My wife of 10+ years cheated on me with a dude she met on FOE app game. to make a long story short...

my wife of 10+ years cheated on me with a dude she met on FOE app game. to make a long story short, our marriage is shit now, she doesnt love me the way she used too, shes still talking to the guy as "friends". buuuuut she told me she wants to work things out under the condition that she still talks to the very guy that she tried cheating on me with as a friend because she has no friends. i dont want her to still be friends with that douche. is what shes doing wrong? am i wrong? or should i just divorce her?

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fuck the guy in the ass before he lets her do it

Kill her and rape him.

Divorce her, if she wants to still "talk" to the SAME GUY she cheated on you with. Its clear she only wants you on the side and wants that "friend" first. Her motives are clear especially if she already cheated. This isn't suspicion anymore, there's motive. Divorce.

>is what shes doing wrong?
>am i wrong?
>should i just divorce her?
Get yourself a lawyer that's a fucking shark and go for the throat before she has a chance of wrecking you.
>b-but she woulnd't do that!
She's showing 0 (ZERO [NO]) respect for you, of course she'll try to get her pound of flesh if you give her the heads up.
Shock and Awe nigga. Get a shark, listen to his advice and good luck rebuilding your life senpai.

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Ok I’m going to give it to our straight man. Divorce is the only option. She betrayed you by cheating on you with another guy. She continues to disrespect you and the marriage by trying stay in contact with this person.

I’m baffled that you don’t even see how utterly disrespectful this is to you. But at the same time I’m not because you are here asking if this is ok that you aren’t in agreement with it. It seems to me hat the biggest issue here is your self respect. You need to work on your self worth, but without question a divorce is absolutely necessary. I really hope you take what I say to heart man, because if you consider entertaining this circus act you will deeply regret it. Good luck op.

op here, i would divorce, but we have its harder than it sounds.

You clearly win the case if this is all to the story just give your lawyers the context

Jesus man, I honestly cringe at the thought people as weak as you even fucking exist. Holy fucking shit your entire existence is repugnant. Imagine literally staying with a woman who fucking cheated on you, KNOWING they still talk. Holy fucking shit dude, I honestly suggest suicide

That's how I feel towards my cousin right now. He's unhappy, his girl wants an open relationship, flirts with guys, tries to flirt with me and makes me feel uncomfortable(first chick to make me feel like that), is crazy, has hit him and just makes him miserable. It's to the point where he is irritable. Yet he chooses to cuck and stay with her.

Get yourself the best divorce lawyer possible.
Doesn't matter if you have to spend all your money to win, that just means less money for her and less chance she ends up with the kids if she cannot keep the house or support herself.

Shame him publicly. Make fun of him constantly.


Divorce divorce divorce make sure the lawyer and the court knows. Follow the Star Wars niggas advice. Keep us posted op, as much as you are a cuck faggot, I want to know how the divorce goes

She sounds like a terrible wife, jeez I wouldn't even be friends with a woman like that. No offense but no wonder she has no friends.

Divorce is the only option sadly

I know that it will be hard for the kids, but loom at the bigger picture. You can't trust her. I assure you that right now she is plotting with the other guy to rob you blind. it might take a year, but it will happen. End it now. End it now, and win it because the only other option is to lose. there is no tie, where you both kiss and make up. you win or you lose

The kids are simple.No judge is going to take away your kids as long as you have a job and aren't a drug addicted felon. Especially not because your wife is cheating on you. I dont know how old they are, but they will eventually understand that their mother cheated and that she is a shitty parent for it. I was in a similar boat. it took me until I was 15 to realize that my mom was a scumbag who basically robbed by father blind because he didn't see it coming.

you have a chance to make sure that you can come out on top. take it, and don't let her fool you.
I'm sorry it has to come out like this OP, but trust me when I say that this is the best and only option.

