What is the best way to get revenge on someone who has cheated on you?

What is the best way to get revenge on someone who has cheated on you?
I have the phone number of the person so far.

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Dump him/her and find someone better to date.

That's all you got??
Besides. Last thing I want to do right now is date someone else. I can't trust anyone at this point.

beg them to stay with you so they can be miserable

You need to hurt them physically, aka violence, cause emotionally they don’t give a fuck about you


I'm definitely already doing that.

I don't want to go to jail. I have been wronged but I'm not some psycho dumb ass.

Pretty sure this still gets you put in jail.

Everything has its price.

Ignore and move on with your life.

That is actually a good advice. We all have limited lifespan, and you should stop waisting your life with making even more pain on this earth. After 20 years this won't matter much. Try to think about it what went wrong, did she cheat on you because she is a stupid whore and she'd do it regardless of your acts. Or did she cheat on you because you were not treating her right?
Would she cheat her new lover if he was her boyfriend?
So, just do something productive in life, and you won't be hurt as much, because relationship won't be your top priority.

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My ex who I cheated on used to always get people to prank call me. Figured it was her when there was often the mention of the girl I did it with. Book a Tranny operation under his/her number and other things that will make you laugh knowing that they'll get these weird phone calls.

Time to cause pain.
Burn their house to the ground.

Lead a rich, full and happy life despite them. It will drive them crazy.

"Living well is the best revenge"

That is very true. Even though it sounds pussy shit, it is most efficient. Imagine how are girls that were cheating Bill Gates feeling right now...

Then they won.

As I said in another thread

>call your boys
>catch the guy
>beat him
>buttfuck him hard and treat him like your little bitch
>force your gf to watch how you're fucking him


>beat the guy
>find a girl that you like and that likes you or even pay a hoe or even more hoes
>act like nothing happened with your gf
>act like you both are going to fuck
>bring in the hoe/hoes
>force her to watch how you fuck her/them

If you do this I don't think that she would ever cheat on you again or if you dump her, once you find a new gf and she finds out what you did she wouldn't cheat on you, as you see now days if you're not rougher with people they won't stop doing some stuff that they shouldn't and the only way to stop this is through rough punishments that others will find out and teach them to do not mess with you.

The second method is very good. Do this OP. And report us the result.

Fuck revenge, man. Get those people the fuck out of your life, and take some time to heal mentally, and learn from this. Beating the guy up is a great way to catch an assault charge, and if you lose, you'll look like even more of a cuck.

Alos, the fault is woman's, maybe guy didn't even knew.


Vengeance won’t help you.

Honestly the best revenge is happiness and success. Don’t spend another second of your life by wasting it on a cheater that betrayed you. You move on, focus on your happiness and success. Eventually you will get over it and not give a shit, in fact you will be happy that you got that garbage out of your life as soon as you did.

If they ever wonder about you, which in most cases they do, they will snoop. They will see you, happy, better and enjoying life. That feeling that they fucked up and you went in with life winning will fester within them.

>on escort sites, craigslist and other classified ads sites
>"university student looking for some extra money"
>blowjob, vaginal, threesomes (only MFF)
>"I DON'T DO ANAL, please don't ask [(some angry emoji face]" to make it more realistic
>put her phone number
>put realistic, amateur but fake photos of "her" - they have to be from the same woman

Make sure you create at least ten posts on each site, and at least ten different sites.

That will keep her entertained.

Ah thank you. Now this is brilliant.

Ghost him. No point in communicating with someone who doesn't care for you. Ghosting hurts most because you offer no explanation. Just disappear.

I've done this to so many people. I'm so sick of cutting people out of my life.