How do I turn heterosexual?

How do I turn heterosexual?
I'm a 19 years old male that's only had crushes on other males other than a few femcrushes that I've had when I was about 5 to 7 years old. I think this might be due to the fact that I've been raised without any fatherly figure and my mother is a heavy alcoholic that was abusing me physically (daily beatings) and mentally until I moved out at 16. As I live in Poland, a country with a christian hard on for homophobia, I'm deep in the closet. Being homosexual is pretty much destroying my life not only because I can't openly act on my crushes and look for a relationship being constantly tormented by them, but also due to the fact that most of the times I find a male friend I fall for them along the way, which after some time makes me act out being overly clingy and having derailed expectations even though I keep my feelings for them in check. It caused me to have no close friends because every single one that I've made has left me and frankly I can't even blame them. Becoming close friends with a girl is pretty much out of the question because every time it comes anywhere close to being reality she just assumes I'm into her and it falls apart since it's either me or me and her that isn't interested in that.
I've started watching heterosexual porn and I might be able to come watching that but it feels very forced and unnatural for me. Also, when I watch porn there always are thoughts about having sex with guys at the back of my head no matter how much I try to ignore these. Is there some proven to be effective systematic way of changing my sexuality to heterosexual, like for example conversion therapy?

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What you need is a psychologist
And your mother too
If it was me i would call child services already. No one can live with an alcoholic.

I too have ruined some friendships because of being gay but im still trying.
Try using the internet to get more friends.
Amino is a great app
Internet friendships arent gonna last unless both know each others names and respective birthdates.
And im sorry but being gay cant be changed, if you repress it enough you could be asexual but nothing else

Thomas? If this is you man can you come back to the server? I don’t know where you went.

My mother is not an issue anymore as I've isolated myself from her, I don't see her at all nowadays. The thing is the damage is already done though.

So if you used to like girls before then that means you are bisexual. You probably still do find females attractive.

Get grindr, enjoy cock. Live a good life. Stop silly trolling.

The LGBTQ+ culture disgusts me profoundly and I don't want to be associated with it or a part of it in any way. It's not that I view them through some prism of self hatred, I dislike the extreme opposition just as much.

Pay close attention to what I'm going to say to you.

Being gay - it can be a choice to turn from.

When you see guys and you want them or fall for them as you say, is it looks or personality? I bet it's looks, and them treating you nice. Why?

Because a chemical imbalance in your system turns you on to men, while your psychology (heavily influenced by a female who abused you) turns you away from women. That is a huge part of the gay community, though even they don't know it. How do I know it? My brother is gay.

We grew up with our mom being a cunt to me. She wasn't a cunt to him but he watched her and everything she did to me. After we got older I got married. He didn't.

After years later, he developed a very close relationship with my wife, and became like a brother to her. I really liked this.

One day my wife was visiting her parents (they live the next city over) and my brother and I got together to drink as we usually do. He said to me, drunk: "you know, thanks for accepting me like I am but I'll be honest. I'm still confused. I feel like if there was a girl like your wife, for me, I wouldn't have turned out like I am. I just never met anyone like her. She really loves you, but no girl ever loved me like that".

We both cried. This piece of shit world forces you to take sides on a matter that is deeply personal.

Do me a favor: try talking to girls and forming a real bond. You might be surprised at what happens. I promise. If your gay sexual urges are too strong, masturbate and get rid of them, then do what I'm telling you. For your sake.

Riding the cock carousel is not a "good life," lol
You don't have to associate with any particular culture in order to have a same-sex relationship. You probably can't turn yourself straight but it's not a huge deal, there's nothing wrong with being homosexual in itself. There are a lot of negative behaviors associated with certain parts of the "gay community" but not all homosexuals do that stuff

This is good advice, but it isn't necessarily going to work for OP, and it wouldn't necessarily work for your brother either. It's natural that he still has doubts and confusion over this stuff - nobody actually understands what turns people homosexual. But historically, there have been extensive attempts from the medical, psychiatric & religious communities to treat, cure, or "understand' homosexuality, and the orientation itself does seem to be unchangeable.

