Gave first bj to boyfriend

>gave first bj to boyfriend
>he grabbed my head
>started shoving his dick in my mouth
>he kept pushing harder and harder until he came
>i feel like i was raped

what to do?

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Talk to him about it

like legally? nothing
relationship wise? talk to him

tell him to control himself, you could fucking vomit from that
or do what my wife does and grab his dick from the base so your mouth only reaches the point where you don't gag, because when you are bout to cum it's hard to not start thrusting

Tell him you will never learn if he micromanages and your defense reaction may be to bite. Relax and don't try too hard.. I think. I never gave a bj, but I can sense it if she's not relaxed.

tell him to stop watching too much porn and that next time he wants a blowjob you'll be in charge.
Alternatively maybe you suck at giving blowjobs (kek) so he decided to do what he instinctively knows to do

>buy strap-on
>cuff him to bed while he's asleep
>wake him up
>inform him you don't appreciate his bj receiving technique
>fuck his butt until he learns his lesson

bite his dick off and chew it into turkey bits

Just tell him that made you uncomfortable. Maybe he didn’t realize? Did you like smack him and fight him with your hands or bite on his dick? If not he might not have realized that he made you feel violated.
Tell him specifically where the boundary is and what your expectations are, so that he doesn’t violate them.

You probably sucked(lol) at giving a bj
Use your lips and tongue more or the only thing that feels good is the back of the throat

This exact thing happened to me. Felt completely violated but I consented to the BJ AND we didn't discuss what type beforehand sooooo yea...technically not rape. Just prioritize communication next time and repress that memory. Thats the only option you have.

Don't give him another blowjob.
Bad sex isn't the same as rape, you can't do anything legally but you can leave him and lay some ground rules for the next guy.

But let's assume this situation happens again. You have your hands free I would imagine. You can push him away with your hands which is a clear sign he should stop.
If that doesn't work, hitting him, first with a flat hand, then more aggressively.
Biting should be a last resort as by then there is no return. If he isn't taken out by the pain, he might kill you.

It's horrible that he did this and I'm sorry.

HOWEVER. I would say that like 20% of women want and expect this and get turned on by this, and when they don't get it they're disappointed. As a guy, it's honestly hard to decipher what a woman wants. It's like that Louis CK bit where he's with the girl who keeps saying no but actually wants him to keep going. Guys have no idea what to do, you have to communicate with us. Women are so different it's impossible for us to read your mind. At least give very obvious non-verbal cues if nothing else.

Realize your intended purpose from the start.

>Guys have no idea what to do, you have to communicate with us.
This right here. If communication is healthy enough in your relationship, have a conversation with him about what happened. Make it clear that what he did felt violating to you, and crossed a line.
If you should end up giving him another blowjob, gently (but firmly) state that you don't want him pushing deeper. If you're clever you can turn this into a teasing game of sorts, as he resists the temptation. You can also push an angle of him sitting back and letting you do the work.
Once you are both comfortable, try figuring out exactly what he likes when receiving head and, if it doesn't cross any lines for you, see if you can do that.

Just do your duty as a gf

This may be true but guys can also ask, especially before face-fucking someone. That kindof impairs the ability to say "hey slow down" and not everyone's first instinct is to hit. The freeze response can easily lock someone up.

I would agree, which is why I prefaced that by saying sorry that happened, that sucks. He's definitely a dick for just starting off with the face-fucking. BUT, for all we know, he was with a girl or two in the past who wanted it this way and didn't want it any other way, and he doesn't know any better.

I have definitely felt weirdly emasculated when a girl wants me to be rougher than I naturally am. They get easily disappointed and annoyed when you aren't an aggressive ass hole, which honestly ruins it for the normal women who just want a nice slow intimate sexual encounter.

guys life it rough. your soft pretentious little girly technique cant compete with his hand. you weren't sucking hard or fast enough so he showed you what tempo he needs.

There's also such a social pressure (and expectation created by porn) for guys to be tough, forceful, and take what they want. It can definitely be a problem for guys who aren't like that. My bf is a gentle and submissive guy and it took him a while to get comfortable with actually being that. It didn't help that all of his previous girlfriends expected him to be dominant.

Get a safe word signal like tapping his legs

I agree with you to a certain extent although the fact that a guy is still expected to be dominant despite his natural constitution is kinda fucked up. I know it's not popular to defend males these days, but there's a real double standard there. A guy shouldn't be expected to change and "get comfortable with actually being that" any more than a woman should change how deep she's able to comfortably take a cock in her throat.

break up with the porn addict. find a new bf who isn't a retard. porn is making everyone retarded.

anyone tries that again grab his fucking sack and squeeze and tug until he fucks off

this op you could get throat damage or just pass out from suffocation

Puke on his dick

Why is everyone so violent? Maybe he just didn't know what he was doing

nice! sounds like you did a good job. i suck dick a lot and while it is definitely bot easy when he fucks my throat i enjoy submitting

people who don't get laid or have sex drives don't understand sex. shoving my girlfriends head down on my dick is just part of the blowjob. she struggles a little bit and that's what makes it so hot. if op doesn't enjoy doing this then she should tie his hands or something. imo she should just learn to enjoy submitting during blowjobs

Just jam your acrylic nails into his po
op chute. Extra points if they're manicured into a sharp point

tell him ill suck his dick like you won't any time he wants. he can watch porn while pushes my head and pumps cum into my throat like a fleshlight

>>i feel like i was raped
There is no such a thing as a rape from a boyfriend.

Tbh this. I don’t condone- lol “rape” but clearly he wasn’t satisfied and you didn’t do anything about it so... idk be happy you didn’t come out scarred and bruised, you know, like actual fucking rape. Smh

Talk about it, and get professional help. That’s not normal

Call the police. Pointlessly whine about it on the internet.\s

(talk to him like a human being? Communication, have you head of it?)

>I “feel” like I was raped

Awww, bitches these days...

Sweetie, If you have to question wether it “feels” like a rape or not,
then it’s not...
I promise you would know.

It wasn’t rape you fucking hypochondriac.

ITT: things that didn’t happen

learn to take direction, of course you suck at sucking it's your first time. eventually you will be mouth and throat fcked like a pro.

Talk to him, he kew that it eas your first time?
And if he is your bf he must been more soft. I like to grab the head of the girl that is sucking my cock and she do DT, but I know she does that or if I have never had sex with the girl before I just let her do the job while touching her hair or maybe 69.