So I installed Tinder and I have got exactly 6 likes over 2 weeks. I've probably swiped on around 200 women

So I installed Tinder and I have got exactly 6 likes over 2 weeks. I've probably swiped on around 200 women

Making some basic math that means 3 in 100 women would go to the effort of moving their finger to the right rather than left when presented with my picture and a bio. I had two matches and neither responded.

This is Tinder where I can talk with hundreds of women easily, going with these odds into real life would be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Is there anything else I can try?

>get fit
Already did
>find a hobby
Already have
>bee urself
That's what got me into this situation to begin with

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I start up tinder
swipe all women to right without looking then unmatch the fat ones
take 5 mins per day and you find some girls within days.

Tinder is a pay to win game

Also your photos are probably trash and your bio is most likely cringe

At least you got likes. I had tinder for two week too and got literally nothing. The only match I ever got was on badoo and it was some ancient single mom looking for drug money who ended up ghosting me anyhow.

Not OP but I have the experience everytime I use the app.
I think a more productive question would be how to take better pictures?
How do you take pictures in general? Like how many a day, do you setup a timer on your camera to force yourself to get a few pictures of you doing stuff or do you always ask people to take your picture?
How do you build a good gallery of pictures of yourself for this kind of stuff?

For this to work you need to get matches, you realize this right?

Don't bother with Tinder, women have unrealistic standards

Tinder is shitcuck if your actually looking to hook up consistently. If you don't want to go to social settings (bars/clubs) to hookup with chicks your better off going to Target and trying to start conversations with people. Tinder is dead if your not above a 7/10.

Same old incel rhetoric. Got any proof, champ?

Im pretty normal looking and i have 30 matches and 2 dates for sex after one day of using.
Tinder is honestly my favorite thing rn
I cant wait to plow the fields.

Plus middle aged mom's named Karen throw it back

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Epic humblebrag, here's your validation bro.

>when being average is humle-bragging
Uh, y-yeah. Sure

>i'm so average i get 30 matches on tinder daily
the absolute delusion

For tinder to work you need handsome pictures, atleast some charm in your bio, or be handsome
luckily I'm all three :3

You're underrating your looks

Maybe you're just ugly and are letting your failure cloud your understanding of what is average?

Anything more specific, bud?

i am ugly, average males still don't get 30 matches daily
keep the humblebrag tho!

Maybe your understanding of average is within the confines of female standards?

Whatever you guys need to tell yourselves.


>advice thread
>people are either gloating over how much matches they get or insulting the ones who get matches

epic board

It's only about the pictures. I get 0 matches too, since my pictures are from when I was 18, I don't usually let anyone take pictures of me. But when I go out to meeting nights or clubs, girls have asked my number like 4-5 times over last few months.

>Making some basic math that means 3 in 100 women would go to the effort of moving their finger to the right rather than left when presented with my picture and a bio.
There's an error in your math. A woman wouldn't need to swipe to 200. They'll match with the first 15 right swipes and spend the next two days talking with their matches. They'll never see the other 185 people.

My pictures are just me at vacations looking about as happy as I ever look. Then the obligatory pet pic and a few full body pics (not shirtless)

Tinder is NOT indicative of real life dating or sex or pulling girls. Not even close. IRL girls are at the mercy of society, and society says they do not approach. If they approach, they feel ashamed and lower than the other girls who are pretty enough to not have to approach guys, so they'll avoid it at all costs. That's YOUR window to getting laid.

On a practical level, this social structure means girls get to choose between the men who approach them on a night out, and that's it. Chad is going after Stacey, and it's a pretty sure thing they're gonna hook up. But what about all the other girls around? While few men meet their ideal, just like few women meet a man's ideal, most men are "good enough" for a night, or a relationship, or even a marriage.

Many girls have never been approached by Chad and never will. That means if you're making approaches consistently, your likelihood of being the best guy who's approached her that night is a lot higher.

So basically my best choice is hope someone settles for me? That is oddly depressing.

>That is oddly depressing.
Yes, yes. I know, you're not as special as Mr. Rogers and your mom said you were and it's sad. Now do you want to get laid or don't you? Isn't that what this thread is about? Your feelings about it are inconsequential.

What I mean is that they still might be too shitty pictures, and it's easier to get girls irl than on tinder.

Image having to cold approach all these women. Maybe be happy that you don’t have to.

6 in under 2 weeks??? Jesus am I fucking gremlin or something??? BEHOLD I AM THE UGLIEST MAN ON PLANET EARTH. FEAR ME.

Shut up no it isn't. I tried tinder gold, makes zero difference. If you're ugly you're ugly, point blank. PRO TIP, IF YOU ALREADY SUCK AT GETTING WOMEN, TINDER WILL ALSO SUCK.

Thats why I wrote immediately after that post that his pics are trash and his bio is cringe

Where? I don't see any tinder pics ITT

My bio says
>Ex-felon/heroin addict
>7ft tall
>I've never paid child support
>If you give me 20$ I'll let you suck my dick
I get 1000 matches every hour I had to get a separate phone.

I don’t have to see them when the only determining factor of whether a girl swipes right on you is how good you look your pics and if your bio has any red flags

Sounds like a good bio to me

Why should we accept this?

>I don't have to see them
>How good you look
Nigger are you looking at it with your ass? What 7th sense are you using here?