Bisexual people exist who can "choose" not to act on their gay urges, and live their lives as heterosexuals. But there are also people who are oriented to be purely homosexual, can't change it, and any attempt to carry on a heterosexual relationship would be an unhappy lie. There is no good reason to discourage a person like this from pursuing a loving homosexual relationship. It's worth TRYING to be heterosexual if homosexuality is undesirable, but there's a good chance it just won't work, and that really isn't such a terrible thing.

Don't try to force yourself to be heterosexual for whatever reason, just make peace with who you are and be proud of it - just don't be obnoxious.

You are who you are, and you shouldn't force yourself to fit with the image that your country's society or family expects from you. If you continue to deny this, then you'll feel in torment and you won't be happy and content because you'll try to be someone who you're not. You don't necessarily have to be straight or act that way to everyone, but find someone you can confide in and talk to them about your sexuality and feel open with them. At the moment, I imagine it feels like no-one understands what you're going through or what it feels like - if you find a friend, it will feel much better. I completely understand the traditional views that are in Poland. I'm Lithuanian myself, and it's a similar view here; you won't get burned at the stake for being homosexual, but I don't think it's caught on as much as it has more to the west. Stay strong man, and don't be afraid to be who you are because of what others think of you.

Discussing politics and sucking cock don't really go together, just go ahead and do it and you'll be fine.

> (You)
>Riding the cock carousel is not a "good life," lol
Hetero women and gay men says it is. You've been hanging out with the incels a tad much bro.

Hey, Lithuanian homo here too lol

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I am gay. Loveless sex is honestly just a pointless experience, I've had more fun masturbating.

Oh, I forgot to mention - I'm Lithuanian and straight, but I know a few people who are gay

Well, some people can really laugh at their own jokes. In some way I feel they're lucky.

Don't get me wrong, I much prefer sex to masturbation, I just can't get the appeal of semi-anonymous hookups. I tried it twice while I was still closeted and I just did not like it. But with a boyfriend, or even a friend-with-benefits where "friend" is not just a euphemism, it's a whole different thing. I feel like the affection has to be there or it's just empty and makes you feel gross, and I honestly couldn't trust a boyfriend who had a sky-high partner count

Have you tried just dipping your fingers/dick into a pussy just to see? I've seen a few guys try to fall for the straight meme, hell sometimes they marry a woman for awhile. But in the end they get back to their gay ways. I cant imagine dealing with that in a society that still frowns heavily upon different lifestyles, perhaps youll be an exception and enjoy the feel of a woman. Hell if people can live the first 20-25 years as straight and then turn gay i dont see why the reverse couldnt happen

You should abstain all sexual immorality. If you make your body suffer enough, you may be rid of your abominable behavior. If you don’t have the willpower, then seek Jesus Christ to help you, because He can cleanse of your sins, if you follow his teachings. If that doesn’t work, you should get professional help in combination with the ministry of Jesus Christ.

>Hell if people can live the first 20-25 years as straight and then turn gay i dont see why the reverse couldnt happen
Because it's typically a lack of sexual maturity, not understanding yourself yet, caving in to social expectations, etc. Bisexual people exist who can go both ways, though


bro just live like a normal person i dont know if u can turn yourself hetero but if u cant just dont be a faggot and find gf even tho ur not attracted to her

You could always become a lifelong celibate

Why is that better than just being a homo? Honestly those closet-case types are the most immoral - you're living a lie, damaging other people's lives in the process, and they often cheat with guys on the side and bring STDs home. This is why homophobia is so fucking illogical - just let gay people be gay, and it solves most of the problems typically associated with gayness.

imagine being a child of 2 fathers

why would u be proud of your sexuality there is nothing to be proud of wtf just live your life like a normal person and beat ur dick to shit u like

That's the point I'm trying to make
Dude's concerned about his sexuality and wants to change it to fit with what others expect of him, when really he should just accept who he is and beat his dick to shit he likes, as you put it

>actual argument
>but what about if you were is gay? that would be bad