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How to kill off sexual desire entirely without cutting my balls off?

If she believes in God, and I staunchly don't, is there any chance the relationship won't work? She doesn't know I'm atheist, because I never talk about it.

Should I talk to a family one of my relatives chose if they disrespected my family and never apologized? I mean they mocked and didnt try to get along at first, now that their family member got knocked up by the black sheep in my own they just want in but we reject them. We're good but they're clearly not because we ignore them.

What are these bumps on my penis? I’m sure they aren’t STDs because i havent had sex in 2 years, and that was with a virgin. Just popped up a week ago. Jerkin too hard or something??

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depends on how much you push about it and how much she does. if she's a religious nut or you're a complete cunt about it don't expect much. but it's likely she'll accept you if you accept her

Posted in last thread:

My girlfriend's libido has dropped significantly after she started her hormonal birth control. How common is this, and is there any way to make her hornier again without her getting off the pill?
We've gotten into a couple arguments about it already (by argument, I mean a fairly adult and understanding conversation which still ended in her crying), and she promised to try and do better, that it wasn't me and she's sorry and knows how much it affects me. But it's been over a month since our last conversation and it's only gotten worse. We went from fucking like rabbits multiple times a day (first few months of the relationship), to only once a week if I'm lucky (been together 10 months now, and it's been a gradual decline since the HBC). She gets pouty when I ask for sex or BJ's, and when do engage it almost seems like it's always out of pity. She still orgasms and enjoys it, but initiating seems like a chore and she's put much less effort into the acts themselves than she used to (basically starfishing me for months now).

I know for a fact that it's not her attraction or love for me that is a problem. We're still extremely romantic, affectionate and in love. We're constantly cuddling and just overall happy, but this is killing me inside. Even though I know it's not me, I can't help but feel extremely insecure and depressed. It's to the point where I'm uncontrollably passive-aggressive as soon as I hear the damning phrase, "I don't feel good", and I know she can tell I'm getting restless. I'm worried that my own shitty attitude will start to actually change how she feels about me and make the situation even worse.

>GF started taking the pill and her libido has dropped from significantly and is making me feel like shit.
>She promised she'd do better, but it keeps getting worse
>Still in love with each other, attraction isn't the problem
>Is there any way to get her libido back or is getting off the pill our only hope?

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My last relationship, my ex gf was super religious when I super wasn't.
She was okay with it for the most part because I think the overall morals was the most important thing to her. Typically people follow a religion because it gives them a moral compass, some sense of affirmation, and a community. You don't need to be religious to have these things, but some people see it as the only way unfortunately.

I'd say casually bring it up so at least you can see if it would get in the way. If you have the same goals and are able to not let it bother either of you, then it'll work. Just don't let it be at the forefront of the relationship.

It won't work because your already not communicating. Your relationship is lost.

Is keeping a group of friends who happen to be girls a good way to vet girlfriends? I want relationships with me to be as stressful as humanly possible while I’m smooth sailing. + free rebound girls when it eventually goes down the shitter. I want to date an oblivious idiot, not someone smarter or as smart as me. I also want to hurt people who think they have a grasp of me and waste their time. I feel like anyone with too much experience would jump ship and I would be left with non slutty girls who don’t know what from what. Is this all too much to do for me being paranoid. Keeping female friends is easy cause making them laugh takes nothing.

What the fuck is up with deaf culture? Someone who is deaf or HoH please explain. Why are deaf people so mean over the internet? Why are they against hearing people learning asl or knowing asl? Why do deaf people wish that their kids would be deaf to? I’ve met some tea awesome HoH and deaf people but now I’m seeing more of the culture and holy shit why are a lot of these people so shitty compared to the rest of the disabled community? A lot of them are rude to other disabled people as well for “not being disabled enough”. What the fuck?

Think of non-sexy things when you’re horny

If she's a devout Christian than chances are she'll either try to convert you or flat out reject your interest. It's deemed a sin for a Christian to get into a relationship with a non-believer. Read more:

What does it feel like having sex with someone you really care about? Vs a random.

Amazing, when they care back

Itchy head, lots of dandruff. I've tried all sorts of shampoo to no avail, what are some other options?

