Girls: reject nice guys like me and only sleep with the top 20% of men

>girls: reject nice guys like me and only sleep with the top 20% of men
>nice guys: I want sex too
>girls: you're not entitled to sex, you fucking virgin freak, I hope you die
>nice guys: ok *pays for sex*
>girls: wtf you disgusting creep!!

There's no winning with these bitches, is there? With younger girls, you have to wait months or years to get sex (if she doesn't dump you before) because most of them are virgins and old hags just have standards through the roof and start playing mind games with you if you're a non-Chad.
How do I deal with this life, Jow Forums?

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>How do I deal with this life, Jow Forums?
By hitting the gym and getting a clue.

Stop caring about what girls think. Pay for sex if you want, personally I'd keep it to myself if I did, but that's just due to the fact that people get sanctimonious about it and there's no need to give them an opening. Otherwise, lift like the other user said, dress nice, do your best, if you fail then who cares it's just sex and you can always pay for it like you said.

I have a girlfriend so that means I am in the top 20% and can get literally any girl I want. I am also a fat neet who is watching dota right now. How much of a subhuman do you need to be to be that much worse than me?

Unless of course your beliefs are wrong and anyone can get a girlfriend with enough effort. But its easier to believe you cant succeed than actually trying isn't it?

Thanks, I'll try to cope then.
You don't know how much I've tried, you fucking worthless fat neet. Get a job, faggot.

It seems a lot of guys think there's no point in being a nice guy if you can't have sex. Well women are right, you're not entitled to have sex. I haven't had sex, the only reason I'm nice is because I don't see the point in being an asshole to people. I'm not saying bend over to what everyone wants, you can't please everyone but if you can do something nice for people then do it. That way the day you die you won't leave this world regretting the kind of person you were, whether or not you're remembered by anyone.

>claims to be a nice guy
>you fucking worthless fat neet. Get a job, faggot.

Maybe you don't get dates because you don't deserve them.

You're not a nice guy

>nice guys like me
No decent person calls themselves a nice guy. I've been called a gentleman by a few people but not a "nice guy". "nice guy" is a code word "nice guys" use to describe themselves because they are actually sad bitter people.

I was never called a nice guy, but I was once called a gangster because I apparently dressed that way. And it's logical that people turn bitter at the face of constant injustice. Don't you think that people in North Korea, for example, have a right to be sad and bitter because of the way their government treats them?

>wants to do something
>doesn't like the consequence
>whines about it
You'd be a slut if you were a woman and nobody would care then, either

I think you missed my point, it wasn't that others will call you a nice guy, just that the term nice guy is used exclusivly by people describing themselves. A bitter person generally isn't nice.
>people turn bitter at the face of constant injustice
Are you attempting to tell me your lack of success with women is an injustice?
I've had one girlfriend in my life and that was nearly 10 years ago and I'm not a sad bitter person that calls themselves a nice guy.

>Are you attempting to tell me your lack of success with women is an injustice?
Yes, because sex and companionship is a common need in humans.
>10 years ago
And you never had sex in that time also?

You haven't tried shit, you fucking liar. You have never once asked a girl out or created an account on dating sites.

Not lying, I've done both and asked out a girl on Monday. Like I said, you don't know me, you fucking fat neet. Go kill yourself and fuck off from my thread.

You got me bro, you're right. If I'm almost 30 and a virgin it's because I turned down a lot of opportunities. Not same user.

All of the replies showing needless aggression are probably anons that have no idea how to talk to women lol

Before being a gentleman, you need to become a men

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>only sleep with the top 20% of men
[Citation needed]

Weren't you supposed to be a nice guy user? Because you sound bitter as shit
>t. short, ugly and disabled, still had a gf and get along well with girls to this day

>rraaaahh I hate women bitches whores cunts die
>why do girls only like assholes and not nice guys like me :(
Reminder that being an incel means having low intelligence.

