I think Jow Forums is ruining me (fairly new)

I think Jow Forums is ruining me (fairly new)
I'm an African in an African nation and I think I'm starting to see black people as inferior I can't even look at people without noticing their similarities to apes
Should I be worried
What do

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You should take anything from here seriously, but also this should only motivate you to be the most successful version of yourself that you can.

being black is cool if i were african i would be black as fuck like wearing dashikis and shit i dont give a fuck

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Nothing about me has fundamentally changed and I'm still as motivated as ever
I just don't like the way I'm beginning to see people

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You see OP? It doesn't matter if you're a nigger or not. There is niggers in every race. Don't worry, the Kali Yuga is ending shortly, and you will be released from your suffering. Only Aryans deserve this Earth. Like OP image says, you will always be a nigger. You are a monstrosity. And what is worse than a monstrosity, you ask? Someone who feels lust towards them.

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Seriously though I don't like this but I also don't want to leave Jow Forums
Is there a way around it?

>be white
>eat sand
Though desu I think eating sand is something present in practically every animal that lives near some because of its mineral content.

Yes, there is always a way around it. I would like you to hear me out. I unironically would like you to kill yourself. Even the mere thought, the mere whim, of me, an Aryan, using the same site as you, a nigger, simply disgusts me. Your very existence is a repugnant monstrosity, you are a defect of mother Earth. If you have developed any sort of self awareness via Jow Forums, you should use this and kill yourself. All of you filthy Apes should disappear.

>that thing
Looks like an El Goblino La Creatura to me, faggot.
>Though desu I think eating sand is something present in practically every animal that lives near some because of its mineral content.
Imagine defending a nigger online to the extent you rationalize eating sand. You are literally the lowest form of life and I guarantee you're a mongrel of some sort. I simply refuse to believe someone of my volk can be so traitorous and display this level of cognitive dissonance. You disgust me, dog.

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I'm actually sympathetic to the plight of Aryans and what your government is forcing upon you(immigration ) . I also believe that it would be in the interest of my nation to reject western culture almost entirely

I didn't know Lithuanians were considered non-white nowadays.
God damn.
I'm too lazy to post those pics of Asians eating grass.

I don't care what you think. You are a nigger, I am a Human. Humans do not need the sympathy of niggers. You're no more than a mere tool for the kikes. What's that old saying?
"Give a White man a hammer, and he will build a house. Give an Asian man a hammer, and he will build a hammer. Give a nigger a hammer, and he will kill the white man. Give a Jew a hammer and he will give it to the nigger." Something along those lines.

Pick one and only one faggot traitor. These goblins are no where near Indo European, to even call them Aryan is a disgrace. Look at these things.

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>Give a White man a hammer, and he will build a house. Give an Asian man a hammer, and he will build a hammer. Give a nigger a hammer, and he will kill the white man. Give a Jew a hammer and he will give it to the nigger.
Wait, so who is giving the hammers away?
I'm intrigued by the mystery.

If this was a test to figure out which of these are male or female, I'd probably fail it what the fuck.

The point isn't about who's giving the Hammer. The point is what each species would do with the hammer. The Humans, Aryans and the Asians would benefit the Earth with the hammers. The niggers and the Jews (non-humans) would not.

If you gave me a hammer, I would cherish it for the rest of my life :3

My friend, exactly. Those "things" do not need to walk the same Earth as us. They have forsaken the Principle of Gender.

All people are literally Great Apes. It's not really something to get worked up about

Of course you would my little niglet. Any animal would cherish a gift from the Aryan.

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Ever take a step back and wonder what you're doing with your life? Now would be a good time to have that moment.

just speak for your ppl mud.

Don't let these fragile, mad white bois talking shit behind their computers affect your confidence. OP, if this isn't bait, just read about some of the great African leaders like Thomas Sankara. Look at how Nigeria is doing, Lagos is better than most of Murka now. Be real. Africa is a beautiful continent, and black is beautiful.

hahaha an inbred white kid that doesn't understand evolution, saying racist things anonymously. not surprising.

>Be real. Africa is a beautiful continent, and black is beautiful.
>no bait.

this thread.

pay Reparation for your sins feggot.

Imagine unironically typing this out an posting it. Africa is a literal fucking shithole. Outside of the cities built and funded by white people it's literally savage warfare. Stop talking about shit you don't know you fucking traitor. I hate you pencil neck faggots who think Africa is a great place.

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Uncultured swine, have you ever been to an African country? Or do you just believe the racist tropes of what you see on anonymous message boards?

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le glorius mudhouses an sheeet.

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Imagine being completely unaware of reality, because your only source of confidence is the false belief that your skin color makes you better than others. Racists are shallow, pathetic, ignorant creatures.

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Dude, no matter how many filters you add, that place looks like a literal shithole. Snap out of your delusion. You're not white so I don't care for you, but this level of delusion is sad.

I found a picture of us you're so handsome wow!

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OP here
Thanks for the encencouragement but I live in Lagos most of it is anything but beautiful and African is indeed a shithole

We are very sexy together. Wow wow wow wow how sexy how hot. Sexy sexy hot time sex time. Sex sex.

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White ppl look like fucking Neanderthals with flat asses and Chinese ppl look like imbred black alien babies with little dicks.

Honestly sweetie, every race is shit...the human race is shit.

So what nigger? Are you a fucking ape or are you human? Go live with them if you're starting to think your race looks similar. Yoi cna take a bunch of people from any other race, put an animal next to them and have them look similar

Watch Jesse Lee Peterson. Hop on the coon train and be enlightened.