Idk what you are talking about senpai. Must be a country thingy, because sure as shit never encountered other deaf people like that. In my experience, other deaf folks just shy away and keep to themselves because they feel they are in a weird middle point between normalcy and life challenging disability, belonging to neither group.
>wish children to be deaf too
Hopefully they won't reproduce desu. Garbage human thinking.

shave your head

how do I find or approach an introverted/ intelligent guy?
I'm pretty introverted, going to college, and attractive. I have a hard time finding a good guy. All the dudes I meet are chads (ew). Tried tinder but it's full of douchebags.

Bald people get dandruff too.

If you're a nurse, and a patient of yours complains that another nurse is not dressed appropriately for their position, what should you do?

Try OkCupid.
It's like the less scummy tinder.

Tell him uniforms don't grow on trees. If this is his only problem while staying in hospital, he can go home already

How can a nurse dress inappropiately? They all wear the same uniform.

Is okcupid pay 2 win?

Nah. It has the same pay model as Tinder - see who likes you for money.
Otherwise it's a very good free site.

how can I ask a christian girl out in a date?

I agree, but can't say that.
It's not exactly a nursing position, just a similar one with a less complete ensemble. I just don't want to throw it around because the community for the position is very small.

Here is the news user, some girls don't enjoy fucking.
It may seem like an odd thing, but it's way more common than what you think. Sadly, from the cases I know first and second hand, I can tell you there is no way around it. Something happened, hormones or whatever, and now she is in that estate and it's gonna stay like that for ever, no matter what you do. Trying to talk it over it's pointless, it'll get you nowhere. She is just not into fucking anymore and will play sex oasis just enough to prevent you from leaving.
You even said it yourself that she just fucks out of pity.
>tldr; it can't be fixed, believe me.

I've heard it's caused also by a fungi that can't stand vinegar. And that washing your hair with abundant vinegar and then rinsing it with water does the trick..

How do I get my bf to chase me again? I feel like he's completely given up and we're back to being friends again. Even advice on what I might be doing to cause him to be like this would be appreciated.

Smile, maybe say that you'll talk to whoever, and then do nothing about it.

My last 2 years:
>Parents divorced
>Dad had a very bad incident during work very close to death
>Parents lost our house to the bank because we are poor
>Little Brother (18) has severe depression meanwhile i'm at last year in my degree in physics for this reason i have survivor guilt.
Will I ever be happy? My life is almost doomed.

males don't chase anymore.
you also need to tell us what you did so we can tell you what you did wrong moron

How do I focus on my hobbies? I feel drained of energy all the time and lose the will to do anything whenever I push myself to do things I like. For example I always give up on practicing an instrument, I can't ever finish a book or video game, and I don't have the money to work on my car. Same thing happens in social settings, after an hour of being with friends I just want to go home and daydream for the rest of the night.

I haven't done anything wrong afaik, that's why I said anything I *might* be doing wrong

there are infinite reasons. tell us what you *did* that might be wrong, not what you *did wrong*

Your life path is separate from your family and their situation. Unfortunately, external circumstances suck and you cannot control them but you can control your own life path and where it takes you.

> degree in physics
> some meme guilt thing
> Will I ever be happy?
You better! Because if you don't manage to be happy with all the cash you're gonna make then I'd like to punch you in the eye.
If you come from a poor family you should be looking forward to your new life, and maybe giving a hand to your family if possible.

What part of I haven't done anything are you not understanding? As far as I am aware, my behaviours and actions haven't changed. If there is something to make him pull away, I'm not aware of it.

You're in despair. You will either die soon or live long enough to be happy again.

what reasons did he gave?

He hasn't given any reasons, he's just slowly stopped initiating a lot of things and it seems like he's either apathetic or complacent

What are the best ways getting over an ex?

Context: We live and work in the same building, so I see her on a daily basis and she acts like she never even knew me, despite me thinking that we ended on good terms.

if you did nothing abnormal then there are still infinite reasons but now i need to mindread with no context at all
maybe he's tired, maybe he's cheating, maybe he gave up on you because he needs to chase his fucking girlfriend. i'd say it's the last one since i wouldn't put up with that shit from day one and a slow-burn of that bullshit guarantees resentment

What does it take a girl to cum from intercourse? I can last for 15-20 minutes with multiple short breaks.