You don't have to accept it, but being wrong about it will be constantly thrown in your face through life, and to keep clinging to the belief you're as special as Mr Rogers and Mom said you were will require deeper and deeper levels of delusion and rationalization that will scare people away.

Mr Rogers isn't special... You sound like one of those trainers you see on TV shows, you know the ones that failed in the past and they're really eager to try again through someone else but they make them do all the exact shit that made them fail? That's what you remind me of.
>You have to call them a harlot or they spray you in the eyes with perfume and say your dad's a dirty fisherman!!

80% of women want the top 20% of guys, this is pretty much common knowledge at this point even among normies.

You counteract this by going MGTOW (meaning get in shape, get a decent job and most importantly destroy your need for female validation). Eventually through living your own life and ignoring thots more women will become interested in you. Never hit up women on social media or like their photos, never talk to women at work unless absolutely necessary, don’t even look at women I public. Just go about your life and completely ignore women, while also being your best self and improving every day. I promise you eventually a girl(s) will fall into your lap. By that time however you’ll be so happy being alone the thought of being with a woman long term will disgust you, so that’s the trade off.

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>bro just remember you're a piece of shit and there is nothing good or special about you bro
>wow bro why do you have low self esteem bro girls don't like that

obvious projection.

nice hyperbole. i'm sure taking things to extremes will help you rationalize staying a virgin for years to come

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it's not hyperbole, it's the logical conclusion of what you're saying

if there is nothing special about me why would someone bother dating me?

>it's not hyperbole, it's the logical conclusion of what you're saying
It's not even close and I'm surprised you're unable to see that. Is that a common way for you to think about things? All things? That's what we call "splitting" in psych 101, user.

>if there is nothing special about me why would someone bother dating me?
Because you're good enough, and available, in a location not too distant.

>normal looking and i have 30 matches and 2 dates for sex after one day of using.
Hahaha you so funny. I'm actually good looking and people tell me rather regularly I'm lucky to get a match a week l, probably because I don't know how to present myself online. You either have to be exceptionally good looking or flashing some expensive shit in your pics. This comming from a guy who has had random girls approach him in the street.

That is a far shot away from your original "you're not special you're just a regular ass piece of shit like everyone else" wording.

>op all you have to do is blindly follow my post for the next 5-10 years of your life and you will be successful

Just pretend to be a girl on there and you can see how easy it is for them to get matches. Guys will throw money and give you drugs for nothing.

You don't have to be incel to see that's true. I don't do too bad on tinder and bumble but I do see some women with unrealistic standards. Notice I say "some". The rest are decent standards, well not decent, just normal ones that everyone else has.


Post 3-4 nice pictures

Keep the bio simple and stright to the point.

I pay 15/ month. I have over 350 matches this year. Its the internet. Shit almost never comes out of it. I mean you can get ugly pussy all day, but if your looking for a legit cutie and future relationship, just give it a rest

do you have sisters?

>So I installed Tinder and I have got exactly 6 likes over 2 weeks. I've probably swiped on around 200 women
that's better than me, and I'm handsome and tall. my only picture sucks, though.

>he uses twitter to learn about reality
lel, nice bubble you live in

>nice pictures
can someone define this? I suck at taking pics of myself. I don't like faking shit, I'm too serious and faking a smile makes me feel like shit.

It was never worded that way, you've just got your bitter incel goggles on.

> I know, you're not as special as Mr. Rogers and your mom said you were and it's sad.
>Your feelings about it are inconsequential.
Yeah this wording is absolutely not aggressive and basically telling someone to don't think well of themselves at all. Especially the part where your feelings don't matter.

I may be able to explain this in a way an autistic weeb can understand it
Imagine you are browsing your steam library, you have hundreds of games there but you don't want to play any, a lot of those games are good, some are better than others but it is precisely because you have so many games that you don't want to give them a chance
Now imagine your friend is really excited about this game and wants you to try it really bad, you may not be that into it and you probably have better games in your backlog but what the hell if your friends thinks the game is that good then it must be fun at least


You're right. Seems like we're on the same page after all.

It's not unrealistic when Chad is willing to meet up and fuck them.

If you're hot they'll meet up to fuck you. If you're passable then they'll act bored and maybe let you be their bf and provide for them while they continue to fuck Chad behind your back.

Tinder can net you some results but it is only exceptionally good for very handsome guys looking to hook up, girls looking for just sex, or girls who don't normally get approached much irl

If you dont fit in these categories, tinder is less efficient than improving your social life and meeting people that way

Please post profile


Yes, it is easier to get laid if you "go your own way" with other fellas

That's normal. You're not ugly nor you need to change anything about yourself. In fact you'd be better successful hitting up girls on the street because you have the balls to do it and they can't block you IRL

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Half of them don't know how to turn people down in person anymore. 90% of the time they'll play along in person, then start ghosting you as soon as you're no longer face-to-face.

At least you can have a chance on showing your personality. If they can't see behind your personality then it's their problem

But the other half won't ghost

If someone High Quality 1080p settles for you, you come out on top senpai.

Get some proper photos taken. Amateur photoshoot, bring some clothes, go some places.

Pay for a month of gold and see if you can't get your dick wet. It's a huge numbers game as a guy, especially if you aren't chad thundercock.

Projecting what? They basically said you're talking like a character from a TV show or something

Lol OP at this point there's so much piss and shit in this thread you're better off just winging it (Y)