term, but I wouldn't marry her (or any woman).

found the mgtow retards. keep sperging losers

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Yeah I get that too
I knew since we met how many men shes been with, and didnt mind, it's just I recently found out the circumstances and frankly some of them disguist me.
I'm just imagining bumping into one of them and them getting all friendly, I'd probably lose control and punch the tucker. Like people here say, I'm trying to suppress it but I cant listen or look at her without being bothered now.

Wtf she sounds totally normal. It's not like she lets people feel her up at music festivals

Alright maybe I am overreacting
Thanks for the responses everyone

>She will ne hard to replace
lol no
Unless you're a slob or a bum, your dating prospects will only grow until you hit your 40s
>plus I feel like most attractive women my age would've had a slutty past
That's why you date younger women ya simp.

Ok I’m going to cut to the chase on this one. You are not wrong to feel the way you feel. I’ve been there and I know exactly what you are going through. If she’s a keeper then stay with her, those feelings of disgust/anger do eventually go away, but it takes time and you need to not think about it.

The thing is if you leave her because you can’t get over it, it will be very hard to find a suitable woman that won’t have a past. Quite frankly, her past is not bad at all considering her age.

Don’t pay any attention to the people who say “grow up”, “man up” or that you are “insecure”. This feeling is very valid as I believe it’s designed to make you think about your biological/ emotional investment. This feeling would certainly be valid if she fucked a football team, but in this case I think your good.

The other option is just leave her, but don’t tell her why- no good will come of it and move on. Just know that finding a more suitable chick will be very hard given your age and the modern times we are living in. Good luck! Here is a song for you

its perfectly healthy for a girl to have many cocks inside of her, just try not to think on it and all the nude of her floating around on various phones.