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That would be unacceptable to me although it kinda depends on how you found out she was trying to cheat, if you have concrete evidence she tried to cheat on you with this guy and she insists on remaining friends with him then face the facts, you no longer have any control in the relationship I would immediately give her an ultimatum either she stops talking to him or you divorce.

My parents didn't divorce until I was like 17. They fought constantly and cheated on each other. It fucked up my entire shit and it took a LOT of work to get myself to be even sort of confident in myself and well adjusted towards women. I'm kind of surprised I even made it this far. Along the way I fucked prostitutes and became a heroin addict, which I have since kicked.

It's better to divorce and find a better, happy relationship than to stay in a shitty one for the kids. I'm sorry if you love this woman, but she's a fucking snake.

That guy is her backup plan, not her friend.

Like all the other anons, divorce man. Really try to find a good lawyer, they usually have free consultations. Make sure you know the lawyer will go balls to the wall for you, doesn't matter if he costs a bit more. It's worth it.

Sorry you have to deal with that shit of a woman user. Get your kids out while you can

Holy shit you're never really safe?? I thought marriage sort of sealed the deal but it never ends

How do you flush 10 years + kids with someone down the toilet like that

Wait, what do you mean? Lol never really safe? I'm lost a bit lol.

I thought 10 years plus marriage with a girl meant that you were in it for the long term. It baffles me how meeting some random dudes in a fucking app game makes you discard your previous husband and kids. I just felt that 10 years was safe in your wife not divorcing your ass. Meaning if she likes you a lot now, you're not safe at all 10 years later

No fault divorce breh. She can cheat and dump your ass in a minute if she feels she's found someone better and the courts will give her half your shit for it.
God forbid you have kids, that's when the shit really hits the fan.
He means that he thought once he married a bitch that he could relax and stop competing against other guys for his wife's love.

She thinks she can have her cake and eat it too.
And if OP isn't on the ball, she really will.
The game never ends bruh. If you want to play, you best be prepared to play until your last breath.

>should i just divorce her

What is wrong with you. Yes you should you fucking beta cuck come on man stop it

Why are people railing OP? He was probably one of those who felt it took everything to get that whore and now has to go back to the drawing board and look like a cuck in front of the entire world. It's not an easy decision especially because he won't get another spouse as easily.

Married for 5 years. Can confirm. Women will always expect you to be on your game. Sure, it's not as hard as it was being in dating mode, but you still gotta retain some allure to your woman to keep your happy, entertained, or life interesting. Women love thrills, life is always work, there's no easy mode.

Oh okay! I get it now! Yeah dude, doesnt matter how long you're in a relationship/marriage. You're never safe. Example, at an old job i had, we got new hires. One befriended me. She has been in a long term relationship with her bf. Within 3 months working there, she mainly hung out and talked to me(never thought anything of it) til one day she admitted on having a crush on me. You're never safe dude.

Btw, I'm not OP lol I'm this dude

Divorce her, obviously. This isn’t normal and I’m guessing the dynamic here is that you are being emotionally abused. So instead of sinking lower, it’s time to stop.


>should i just divorce her?


Do not divorce her right now, thats what she wants you to do because she wants to be with the other guy, still is fucking him but wants you to be the bad guy. Use the brief remainder of your marriage to prepare so when you do divorce you get the children.

>she has no friends
Its laughable when I hear this excuse or the I was lonely excuse when a partner cheats. Finding friends would take a fraction of the time and energy cheating does.

End it brother. She's putting some rando before your marriage. I'm sorry to hear all this though.

>should i just divorce her?
Have self respect at least once in your life and get divorced

Dude, for the sake of you, you need to get the fuck out of that relationship asap

There something you did in the past that she’s holding over your head, something she didn’t forgive you for. That’s why this new guy is with her, she can justify it somehow. Otherwise you’re just a shitty partner.

This is some major hoops you're jumping through famalam.

What did you do user?

divorce her now

Get a Divorce OP