How can I stop getting so nervous before/during sex?

How can I stop getting so nervous before/during sex?

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Have more sex

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Unironically this.

Drink tea


Fuck it's a viscous cycle

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remember that women have opinions because men allow them

>viscous cycle
Depends on how wet she gets.

retard is the name, disappointing women is my game

i've been trying to avoid fucking girls in my social circle because I nut fast and can't get it up a lot lmao fuck

not op btw just commiserating

Unironically this.

It used to be fucked with me personally, only way to overcome it is with practice and more sex.
Sorry op.

Ok so I should get a steady, non judging fuck buddy. Dually noted

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You can get a girlfriend user.
I worked through it with my first legit gf - there's other things you can do other than sex.

I'm aware of this, it's just generally a turn off to women to have to discuss that you might go soft or cum way too early/not at all due to being nervous. Not many women have patience to work through that

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You do realise I said girlfriend right?
If you're in a relationship with a girl that loves you, they won't give a fuck how you're intimate with each other.
Me and my old gf pretty much only got each other off by jerking each other for 6months~
You'll be find user, believe me. Just keep improving yourself.

she’s fucking a black guy currently isn’t she?

Ok ok I gotcha. Honestly though a girl like that is hard to find. At least in my experience
You're an idiot

What's been your experience with girls?
Cause it doesn't really make sense for a girl to give a shit if they love you, although I'm interested on your experiences.

>you’re an idiot
confirmed user couldn’t satisfy his gf so she found a black guy who could

Go shower.

Had gf at 17, lost virginity to her and dated her for 3 years. Over that time I slowly just started getting less and less confident while having sex and my sooper trooper would go away or I'd take forever to cum. It was never really due to her, it was more of stuff in my own head. I'm 22 now and I've had sex twice since I broke up with first gf. Once stayed up but I had to rush it otherwise I knew it was gonna go soft. The other time I was totally in the mood but as soon as I got inside of her from her sucking my dick, I went soft. I'm attributing that one to not being able to feel anything, she sucked my dick which got me hard, put condom on and went inside of her and went soft. I plan on seeing her again soon so I'm just nervous it's gonna be the same thing. I do plan on not jerking off at all beforehand for maybe a week, at least not with my hand, to bring back some of the sensitivity. Thoughts?

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Hmm. Sounds like there's a few things going on - the most obvious being that you're overthinking it.
When you start having sex you're sub-consciously worried it's going to be a repeat of what's happened in the past, and that just feeds off itself causing a loop of going soft/not enjoying yourself.
The reason why anons have suggested the only way to fix this problem is more sex is because having more sex means you get more confident in your sexual ability. Being insecure during sex will completely destroy your libido.
There could be other deep seeded emotional issues, but I think the main one is that you're overthinking it.
Put sex in the back of your mind user, just a find a partner that truly cares about you, then being uncomfortable during sex will be impossible.

Ok thanks user, I always knew I've been overthinking it but that's just my nature unfortunately. I have had good sex before and most likely more than bad sex, it's just always easier to see the bad times more than the good for anything

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All good man. Just lose yourself in the moment and leave all that negative shit on the wayside and you'll be fine.

OP, this is not the best advice you will hear here and it may not be your cup of tea, but some stimulating drugs like cocaine and MDMA will make you 50x more confident under ANY circumstance.

The trick is to microdose or small dose, as too much will become obvious in your face and your dick may not work.

>Drugs that help you forget your problems makes you stop overthinking.
Wow, who would have thought?

Wish I could give it a shot. Just don't have any connections to either of those substances

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what's your advice than?
Let me guess: when the moment comes, relax and -bE yOuRsElF-?

Oh woah, myself and OK thank you, for your groundbreaking advice

I've already posted my advice, but using drugs to deal with your confident problems is autistic as fuck.

>Already posted my advice
Which one is it? I'm already gessing it will resume to "relax and be yourself"
>using drugs to deal with your confidence problems is autistic
I'm also guessing you never done drugs.

I ignore every advance because I nut real fast. Better to not have sex instead of being a joke with women.

What a beautiful ass

Be proud of your funky bits.

iktf lad
I used to think it was all just austist LARPing on Jow Forums for the memes, until I actually found my self actively sabotaging myself with attractive girls for fear of my premature ejaculation being spread through all our circles. Pretty depressing.

Pound harder obviously

Fuck this hits hard. I suppose i can fuck hookers till I feel like I'm good enough for girls that have any connections to me


Not OP but I'm 25. The number of women my age who would be patient with me, I'm worried, might not be very high. Younger girls might be more accommodating, I think?

Yeah it sucks. Even a girl who cares about you will still probably commiserate with her friends about it who may not be so understanding. Prostitution isn't legal here so I really don't even know what to do besides take drugs I ordered off the black market and hope for the best.

(Viagara for not getting it up, Dapoxetine for lasting longer). Last time I didn't jerk off for 5 days to get it up, took Dapoxetine but I don't think it had enough time to kick in, and I accidentally nutted all inside a girl in like 1 minute. Haven't talked to her since.

Read the Tao of love and become a sex god.