Hey Jow Forums, how do I control my lust and respect my partner? See...

Hey Jow Forums, how do I control my lust and respect my partner? See, she doesn't really want to do something sexually and usually just wants to cuddle all the time, but I want to touch her everywhere and she doesn't like that at all. She says I should just wait for when she is ready, but that can be everything between a week to 2 months. And I just can't handle that, when I'm not allowed to either masturbate, watch porn or do nothing.

I went too far last night, and while she was sleeping I tried to finger her. I feel so horrible that my bodily functions have taken over in such a degree. Is there a way to control myself, please, I want to be pure and be with her until we can get married.

[This is a follow up thread to my previous thread, because somehow controlling your mind isn't mental health? Anyways, thank you all of the anons who participated in the last thread, God bless you.]

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>while she was sleeping I tried to finger her
Listen man I’m going to be completely honest with you; that is sexual assault. It doesn’t matter that it’s your gf or whatever, you need help (therapy) and you need to know that this is horrible behavior and could land you in jail. Frankly if you’re not having sex regularly there’s a reason for it. When a women doesn’t want to have sex with you it means she’s not interested. Could be because she’s into another guy or she’s just doesn’t like you anymore. It’s not her fault, but it’s probably just best to end it before you do anything like that again.

>inb4 she gets boned immediately after you break up.

She isn't into you. Period.

fucks like you "ruin" good and decent girls, and after you get your way and it manifests into bullshit that eventually tears your relationship apart you will come here and whine about thots and how girls are sluts and whores while you had your chance and blew it because you're a fucking porn addicted retard.

>Could be because she’s into another guy or she’s just doesn’t like you anymore.
it's probably this OP

when bitches don't wanna fuck anymore out of nowhere it's because you don't cut it anymore and/or you're about to be dropped and she doesn't wanna feel like she's still leading you along

Thank you, sir, that's what I needed to hear. Ever since I was 10 years old I watched porn and masturbated to either newspaper clippings or what not. My daily life revolved around computer games, masturbation and then going to school where I was bullied. I literally had no friends.

And no, it's not because she isn't into me more or so she isn't a whore and we aren't married. God bless you.

We aren't breaking up any time soon and we are planning for marriage, but thank you for your insightful response. God bless you.

Why would I do that, good sir, if anything I just want to know how to control my lust so that I can avoid further incidents. Thank you for the compliments, user, I will take them on for further evaluation.

Sorry, but that seems to be a very western mentality, and to be honest, that's a rather shallow way of seeing things, since it's not about there being another in this instance. God bless you.

you sound inexperienced

good luck

Good, rather a virgin than a whore.

nice cope

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If coping means to not give away your virginity to an alley-way whore, then I must be the most coping person out there.

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>same guy complaining about his gf not wanting to fuck him to the point he has to try to finger her while she's unconscious

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don't marry her. save yourself a whole lot of money. if she isn't fucking you now she won't fuck you after marriage either. maybe you'll get a kid or two with her, she'll grow even more bored of you and starts chasing nigger dick or steals all your shit. be ware.

My good man, I don't know if you've completely misread my post but I am quite literally saying the opposite. I respect the fact, that she does not want sex until marriage, but what I seek is advice on how to control my lustful ways. I'm sorry if I created any sort of misunderstandings since I'm not a native speaker.

>it's not because she isn't into me more or so she isn't a whore and we aren't married

Just because she isn’t in to you anymore doesn’t mean she’s a whore dude. There’s plenty of women out there so don’t get dead set on this being your one and only chance at marriage. Sexual incompatibility is reason enough to end a relationship. I’d caution you to avoid any coercive behavior. That’s her body and you need to let her be even if it means breaking up with her.

Buddy sounds correctamundo

Honestly, tell her about it.
If she doesn't make an effort for you and take care of your needs, she isn't the one.

Trying to finger her whilst she's asleep is a shitty thing to do though

>Respects women
>Considers sexual assault

Unsuprised by standard male-feminist behavior.

hug hug kys kys

Maybe quit god blessing people?

>alley-way whore
what is with these niggas whomst think there are 2 girls in the world, pure untouched virgin and 1000 dicks stacy?

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How would you feel if I stuck my finger up your booty hole bitch?

God bless you.

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Madonna whore complex

Because as soon as she has intercourse with a man outside of marriage, she has broken her chastity and her vow to God.
It's funny, my girlfriend said that and I started laughing because I pictured her doing it. But yes, you're right, that's rather intrusive.

marrying this girl will cause you a lifetime of dissatisfaction, frustration and frankly pain

Why so? What's your argument?

Stop talking like a fucking retard and cool it with the god bless crap. I’m holier than you because you’re a rapist and I haven’t been to church since I was 12 or so. Literally no one in this thread thinks you and your gf should stay together. You probably can’t satisfy her bc you’re not experienced and don’t know what you’re doing, which may explain why she isn’t interested. Either way you should break up and get a practice girl and learn how to act like a normal person. Nothing wrong with premarital sex especially if it prevents behavior like this. With that being said I’m reporting this thread bc it’s not fitness related and you’ve been given all the advice you need.

clearly difference in libido levels, and generally being not interested in sex. either due to nature or as other anons pointed out she's just that not into you/him.


No one is holier than anyone, laying God's blessings upon someone is but a gesture of good nature. I am never getting a practice girl, I behave normally and this is both the fitness and mental health board. So you may go away, sir.
Maybe a difference in libido, but as other anons point out she is:
A whore
A prostitute
Fucking niggers
A cheater etc.

>usually just wants to cuddle all the time

was there a time when she was more attracted to you/lusting after you?