Blacks aren't inferior. There's just a lot of nazis here projecting because small pp. With that said, you do live in a 3rd world shit hole. Get out of there.

>environment is bad because of the people living in it
>tells them to leave and go to a better environment
This is why the entire world is shit btw

Nigger. First off, Africans are more respected on Jow Forums than blacks outside of Africa. Black Americans have given blacks in general an extremely bad name.
No you should visit Jow Forums. They call you a nigger a few thousand times but they'll respect you for actually supporting your own country instead of begging the west for money.
You shouldn't compare blacks to monkeys. But Africans have an intelligence problem, due to lack of education, malnutrition, wilful ignorance or probably even maliciousness by higher ups, and genetics. You gotta learn and step up your game.
If you're beginning to see your fellow blacks in a new light, I doubt you'll be able to not see them in that light again.

fucking roasties swear to god we finally get a real black person posting on Jow Forums and it's all just desperate 30 year old white women begging for black cock
one of you is probably a 17 year old gay guy even

>tfw the only African on Jow Forums gets spammed with aryan Jow Forumstard spamming and roasties begging for his 7" penis
god I unironically feel sorry for you

actually China tier
they're probably responsible for most of the building projects

The aryan Jow Forumstards are the same ones begging for his penis


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Black user here. Kill yourself you weak-willed bastard, there’s already enough self hate in this race going around.

fuck yes. be black as fuck bro don't apologise for anything

>and everyone on Jow Forums fell for the larp

Humans look like apes because we literally are apes...

Why are whites so obsessed with the blond/blue eye genetics when they don't even make up a fifth of your population

I wish they weren't. Blonde/brown is peak attractiveness and brunette/blue is the ugliest mix on this planet.

They're not even the best. White golden hair and dark sapphire eyes is the sole masterrace, probably 1% of population

OP here
I have no intention of leaving I see the people that do as cowards
The people here are ignorant (I mean no offense) on many things that are readily available in the west and where there is ignorance there is room for explotation (profit)
I intend to stay here and prosper in the society my God has given me

Like I said I do not hate my race I'm just beginning to see black in a different light

Not a larp
Not sure how to prove it but I'll post a pic of the barber shop opposite my house

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Ah, a fellow man of culture

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Hell yeah

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Being a nigger is shit tier, true... but remember what Joe-el said to Superman in one of the movies:
"You can show them the way. You can guide them, Kal".

Also, let's not forget one of my favorite black lead actors, Caesar. First he becomes smart due to his white owner, then makes other blacks smart, then they flee to the woodland areas. That part where they show the first time an African-American spoke proper English... instead of saying "nah nigga", in response to being told to let go of his arm, Caesar replies: "Noooooo!"

That was my favorite.

That user isn't black, he just wishes he was so he could get the ladies.

Which ladies?
Dude I'm in Niggeria, everybody's black


Kenyan man here. Fuck off.

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Those are transgenders fucking retard

Africa is an extremely fucked up and primitive continent that somehow manages to make great waste to every resource they are given without constant handholding and guidance, because they have never known unity. They have all the natural resources, more than the world needs, but allow it to be stolen right in front of their eyes because there are so many political and social affairs going on with the continent and especially the stigma surrounding them. The shithole that is Africa will never know success without unity. You may not be able to change everything on your own but you are only contributing to the turmoil and confusion with that hopeless attitude. You can never lose faith in the success of your offspring, because that's literally all you have. Acknowledge the shortcomings of your people, yes, but be the change you want to see.
You're missing the point.

they need to go the way of Europe
fight people against people, until Borders form naturally and lands become nations by themselves
the current borders are what's keeping Africa torn apart and all the west knows it but they're not about to change it as easy as it is

>anyone who is ugly isn't white

OP here
I agree with this.
The African people are forcefully unified the land of my people contains almost all my nation's oil but receive minimal benefits while our land and see is polluted
We've already tried civil war and lost (guess who America backed) so now we hold little political power on the bright side we are the most economically prosperous tribe, have lighter skin and are generally considered to be the most attractive of the three main tribes

Arab here. What I might implore you to do is focus on naming the Jews that are responsible for African colonialism and also work toward bettering the livelihood of your kind. It's of no value to anyone for you to be a white-glorifying nigger. Take pride in your own heritage and actually address criticism from everyone about crime and IQ. The first step toward a solution is the recognition of the problem. Also, fuck oil companies. It's not whites who are to blame for that, it's the Jews who own said companies. Godspeed user

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Good luck with ending Jewish privilege

Don’t worry about it. There will always be racism I believe and on a forum where everyone is anonymous you will see a lot of what people are too afraid to say in public for obvious reasons. Don’t spend to much time on here as it will mess with your head. Be proud of who you are and be the best person you can be. Take care of your loved ones and do things in life that make you happy. Fuck everything else.

I can see it.
But it's less related to Jow Forums and more related to the fact that my optimism is fading away

>being black is cool if i were african i would be black as fuck like wearing dashikis and shit i dont give a fuck

Being African is way cooler than being some North American Electric Jigaboo. Own it.

ITT: trolls trolling trolls. and retards.

I hope I'm a retard and not a troll lol.

So this is the new form of blacked threads hu?
>evolution is so real it even affects subversion methods
Creationists BTFO'd

I'm not convinced this isn't a LARP, but you are not entirely wrong. Many of the ideas peddled by westerners are awful.

>implying child support favors the woman in Kenya
t. another Kenyan male

I'll just sue you then for emotional distress.