I'm bored with my life, nothing makes me truly happy, I have few interests and hobbies

I'm bored with my life, nothing makes me truly happy, I have few interests and hobbies
what should I do? is doing drugs a good way?

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Yes, but be careful and stay FAR away from narcotics, those will only put you into a downward spiral, trust me, also if you’re thinking of doing it then start going to the gym and get a good diet going, that way your body will be strong and able to recover quickly rather than if you were a druggie who was out of shape with a shit diet

what's the difference between narcotics and drugs?
I go to gym regularly

Narcotics are usually cheaply made and highly addictive, think cociane, crack, heroine, meth,, stick to natural shit like hallucinogens like shrooms, DMT, acid, ayahuasca, and then obvs weed, avoid pills as well, my experience with molly was great until the comedown hits, then you just feel depressed as fuck, and pills can be really easily abused and just fuck with your brain overall

Are you depressed? have you thought about going to a shrink? its not pussy shit

Also get a buddy you trust to look out for you, nothing is worse than a bad trip that you have to suffer alone

Nope, just puts your emotions in overdrive for a bit, but if you want to take them regularly then take a dosage once every 3 weeks, because they won’t work if you try to take them multiple times in a week, and overall will make you feel like crap

That’s what I’m doing, life’s going great rn. Just do your research and make sure your supplier is reliable.

AND MAKE SURE YOU ARE MENTALLY HEALTHY AND SOUND, the absolute last thing you want to do is use drugs while you depression or some other mental health issue, some people say drugs helped but I’ve seen a lot of people go off the deep end

but I think psychodelics can be done rarely
I was at psychologist and I'm about to visit psychiatrist

I’ve done 450mg of molly in one day and I’ve never experienced a comedown, quite the opposite, the next days felt fucking amazing without being high. Must be something in the genetic makeup or some shit.

I think I'm not seriously mentally ill, maybe some problems with hormones



Wasn't molly then. Or was just a first time thing.

OP, all drugs have a come down, it's like a price you have to pay. I would advise like and do it on if nothing else works or out of genuine curiosity.


Ya but some have it worse than others, and if it wasn’t molly then the molly in my area is fucked because everyone talks about how bad the comedowns are

i chose the drug route after succumbing to depression/anxiety... no hobbies interested me anymore

the only problem with drugs is that you really don’t remember a whole lot... i don’t exactly remember the past 3 months of my life because i was in a vegetative state essentially

after awhile you’ll get bored of drugs and want to be sober, so you’ll once again find passion in hobbies and then the cycle repeats itself

Drugs will ruin your life. Why don't you try helping other people if you have nothing to do instead?

You sound like a great candidate for LSD, Shrooms, DMT, MDMA, or Ketamine. Read up about each of them and don't take any of it lightly. Ideally you'll find a druggie friend to do shit with but you can do it solo too. Don't put too much faith in any of them, just think of it all as experimentation. Ketamine is the most dangerous but probably the most immediately effective as an antidepressant. Do not mix it with alcohol or anything that upsets your stomach, as ket will knock you out, and can make you queasy. You do NOT want to puke while sedated.

Yes, drugs are an excellent way to add texture and meaning to your life.

Drugs, no please dont do that to yourself. I imagine some people do this to lessen their pains but if you have the choice, dont do it.

Volunteer to teach English to Buddhist monks

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