I am nice in real life. Post a pic of yourself and the gf you had.

If you're just satisfying your needs, then lower your standards gradually. Getting laid isn't hard, finding a person you like who likes you is.

No you're not. You're an angry entitled asshole both on the internet and in real life.

Post a picture of yourself.

Why? You are not making any sense now. You're behaving like a clinically insane psychopath.

OP, you are utterly delusional if you think you are a nice person.

The "I'm completely different in real life" delusion is too strong in him.

I'm curious to know how ugly you are. Otherwise you're lying.
>I'm an ugly guy with no arms and no legs, but I'm banging 10/10 supermodels every day :)
See, how easy it is to lie?
I am nice though, that's how others around me have described me also.

You want a nice girl, but what are you bringing to the relationship? Work on yourself. You're not entitled to have sex.

You are insulting and namecalling everyone and being a total jerk. No, you are not nice. You are a dumb, entitled cockwad. On Jow Forums and in real life.

We subconsciously go for girls (and girls too) who are similar in attractiveness to us. This is also not a hard rule. There are a lot of other factors that contribute to attractiveness like how similar are your ideals and morals, how much they are like your opposite sex parent, stability, etc etc.

The more people you meet, the more you realize this is true.

>these bitches
>virgins and old hags
>fucking worthless fat neet. Get a job, faggot.
>Go kill yourself and fuck off from my thread.
Wow! What a "Nice" "Guy" ™

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Fact: most women can have sex whenever they want. I’ve heard multiple women brag about this. It’s one of perks of having a vagina.

Fact: most men cannot have sex whenever they want...unless it’s with another guy. For every woman on a dating site there’s 10 men.

You misspelled "lie".

You actually probably are in the top 20%. Confidence is a big part of attractiveness and 80% of men lack it.

Cope harder.


Most men can have sex whenever they want. With a woman. This is a fact. You lie when you say that all men are like you, when in fact you are literally the only man who cannot have sex whenever he wants, on the entire planet.

>Have a big flaw, such as depression, mental illnesses, a lack of motivation, intense difficulty to relate to other people, anger issues, or something else.
>Consider yourself to be a nice guy because you haven't actively commited a genocide. (but haven't actively done anything good either other than being polite)

100% sure this is the case for you. The fact that you believe that there is something wrong with ALL girls should be a pretty big indicator that there is something wrong with you desu.

I only insulted that fat neet because he made projections about my life without knowing me. Fuck you.

Fact: most of those women didn't experience an orgasm in their lifetime.

its horrifying how this fat bitch at work seems to always go on about all these dudes asking her out and having to reject guys left and right. and talk about how the longest she has gone without sex was like 2 months

I legitimately think she doesn't consider herself fat or ugly.

like wtf. she also tries to fish out compliments from me but I never give it lol

What bullshit lmao

And now you are insulting me and being rude. You are truly behaving like an asshole to everyone. You are not nice.

Are we counting prostitution? Because that's illegal where I live. Also; what about men without penises? Or does being a man necessarily involve having a penis?

Wow big brained misogynist over here guys. Give him a round of applause

The person you're replying to is an autist troll.

Being "nice" is the single most effective way to get fucked in life. There's moral decency, but being "nice" to everyone is just laughable. Grow a pair incels.

>Someone who doesn't agree with my incel beliefs must be a troll or a woman

>all men can have sex despite the fact that there are more male virgins dying alone than women
Go troll somewhere else.

Unless you're a literal 3/10 or below, you shouldn't have problems getting laid if you just work on your confidence and social skills.

Maybe. Either way, they didn't respond so I'll assume "yes" to every question.

Yo, off yourself before you kill somebody, do us a favour yeah?

Ok. I'm 2/10 (gave myself a point for existing another one for being 6ft). No female has ever been attracted to me.

post face or someone who looks like you.

