Best way to suicide?

Best way to suicide?

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This better not be bait. Anyways, why do you want to kill yourself first?

6+ years of feeling like how I am. Im just tired of it all now. I dont want to fight it anymore I just want to accept the fact I have no purpose, goals, interest, or people that I genuinely have a connection with. it is like boredom, like atomic boredom that is indescribable. im just tired now and want to lay down and not wake up

why cant people just give me the best answer. I dont want to hurt too much or end up brain dead or half alive

Are you clinically depressed? Secondly, you don't have anyone in your life that you'd feel will miss you?
Also weird question, but what skill or ability you have that you'd consider unique?

Look man it's not going to be as easy as you think as any fuck ups with this suicide will result in consequences or you hurting someone really bad.

none of that has anything to do with how to kill myself. I dont think im clinically depressed I just dont think modern society is natural for me. im good at nothing in particular
either way im dead weather or not im physically here or not to the people who would care all they would be missing is my physical body, all that is left of me that wanted to live is gone so there is husk

You went to college OP? You have a family?

no im going into 3rd year of college at 21 years old

So you want to give up at 21 OP? You have a lot of years ahead of you before you're where I am, do you have a family?

not excited for "a lot of years ahead" if it is like this. im tired of feeling like this for 6+ years ok I dont want to try anymore

I'm pretty much in your situation. I said at 14 that I would wait until I'm 25 to suicide if I still don't find a purpose. 22 now. Just wait a few more years, maybe?

Just name the best ways to suicide, you thread derailing reddit faggot
>hanging yourself with focus on breaking your neck
>shooting yourself
>train suicide
>exit bag with nitrogen or helium

thank you appreciate an actual response.I was thinking of an exit bag or barbiturates but those supplies are hard to acquire

It would be damn shame to lose some one that is as good at sounding like your out together, you my friend are educated, you are unique in the way that you are a top percent your smart, your not socially inept and you can use either to make it in life, so why not in the very least try to do something, anything you find remotely interesting because for our sake the you dying would be a loss, losing any more retards are as sad enough as it is, but to see you so defeated, so unwilling, i need to know. Why quit now

you assume many things about me. im not social, smart, and nothing means anything to me and no one means anything to me. everything is worthless and there is no point to anything


Not suffocation, but a slow drop in oxy in air.

It’s not about meaning, why not in the very least try. What I meant to say with social smart is you are good at portraying a feeling with your words, in the very least why do you aspire to feel nothing

You sound just like I did a few years ago. Right now I haven't fixed my issues entirely but I can feel I've changed to a large extent. I'm not the same guy I was when I left my university. If you're like me, you can still turn things around user, it's going to be hard and you may not have friends yet but if you stick around long enough you might.

Baron nashor, tho eventually you'll become so strong you can solo it and that's what winning life is like

>only 6 years
Suck it up, loser.

Living a nice long life full of good memories and accomplishments, and then die. That will show ‘em

As someone who has researched this topic, this guy is right, op. Shooting will be my #1 whenever the time comes. One he forgot is height. I don't mean a tall building. I mean jumping out of a plane

>>train suicide
I guarantee you this way
You will become so chopped that no one will recognize you

>Find high building

You seem to be bored as fuck and you also seem to have nothing to lose... So why the fuck would you kill yourself? Just lay back and watch this clown world burn. Would you really want to miss a world war? There is no purpose in life but that's what makes it interesting. You just live like you're inside a TV show and enjoy the seasons first hand.
It has no fucking meaning so why end it now when you can lay back, relax and do whatever the fuck you want until you die naturally?

Best way to be able to relax and lay back is to get somewhat physically fit and then find a job (can be any fucking job) and then learn new languages, maths, science in general, skills, etc. then you'll eventually find a woman. Then you can move to better jobs with better pay and after that it's just laying back and relaxing while everything goes to shit.

Just like a kid on a beach building a sand castle and watching it being washed away. It might be sad for a second but it has something interesting to it... Negative emotions are way more fascinating than positive ones if you are strong enough to outlive them.


>Shotgun buckshot, can't go wrong.
>jump off a building, but not a 2 story tall house, a building high enough that you'll splatter
>traintracks, all that's left will be pieces
I feel you OP. Been wanting to off myself for 5+ years now, always procrastinating and hoping it'll get better and soon, this state of living will be just a memory. That I'll look back and wonder, how could I even consider suicide. That's hope. Hope is what men like us create to deceive themselves, to cling to this miserable existence. It won't be better tomorrow, nor next week.

Don't give up hope man. Developed nations have mental health services and they can help you. They're more extensive than you'd think, I've been in that system myself.

Those people are not being helpful at all, he’s asking how to kill himself and not if life has a purpose. Let’s be real, if OP is thinking of dying is because he probably tried other things before.

>self-strangulation with a belt

That’s right, OP. I know you have a belt at home, that’s the easiest way to make sure you can’t go back if you regret your decision mid-act. Just put the belt around your neck and pull it the tightest you can, make a hole so you can buckle it and then proceed with this time actually doing it to kill yourself.

It’s gonna take around 3 minutes until you are unconscious and it can take up to 10 minutes to really die. I would say it’s painful because you’re gonna feel yourself struggling to breathe while you can’t, but if you wanna die that’s an easy and clean method. Good luck OP

Lay with your head on the railroad tracks.

Try shooting congress
Extra points if you actually land a shot on any politician

Stop playing lol man that game is ruining my life


Carbon monoxide dude