1 date for every 15 approaches, is that a decent number? Is there hope for me?

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You must be horrendously ugly. Why not just stop bothering women? They're clearly not interested in you.

6.6% chance of success is good

Not really, but it's probably something fixable

Work out, read, be more interesting. If you don't have raw sex appeal try to be charming through conversation.

kys. you keep making these threads

so how many percent of your approaches lead to dates?

I don't approach, so 0/0
I could but I just don't care anymore

if I tried I'd probably get similar numbers but I'm a chubby fuck. This is "do as I say not as I do"

>if I tried I'd probably get similar numbers
You don't even know because you aren't approaching, so fuck off.

Ideally you are smart about who you ask out (I.e. girls who are interested in you) and then your numbers shoot up to about 50%.

I am one for one. Never asking out another girl so my record stays perfect.

This is cold approaches, I don't have a social life and the number of women who show interest in me is way too low that it's a good idea to limit myself to those.

I see. In that case, 1:15 is pretty good. Keep at it

I didn't fuck any of them though. I wonder how many dates I have to get before I fuck. (not virgin though)

Don't "approach" women, just talk to them under natural circumstances.

Oh, that's not so good then. I think most guys would get laid with cold approaches after 20 dates.

no because there are never any such natural circumstances occurring in my life

you're contradicting yourself retard

How so?

You are fucking stupid. You said most guys get laid after 20 dates, and yet me not getting laid after 3 dates is bad.

That's true. Let me rephrase.
1 date for every 15 cold approaches is good
1 romance for every 15 dates is bad

It's not bad if most guys get 1:20. Damn you are fucking braindead.

Your acceptance rate is not low - your approach rate is high. Try being more selective in your choice of approaches

>he actually approaches women
You’ve already transcended 99% of the people on this board