Can psychedelics change my life (for better) and boost my creativity etc?

can psychedelics change my life (for better) and boost my creativity etc?

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Yes, they can also ruin your life forever, turning you into a schizo/bipolar mental wreck

No, drugs are for retards.

so is trying them worth or not?

If you can’t achieve them without drugs then you’re not that creative, or deep thinking. It’s really not that hard.





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Depends on a lot of things. There is always a risk that drugs a drug can fuck you up for life, even if it's not the first time taking the drug. A bad batch can be very damaging.

Your family's medical history should be taken into account before you do any drugs. If schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, etc. are all common in your family, then the risk associated with taking drugs increases a lot.

Hard drugs are obviously riskier than lesser drugs like weed.

Your health is obviously important, but other things must be considered. How will your family and friends react to you taking drugs? Do you have the willpower to stop taking drugs at any time? Do you have the money to support a potential lavish drug usage? Those are the reasons why I don't take drugs.

You can't find betterment in pills, friend. They can make you FEEL good, but it won't make you BE good.

If you want to be more creative, etc, drugs isn't the answer.

They can, but you need to really respect psychedelics, they're not a joke.

Highly dependent on the individual.

Personally I think that psychedelics are both an extremely powerful introspective tool which can help you, but at the same time they are very dangerous and can seriously fuck with your headspace if used improperly.

I abused LSD taking high doses (300ug normally) for 12 months, tripping every two weeks. I was using it as an escape and to leave the reality I was living in to enter a different one because I hated it and myself. Problem is escapism only works for a limited time, then reality catches up to you and hits you like a tonne of bricks. Once I reached this point I decided to stop for an extended period of time, and when I did take psychs again it made me very anxious and uncomfortable.

At the same time, it was good for me in that I learnt that I love hiking and being outside in general. I realised that I actually did like things and that the world doesn't always have to be a grey, cold place.

Psychedelics also put me in contact with a fantastic group of new friends. People in the psychedelic culture (assuming they're not ''party people'') are in my experience very loving and caring people who are genuine friends, and as adult who has not lead a sheltered life since he was 17 I think that I am a good judge of character these days.

Bottom line, be careful. You are fucking with your head every time you use psychedelics. More than any drug I believe that they have a fantastic potential to heal, but also to hurt if you don't treat them with the proper respect.

>Hard drugs are obviously riskier than lesser drugs like weed.
You have no idea what you're talking about. The ''less harmful drugs'' are far more dangerous in the long term for a variety of reasons. The difference is the damage is cumulative, and before you know it you are dependent on something that's ''no so bad''. The same thing applies to alcohol, despite it being socially acceptable.

They CAN, but if you have any schizos in your family they have a high chance of making your life a living hell forever. If no mental illness in your family history you should be fine, just take a normal dose of like 100-150ug or else it'll probably be traumatic.

Heavy psychedelics can. Mostly DMT , high doses of shrooms, maybe salvia if you’re brave (tho that just might give you ptsd)
As some other anons have said, you need to be careful. It’s very possible to get ptsd from a bad trip.
If you have money and time, go to the amazon basin for the ayahuasca brew (DMT). They have shamans that will guide you through the experience.
If you can do that, just find a friend that’s experienced to help you. You’ll need a trip sitter to watch over you anyhow

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I should add that the reason psychedelics can change peoples lives in largely due to ego death. Once your ego dissolves you have a chance to start again.
You won’t always experience ego death under these drugs and you CAN have ego death without drugs. But psychedelics are probably the fastest and easiest way to have one, also you can experience total ego death and it happens more suddenly

Abandon drugs.
Read the Tao of love (key to becoming a sex god).
Learn to breath with the diaphragm.
Open yourself to knowledge, read philosophy.
Practice a martial art, either tai chi chuan or kung fu.
Listen to psychedelic music.
It's the long road but is safer, more rewarding and more spiritual.
Btw, this comes from someone who use psychedelic drugs.

*used psychedelic drugs

this guy is literally retarded, OP

Yeah try them why not

What is the best psychedelic music to start with?

The Doors

They did for me, made me change my life around.

The only real risk is persistent hallucinations and those are just visual effects like seeing a ring in your vision or seeing static when looking at white walls (stuff that a lot of people already have).


after ego death you just come back tho (not that the exp didn't make me change my life in major ways or that it was not traumatic af).

This, always get a trip sitter when doing large dosses and first times.

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