As a recovering alcoholic, am I meant to go the rest of my life without alcohol? That's an insane thought...

As a recovering alcoholic, am I meant to go the rest of my life without alcohol? That's an insane thought. It's been 119 days. I'm 27. So, I have to do another 50 years of this? Any other sober ppl weigh in?

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another former alcoholic here, stay sober for till your 29th birthday, and then only drink beer, and limit your intake (like only buy a single case at a time). By the time your 35 you should be able to get heavy liquor with your new discipline.

>t.44 years old

Why do you want to drink it anyway. If you have to drink it for a social just have one or two drinks and no more. Alcohol is garbage, people who say otherwise are snobs, alcoholics or brainless consumers.

Hopefully. I do miss beer.
I know alcohol sucks. I have bad memories of drinking and socialising. So, I don't want to do that. What I miss is getting drunk alone and just spacing out. An escape from myself.

So you're saying you want to be an alcoholic again? In that case don't touch it.

This. You want to lose yourself? Binge Netflix or Amazon. Play video games online, etc. So many other ways to "space out". I've never drunk, don't see a need to, the few times I've tried alcohol it was disgusting. Usually, after a hard day of work come home, pop something in the microwave, get a little extra cheese, a cold IBC root beer, and watch my favorite shows or twitch streamers for an hour to relax.

Smoke weed faggot.

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It's insane not to drink? You are insane

Then its time to drink.

Did you know that everclear changed their bottle?

Look how classy it is.

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>What I miss is getting drunk alone and just spacing out. An escape from myself.
You don't miss alcohol, you miss unconsciousness. Examine your conscience and fix the personality flaws that make you hate yourself.

This is all easier said than done. I've started therapy, but she's said there's a lot to unpack and go through. How can you just fix personality flaws? 50 more years of this. Jesus.

By examining your conscience, realizing the mistakes you have made in the past, and by not making those mistakes again in the future.

Have you not been listening at meetings? You are free to go out and drink anytime, and in fact they encourage it. They want you to be so broken by the time you get into your 12-step meetings that you are desperate not to ever drink again.

Doesn't seem like you are there yet. Go out and try a little more controlled drinking bro, see how it works for you. God send that you never have to show your face in another AA meeting because you're not an alcoholic, but I'll save a seat for you just in case.

>thinks he'll live to 77
That's up to you, shithead. If you can fucking handle a drink every now and again, instead of falling back to whatever your old, retarded habits were, then sure, you can drink again.
But why would you want to?

>How can you just fix personality flaws?
Writing your daily goals and thoughts in a journal and tracking your progress

You cannot drink anymore ever OP and you have to get comfortable with that. As the years go by I don't miss it at all even if others drink around me but I don't dismiss how hard it was early on. Best of luck to you and for me I got my life back.

Yes you are. You weren't able to control your drinking before, so it is highly unlikely that you would be able to in the future. It gets easier op, but don't put yourself in situations where you are hanging out with people that are drinking, until you no longer have the urge or craving to.

How much were you drinking before you stopped?

I'm an ACA but I work in bars/clubs and drink a lot. I don't let myself get too drunk and I don't have a history of losing control. Everyone's relationship with the bottle is different. Sobriety is about having a clear image and not trying to hide or escape your problems.

I live in a country where alcohol is deeply integrated into every social event. It must be really rough to exclude yourself from this.
It is weird, we rarely see people get addicted, maybe I just don't know or notice it.
I have met two, one former and one that still drinks who I believe is an alcoholic.
The one who is an alcoholic was way different about alcohol than the rest of us and it was clear something was off.
He pushed for a beer after work every day, but he got there before the rest of us and drank 4 beers in the same time the rest of us drank one.
When we worked at weekends, he drank throughout the day and you couldn't tell he was 12 beers in by lunch. His relationship with it was very different.

just drink when you want user.

You can't, but you can minimize them by working on self control and making sure you limit yourself on anything you're too dependent on, take a year or 2 off it entirely and then make strict rules about how much you can drink. It helps if you got someone to keep you in check but if you don't money is a good way of stopping yourself, whenever you're gonna buy a beer think about a hobby or something and think about if the momentary alcohol is worth spending money on in comparison to something more durable ie video games, books, cars whatever. Mostly just keep yourself occupied