Dating an experienced girl

im 25 she’s 25. I’ve had sex 3 times in my life while she’s probably had a 100+ partners. We’ve been exclusive for a week and I really like her. is the over abundance of experience bad on her part? will I get cheated on? im not ugly or anything I’ve just had a recent “awakening” if you will. she knows and she hasn’t shown any faults yet. is this a good idea?

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Well, some say it is some say it isn't. Personally I think trying to build a relationship with anyone who can separate physical intimacy with emotional intimacy is asking for problems.

Go for it mate

If she’s had over 100 partners I would not make her my gf, I would make her my fwb for practice. Once you have enough practice, you then go find yourself a nice respectable gf that does not have all that wear and tear.

If you don’t mind being with a girl that has all that mileage then go for it. From past experience I’ve learned that most girls who’ve fucked that many guys is not really to be taken serious and have their fair share of unwanted problems.

>We’ve been exclusive for a week
I doubt you'll make it to week two

I did date a experienced woman too she wonr cheat on you i promise they like being the leading one in bed

I was virgin and dated and still dating 2 years older girl she is 20 i am, well -2 :)

She is very rought in bed and enjoying herself which kinda turns me on so good luck dude you wont regret dating experienced woman

If she loves having sex with you then great, you've found a gf who won't cheat on you. Unlike a virgin who definitely would.

Promiscuous girls seldom actually cheat but its because they don't stay around long before they see another guy they want and run off. They abandon, not cheat.

Why do you think she's had so many partners?

>Unlike a virgin who definitely would.
This doesn't make any sense, explain

I've been with one for 5+ years. If you're not boring at sex and you don't shame her for being experienced (like bring it up during a fight or a vulnerable moment), she's probably gonna be a nice fren too.

Worst case scenario, if she's feeling adventurous, you better diversify your portfolio at the same as well and try to reach a friendly agreement. The worst thing you can do to yourself with an experienced woman is get jealous.

A virgin quickly becomes curious about what sex would be like with others.


She doesn’t love you as a person, she’s using you for either status, or money. You figure it out.

Beta male. Those feelings of disgust are biological when you realize how much of a whore your woman is.

It doesn’t. The stats prove that virgins are the less likely to cheat and divorce, and after the woman has had more than 1 partner the chance of divorce and unfaithfulness doubles, and continues to increase from there statistically the more sexual partners she has had.

Just see where it goes, don't take it seriously. It's only been a week. But yeah... she's probably mentally ill, probably has attachment issues and attention-seeking behavior like cluster b personality disorder stuff. Make her get an STD test and use condoms too.

You are wrong. You are basing your beliefs on old debunked meme graphs. No such stats exist. Virgins are actually more likely to cheat.


>who can separate physical intimacy with emotional intimacy
they must retain the trait of being able to fall in love, some at least.

Do you have a single scientific study to back that up?


>she had 100+ partners
i'm not an incel or anything but i don't think you can trust her not to cheat at that point

100+ partners is an extreme amount. are you sure of that number? did she just have one phase in her life where she slept around a lot, and if so, how long has it been? if it was many years ago you're fine.


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A girl, or anyone who is fucked around that much has something else going on to make them do that. I think you have a good chance of being cheated on once she grows bored of you.

Give me a single source that’s found virgins are more likely to cheat.

[citation needed]

Girls cheat to "find themselves" wich is caused by constant (((media))) encouragement

I’m sorry, 100+ partners?

Don’t even let her suck your dick or do anything before she gets a full panel STD test. They’re cheap or free at planned parenthood. Realistically, this girl could have something. I don’t know her, maybe she’s great and 100% clean, but 100 is so many

Anybody that's had that many sexual partners in their life is nothing but a hoe. Avoid at all costs user, you will get cheated on when she gets bored

She definitely has herpes and hpv. You can get those even with condoms

Well if you are saying his statistics are bullshit and follow up by claiming the opposite, then feel free to post your sources, m8.

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wow thanks for your wise insight, 18 year old

>100+ partners
Wow. So some people really are attractive?