I would like to know if it is worth to smoke weed, if there are any major dangers or what I will feel

I would like to know if it is worth to smoke weed, if there are any major dangers or what I will feel.

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Is this unironic? There’s no dangers expect for laced weed and bad cotton mouth lmao, make sure you don’t get ripped off tho

Vape or eat instead of smoke if you can. Its a good, mostly harmless way to unwind. Be careful not to make it a crutch/"need," lots of people weed is harmless for others it makes them a fucking useless slob who depends on it. Won't know until you try

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The effects
>An increase in appetite
>An intensive desire to be stationary
>Laughing at almost anything you would have found bland when sober
>Possibly a really low attention span

The dangers
>Dry mouth
>Really bad coordination
>Passing out

The damage from weed is from prolonged, long term usage over several years. It can differ from user with some mentally ill users already having pre-existing symptoms flare up, although it can vary per user. There isn't any real conclusion made aside from being cautious about usage.

If it's your first time, don't get a long

I heard a story about a dude that smoked weed and after that ended up as a vegetable because it affected his brain, who knows maybe he was scammed and instead got something else

>worth to smoke weed

You want us to give you reasons to start smoking weed? Lol
I smoke it myself and I don't recommend it to anyone, just like alcohol, cigarrets, coke etc

And no, there are no dangers, with the exception of addiction, like any substance (alcohol, cigarrets, coke)

>But user, you are lying, there is no addiction

Well, I'm 25 and started smoking when 13, if I go to bed without a spliff i will roll in bed until dawn. There are consequences with any substance use, specially chronic and long term.

So yeah OP, I don't recommend, but try it out.

I don't recommend it. I don't enjoy it anymore and i wasted many years being a loser stoner. I know some people have it in them to be successful heart surgeons or engineers while blazing up 24-7, but everyone's different. I got my shit together the moment i quit smoking it for good.

Let's say that I'm not going blaze it alone, I plan to do it rarely when i hang out with my friends or at parties

Nobody decides to get some bud alone, and smoke alone for the first time, it all starts in groups OP.I

Look OP, I'm starting to sound like my father, but it's not the point, you SHOULD try it, because YOLO and why not, but bare in mind it's consequences, you may enjoy it a lot and carry the habit for decades to come, weed is a nice habbit, but in 12 years of smoking i might have spent 20k in weed and that money would change my life right now.

Just go with your friends and do it OP, it's not going to harm you or kill you

just don’t become a stoner like me lmao i need weed to feel normal

>All of these "haha there's no risks, weed lmao dude blaze it."

I'm a 24/7 stoner. Smoke through a half ounce per week. Weed absolutely has risks, albeit minor.
Here are some things which you MIGHT experience, from light-moderate use:

>Throat/sinus damage and pain.
Whether you're not used to it, or use it too often. Absolutely never smoke while sick with a cold/resp infection, etc. You won't heal.
>You may pass out.
You might become exhausted very suddenly. This happens to a lot of people, again on either side of the spectrum: Low usage and not used to it, or excessive usage.
>Short-term memory problems.
During and following use for a short time. May become chronic with long-term use.
If you're prone to anxiety, it MAY make it worse.

I use weed to self-medicate for extreme social anxiety and agoraphobia. It increases my concentration and gets me up and out of the house. Your mileage will absolutely vary, so you won't have a good idea of how you handle weed (or what method of consumption and volume of intake is best for you) until you try it and figure it out.

I recommend it over alcohol, if you just want a cone in the afternoon to unwind.

The danger is becoming super awesome.

i think everybody is agreeing that long term use is harmful
sounds like youre larping as an anti weed ex stoner

When i smoked every day it gave me alot of anxiety and paranoia, Its different for everyone so see if you like it, but make sure you moderate it otherwise it can be addictive and detrimental to your everyday life

It is highly discouraged to not use marijuana if your brain is still developing (i.e. 24 and younger) because it can harm your growing brain in a similar way to alcohol and impair memory in a way that can be irreversible.

There is also a genetic component that make some people more prone to experiencing the calming effects, while others are more prone to the anxiety and paranoia. The strain of marijuana and whether it was grown responsibly can also determine the specific chemical balance that can affect the potency of either feeling.

Also, as far as drugs go, it's not bad. But if you're trying to use it to treat a mental condition such as depression or anxiety you are much better off getting professional help for said condition rather than self-medicating.

Worth it to do every once and a while. It's just kind of relaxing and nice.
Like most substances it's not advisable to do it regularly.

Ask around if your familia has any history of mental disorders.
Weed can set one off if you have the bad luck to be pre-disposed.

For me it's the zooming in and out of focusing and eating until I puke that geta me. Just make sure you have free time to do this and not before something important.

Definitely do it in moderation, like anything. Know your needs and do your research. If you're looking to wind down don't buy something that's high thc and low cbd, you'll just get paranoid and anxious and honestly you won't even know you're high, but that's just my personal experience. depending on where you live you might have more options. If it's legal where you are and you can get whatever strain you want instead of just whatever your plug happens to have I recommend Birthday Cake and Mandarin Kush.

It’s definitely not worth it. It’s just another expense and the mental stimulus you might get you can achieve with meditation or a hike in nature.
Oh and if you have an underlying mental illness, that might kick in. But that’s rare.

I wouldn't recommend it.
Weed makes you very comfy and satisfied with whatever you're doing.
If you get stoned frequently, you start to put off things like your goals, passion, hobbies, friends, etc. Then one day you quit smoking weed and you realize how much time you wasted.

Puts your brain out of wack, don't smoke until you're successful and have a reliable stable job. And then see how it affects the work and gauge the effects. If it's effecting life, stop.