K, hold on

Pretty similar to this except:
>I'm not as large (215lb, 6ft)
>hair isn't quite that blond but still is light brown and long
>face is slightly longer and not as chubby
>eyes are blue/green
>have full beard
>don't have the piercing
That should do.

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It is funny how they post empty platitudes and when questioned, they either don't reply or just call you an incel and leave the thread.

That's how it's always been. But since there are so many of them, they control the narrative. They're the good guys. They tried "helping." They can do no wrong. Victors write history, or however it goes.

Start by losing some weight and start lifting as well. Try to get a BMI under 24.9.
You're obviously not "deformed" and gaining muscle mass and losing weight should do wonders to your image and self-reflection.
Basically make yourself desirable and you'll get desired.

Oh. You really had to see a picture to give me one of the most generic pieces of "advice" that floats around on this board? I am trying to lose some weight but not to appease women. I only want porn anymore

I actually want to kill my sexual desires. I said porn because that's the placeholder between lust for real women and killing my desire

Just go to Jow Forums if you want to see how useful it is. Maybe you'll get a fat hambeast gf finally after 4 years of lifting!

If these pieces of advice are "generic", it's because it's based on what females find attractive and it usually works, if not all the time.
>I am trying to lose some weight but not to appease women
That's good, you should do things for yourself once and foremost.

This lmao. There's honestly no reason in my mind why anyone would try to improve if you will never have access to attractive women freely (like Chad does). I could pay for sex if I really cared. No reason to spin my wheel for years and years only to end up with someone who has spent less time on themselves than I have, all because they were born an easier gender. Fuck that. Porn is free but overcoming all this would be ideal. I'm tired of wasting time caring about these things. 22 so my libido should be dying off in a few years

The good things are that 1) I will never approach a female, 2) that no female will ever express interest in me.

According to statistics, less than 1% of men and women die virgins. Go troll somewhere else.

Females aren't attracted to insecure whiny sperglords.

I realize that and now it's a personality I cultivate to keep them at a distance.

Why do people keep quoting this 20% thing? It's untrue. Women WANT the top 20% of men. Women actually want the top 1%. All men also want the top 1% of women, if they could have them. Women can't actually get what they want all the time, though, and neither can all men get the top 1% of females.

The statistic was calculated based on pic related. All this shows is that the ideal man for a woman is in the top 20% or top 10% of attractiveness. No fucking shit, that's obvious on the face of it. In real life, however, it doesn't work out like that. The top 20% / 10% of men in attractiveness are going to settle with the top 20 / 10 / 5% of females.

Plus, women often date guys they find attractive who are actually not what guys think of as the stereotypical chad. Confidence,. personality, etc are a huge part of it. I know plenty of fat, non traditionally attractive guys who have decent looking gf's.

It took me like a decade to get good with girls, but I eventually did and I'm a manlet. Even if girls throw themselves at you, if you don't have confidence and don't go for what you want, you won't get laid. You're just being a fucking fag.

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Also, tinder is inherently based on attractiveness as the entire premise is to see if you're attracted and if you are swipe right. Real life interactions are based on a lot more than raw attraction.


Such charts are bullshit because you can't measure attractiveness by a number.

You can, actually.

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Real life experience. That thing outside your basement.


Read the book. Five points of attraction; social, physical, emotional, intellectual, and material. Various aspects of each contribute to a total quantified value of attractiveness

I wouldn't say you can't measure them by a number. I would say they're bullshit because almost everyone can take pictures that rank in the top 40%, but most do not. People use a different part of their brain to process pictures of themselves than they use to process pictures of others. You don't know if your pictures are good or not. Ref:

I don't have any hard statistics on me at the moment, but yeah, experience and also:

>using tinder as a basis for the entire population
bro, take a statistics class

Excerpt from that:

"A group of trained "coders" rated the facial attractiveness of each spouse on a scale from 1 to 10, with the perfect 10 representing the ultimate babe. About a third of the couples had a more attractive wife, a third a more attractive husband and the remaining partners showed matching looks."