Is this a common thing? Do guys keep female friends around as backups???

Yes how dare I want him to instigate and initiate things as often as I do. A chase can be a two way game, it just happens at different times. Why bother replying if you're not actually interested in giving advice.

Most can't

So you may even be technically together or what? Where you even together?

Yea most girls can't. I'd advise putting a lot of effort into foreplay, and try to stimulate her clit during PIV if you can. And if you still have energy after you nut, eat her out or finger her or something afterward.

We're in a relationship, he was the one who wanted to go official and told everyone

Has anyone tried sites or apps to primarily find friends? Has it turned out successful? How would you describe the experience?

Uh thank you.

My life path is not separated from my family for now, i just can't see how can i be happy, my family will not be happy again.
Not a lot of people earn a lot of cash in physics. Even if I'll make lots of cash i cannot see myself happy in the future.
I just can't see an ending for this despair.

I want to start a new thread to ask a question that does dermserve it’s own thread, but I cannot as for some reason starting new threads and posting images is banned across all of AT&T. How do I fix this?

your happiness doesn't depend on how happy or unhappy your family is. it's a separate entity. yu have to think about yourself and what you can do to be happy. maybe the reason you are feeling like shit is because you are so over involved in your family problems and not concerned enough about yourself.

1) that's not what a chase is. you should have said "initiate"
2) i would give you advice if you gave me something to work with. all i know is that you bf stopped talking to you gradually, you didn't change you behavior, he didn't give you a reason. what the fuck do you want me to say?

Maybe you're right user, what can i do to feel less shitty?

>I just can't see an ending for this despair.
That's normal, you never do. But it will end, it always does.
As time moves on you will gradually suffer less and less, although if it hit you hard enough you might need medicine to cure it completely.
Get yourself a psychologist and/or a loyal friend to help you until you can stand up yourself, it will speed things up

Should go to fit for this but anyway
Diet is usually eggs with bacon or hash for breakfast and dinner is always two types of vegetables and meat.
I don’t work out though I can do roughly 100 sit ups and 20 push ups and 15 chin ups.
Nor do I do any sport hobbies. This is good right? Like, I’m healthy?

>Not a lot of people earn a lot of cash in physics.
I'd say compared to poor people, they do.
> Even if I'll make lots of cash i cannot see myself happy in the future.
And why is that? Because your dad had some bad luck and your bro is depressed? That's it?

> having hashish for breakfast.
Shure why not.

Thanks user, i will try with the college's psychologist.

why can't a post images on /v/ anymore? I get this message every time I try

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what does it say when you click more info?

I have that same issue here, how can I fix it?

it takes you to this message

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I'm 22 now, male and from what I can tell pretty okay looking, in January I broke up with my gf of 4 years because I couldn't stand just being happy with her anymore. I've been kinda enjoying my own sadness for a long time, got into that emo thing back in 2008 and never really grown out of it, still living after it, still being dressed all black and having even my face tattooed. My mother was always very melancholic as well, but I feel like I am taking it to a whole new level, seeking heartbreaks from girls and dropping the ones that are just good to me. Since I broke up with my ex I had relationships to 6 different girls, always dropping one when I felt like they really liked me, and I feel this heartbreak-thing is the only thing keeping me occupied right now, neglecting work, school and my finances. I just really want my life to be like a sad movie right now and I don't really know how to get out of it. Friends advised me to seek a therapists help before but honestly all I wanna do right now is living a life like a really sad movie where I die at the end

You may try medical shapoos

Knowing Jow Forums for years most of you will most likely think of me as a giant fucktard right now, I sure hope someone will post a serious reply.. Also I'm not a native English speaker, I just realised it should be a relationship with a girl, also I don't know if I'm using the term "dropping someone" correctly, I obviously meant ending the relationship

Pls help

>be me, femanon
>matches a guy on tinder, one pic only but seems cool guy
>we meet briefly (like 2 hours in a coffeeplace) before me going back to my hometown to spend the rest of the summer before college starts again
>he texts me a lot and soon we talk daily
>talk about a lot of things we share - mostly we talk about music and common hobbies

The point is, I don't find him attractive. Our talk is purely friendly, no flirty or such, but we always met on tinder. It's almost three weeks now we talk like this.