>...when I'm not allowed to either masturbate, watch porn or do nothing.

Again, we are christian but yes there has been times, like last week where she wanted to do me in that way. Her libido fluctuates a lot.

>Maybe a difference in libido, but as other anons point out she is:
>A whore
>A prostitute
>Fucking niggers
>A cheater etc.
lmao this is what they call a freudian slip

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Youre a fucking rapist so I am indeed more holier than you. I swear if I ever saw you in public I’d knock your block off and tell you girl she deserves a man that can last longer than 30 seconds in bed/has a dick greater than 4 inches and doesn’t treat her body like a possession.

>Maybe a difference in libido, but as other anons point out she is:
>A whore
>A prostitute
>Fucking niggers
>A cheater etc.

whatever the reason it wont get better after marriage

Hehe, I was merely making fun of how outrageous some of the posters in this thread are with their assumptions based on nothing but an OP.

you better heed the advice given

everyone itt has your number but you're in denial m8

Ok so shes sometimes attracted to you, so if you want more from her, you should try to be even more attractive to her.

Women are attracted to different things than men. Imagine if she gained half a cows worth of fat on her belly you wouldn't be interested, no?

so work on being attractive to her which usually means taking control and showing you are attractive for + attracted to other women and deny her what she wants sometimes so she sees you as hard to get.

then she'll want you again.. or just get a better partner

It's advice, mate, I don't need to do anything but to observe.

marriage is natures stongest aphrodisiac, ignore these fools for they know not the light of god

Imagine marrying a roastie that won't put out lmfao
Also fuck you not fitness

nah what you need to do is find a girl that actually likes it when you touch her
t. zogged faggot

I'm assuming this isn't some kind of bait.
I was in a similar relationship with a girl (were both Christian) but the terms were no sex at all, and we both agreed on it. Thing was she was actually super horny and we had to stop ourselves if it ever came close.
Blue balls sucks, and keeping up a relationship with those kind of expectations is hard, but if it's the right girl, it's worth it.
Ignore the anons who say women who dont like a ton of sex are just like that because they're not attracted to you.
Not everyone is as sexually depraved as you, and people are allowed to have boundaries. However if you can't come to a compromise that both of you are comfortable with it's not gonna work out.
I want to congratulate you on your desire to change but also, what the fuck man.
The fact that you fingerraped her even though you try to make it sound like you respect her is dodgy. Plus the fact that you say "not allowed" to masturbate makes me feel like your mind really isn't into all these rules.
If this relationship isn't something you're committed to, why are you even in it?

I see two options
>be honest and tell her what you did
>communicate and let her know what your needs are
>pray for self-restraint, and actually put in the effort to develop it instead of being a little bitch

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>believing in imaginary man in the sky
>respecting women
>being so ratarded that you think she won't notice if u finger her while sleeping
>giving a shit about women

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You do know the basis for Christianity is forgiveness right? Debating how “holy” you are is retarded

Based christian Boomer is right

It’s not a good idea to preach Christianity and God’s blessings in the very thread where you’re confessing that you sexually assaulted your girlfriend.
You’re dragging God’s name through the dirt.

>dont bother about the kid rapes father Elijah, god forgives all

Sounds like you should become a celibate priest.

We don't need you to pollute the gene pool with a bunch of little future rapists like yourself.

Not fitness either, take this to the advice boards or something.

He’s legitimately trying to better himself you retarded gorilla nigger. Its about realizing your mistakes and making genuine effort towards being a better person. After this yes, rapists can be forgiven

I'm holier than ted bundy you bitch

Thank you, for that response, yes I am conflicted and confused really. I have apologized and told her not to do it again, I'm a sad man for haven given in to Satan's lustful words. Well I have told her my needs, but as stated before she won't do anything other than if I give her monetary goods or if I wait 2-3 months for her to get ready. But yes, I will pray and make do with myself, I WILL become restrained towards my lust. Thank you. Because if there is one thing I'm not going to do, is that I'm not going to leave her.

I am blessing the fact that people shame me and tell me that I am wrong, what has the thread's topic to do with that? It's merely just me thanking them.
Thank you for your input. God Bless.

>After this yes, rapists can be forgiven
this is why christians are room temp iq thinkers

>Listen man I’m going to be completely honest with you; that is sexual assault. It doesn’t matter that it’s your gf or whatever, you need help (therapy) and you need to know that this is horrible behavior and could land you in jail.

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I hope it works out, friend.

>dude just fingers girls while they sleep lmao

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just jerk it or channel that lust into your work and lifts for now bro. Sleep in separate beds. If you really want the relationship to continue long term then I'd seek relationship therapy as at the moment you/your partner can only be pleased by denying the other their wants which is a recipe for resentment down the road, This means dialling back her 'cuddles' - for you intimacy means sex so it's not fair you are being tormented like this.

>Why yes, I do that, how could you tell?

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>t. faggot
I have done all types of shit to sleeping gfs and they never give a fuck, even when they wake up to you cumming on them for seemingly no reason.

Thank you, friend.
I'm grateful for your response, I promise to God and my girlfriend to never let Satan have lust creep upon me like that again.

your girlfriend sucks get a new one

based and redpilled


>Religious people will rape their girlfriend with their fingers before having premarital sex because their book doesn't mention it as being a sin.


And atheists will wear diapers when they are 20 and die of STDs when they are 24.

Wow...Yikes...Have Sex...Incel...Dilate.....Post Body...

your gf isn't fertile
give her some estrogen

Imagine a gay guy lusting over you. Now imagine that gay guy forcing himself on you when you’re obviously not into anal sex or men. That is the way your girlfriend feels