This. Tinder isn't even a representative sample of the population. Not all girls use tinder. I know several who have never used the app or any app like it. (They find partners in real life or have been in a relationship since the app was created, etc).

Not only that, but tinder has it's own internal ranking system making it an even less accurate representation. They won't even SHOW you to most women if they don't think you're good enough based on past swipes etc. It's a piss poor way to measure anything. We don't even know how the algorithms work.

It is easier to give up if you never had a chance anyway.

I think it is lovely that some people get girls even though they aren't perfect, but that doesn't help me.
I don't know how to change my life so I will meet girls that could be interested in dating. I keep lowering my bar for what I want, so at this point I just look for single women within an age group and within a reasonable distance.
These 4 criteria is all I have at this point.
I can't find someone online, on swipe apps, nobody swipes right for me and nobody respond on the other kinds of sites.
Men I meet in real life are very friendly and I have tons of male friends but women all give me a look of disdain. I don't know what to do at this point.
I am always ready to go to the bar after a thing, I always go to the parties. I am always dressed so I am ready to meet the one, I am well educated and financially stable. I am social, funny and patient. I have no idea why I am repulsive to women, I am everything I hear parents in law would want.
I bought a girl a drink last month, trying to extend the conversation we already had going. She just shotgunned it and left.
It is rough out there.

Assuming those pics aren't fake? Money.
Women only choose guys below their league if there's something in it for them

What book? And how can you give an objective number to any of those? Answer: you obviously can't. Attractiveness cannot be quantified.

Honestly, in that case, I'd start looking into coach corey wayne and the youtube channel "charisma on command" and shit like that. Corey Wayne is full of shit imo on some things, as are all those dating advice people, but after reading his book 10 times I did see an obvious and clear increase in women who were interested in me.

A LOT of my past failures with women had a lot to do with my body language, how I carried myself, making strong eye contact, and taking risks with women. Get your game together without being an asshole or a piece of shit, but still confident and steadfast and able to respect yourself in a deep way, and you'll likely see things change a lot. It takes a lot of hard work though, don't think it doesn't.

And of course looking good and being in shape just adds to your odds of success.

Certain facial features and proportions can be shown to rank higher in attractiveness based on asking a representative sample which faces / body's they find more attractive.

The book I posted. It's free and explains the method.

You still haven't provided a single source for an objective, quantifiable way to measure attractiveness.

It's not an objective measure, it's based on what most people are attracted to. Why do you care if it's objective? Anyway:

Not him, but I will.
I'll give a quick example of how the method works. Keep in mind is a preliminary method but works well enough.
So we have the five points of attraction. Each point has smaller aspects.
Physical is easy enough. Things like height, facial structure, posture, hair, etc. If you succeed in these your overall attractiveness goes up. If not, it remains neutral or decreases.
Moving onto the social point, we have things like your popularity, number of relationships, health of those relationships, and so on. If you have many friends and are a leader of your friend group, you succeed in that aspect. Same for the rest.
Emotional includes things like confidence, emotional intelligence, and emotional strength. This is essentially measuring how much of a bitch you are.
Intellectual is about how smart you are. Not very long because women don't care about this.
Material is about how successful you are. Jobs, house, net worth.
Tally it all up and you get a score. The score is used to estimate how much energy you have to spend to get dates, sex, etc.

Is it one of those self-improvement books? Are you the author?

It wasn't made as a self-improvement book but the information could be used to that end. And possibly

>succeed in facial structure
How? You are trying to give a numeric score to all sorts of criteria where it's not possible to have one.

Plenty of info on this specific topic.
Some .gov study too.
But if you'd read the book you'd understand. Everyone says confidence is good. There you go, you get +1 point. Have friends? +1 point. Have a job? A house? Don't cry? Are healthy? All these get you attractiveness points

bc you aren't actually nice

the only real way to be nice is to 69

You’re not nice you’re a pussy