How can I be sure he's not investing romantic feelings? How does this situation looks like from outside?

Already did that.

You cant be sure and he probably is already.

> How does this situation looks like from outside?
Like you are a cunt willing to keep him in storage just in case absolutely nothing else comes up.

How could I get some healthy distance without being mean?
I think he's pretty cool and I really enjoy talking to him eh, I wouldn't like to start replying less and less.
Should I openly ask him? Or maybe hinting that I'd still use tinder in my town?

>to keep him in storage
But I really don't want to fuck him, that's the problem. If I felt that way, I'd be very happy myself

you clearly understand something is wrong. fix it, or hurt people until you die so you can feel edgy.


be direct, say it straight up. otherwise you will either lead him on or worry needlessly

Start paying attention to the guys you don't normally notice "that way." If you are attractive I bet you have some guy "friends" who would fit this criteria.

Stfu it tastes good

Tfw when introverted AND stupid.

how do i make sure my relationship with girl im dating doesnt progress too fast? We kissing , cuddling chatting for hours, but i dont want to get oficial or serious.

I need time, and still want to see other girls for a while. How do i subconsciously let her know or bring it up?

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just don’t fuck her? How old are you?

Just keep in mind that depending on ones upbringing the idea of double dipping is extreamly socially unacceptable. So you might ruin it. Some people don’t like being treated like cattle.

Healthy as a horse. Put some lemon in what you drink and use a dribble of olive oi for cooking those hash browns. Those two things are really good for you in the long run.

If he is still talking to you then it’s cause he thinks you like him. If he is on tinder and isn’t a chad, it’s cause he doesn’t know how to talk and flirt with girls.

Dude if you can do 1 chin up you have nothing to worry about. Most humans cannot do one.

I think something like you just said would be respected. Maybe, with the other girls, insinuate that you had some other pans on the burners and you have to ease in and out of things and do things in a civilized fashion and make it known that you are not messing around, even though you are.

You could be useful to a girl who could never get something as good as you. Like someone who looks unfortunate or is handicapped. It could be good for each of you.

Can you go to another location and try? Idk. I just wasted your question. Ha ha fuck atandt.

any quick way to get a companion for a day? as in watching a movie together, spend the day walking through the park, that kind of thing. Just cut all the tie to my ex and i want to get my mind off her as soon as possible.
i dont really have any friend and not interesting with hooker/escort. Tried tinder, it doesnt work.

Man. Ask the opposite sex thread. You get answers from the wrong people.

Vacuuming. Seriously.

Fuck, I was just half asleep and watching a documentary about a murder that started with a few deaf bitches on the internet. Yeah, they were cunts. I think it may have something to do with "linguistic determinism." Check that out. Im not deaf, so, not sure but, I know there are shortcuts.

Is it normal to usually ignore people at work when you walk past them or are just going in and out of the break room?

I know people are usually caught up in their own day, but would it be annoying if I always have the tendency to say something/ make eye contact and acknowledge the person.

i half expected this thread to die in the first 10 posts but turns out people really like this. should it be a permanant thing like the opposite gender threads?

Keep doing it and let the meme gods decide

Reality is that you don't need it as much as you want it and it will, very likely, be the same with any other girl. I know it sucks. It is typical. There are things that help. Such as minor acts of heroism. I get away with doing some nippy play and saying."I don't expect anything, just fidgeting." And then, a lot of times, it happens.

Ask the girl you’re fucking? The whole notion that women can’t cum from intercourses is a self inflicted problem that women have by telling each other they can’t. Also from masturbating to hard, like a death grip syndrome.

But if you want specific advice, keep in mind that in regular intercourses you can stimulate her clit too. If you’re both fit you can actually intentionally grind your pelvis into it which has always worked great for me.