How to become the perfect waifu

I'd like to be more attractive Jow Forums. I've got a cute face, I'm a hard worker, friendly, also not fat.

What else should I work on? What do you guys like in a girl? A certain clothing style? Any personality traits that you find particularly appealing?

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Do absolutely anything a guy wants in bed.

What men like is subjective. First, tell us what kind of man you seek.

talking to the guys on here, you would just have to walk up to one of us and ask us out, and we would say yes

Humility, charity, patience, diligence, kindness, moderation, chastity, prudence, fortitude, justice, temperance, faith, hope, and love.

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Sure but how do I get him to fall for me before we have sex?

I guess, ultimately, I'd want to end up with someone who is at least reasonably intelligent, has good morals, decent people skills, and wants a family. I guess I'm aiming for Chad. For now though I'm just looking to improve myself

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This. Be his favorite porn and fulfill his every desire. My gf does this and i will never leave her.

Be happy. Be interested in him. Whatever he does, no matter how mundane, be interested in it and always be positive.

I'd say try to have decent social skills, good morals yourself. Now, where to find them, I'd say through social events such as a hiking club (cliché I know), whatever hobbies you have. It's largely a numbers game, but if place yourself where a type of man you want is your chances increase.

Try to be a reflect the qualities you seek in a man and put yourself out where such a man might be

And also fulfill his every sexual desire.

Do most of the guys here even leave their homes tho?

yes. contrary to popular belief a lot if us are normal people

Be approachable, I literally mean learn how to present yourself as easy to be approached in ways like smile when someone looks at you, practice smiling (some fake smiles are dead objious, when you’re truly happily smiling then take note on how your face changes then replicate that honest smile when you need to, no one cares for a salesman smile.
Gotta look approachable for someone to ask you out, a resting bitch face isn’t inviting at all. But more importantly, don’t be afraid of approaching guys yourself! If you’re too good looking, some people having a low day or whatever won’t even try or will assume you’re too pretty to be single.

>no one cares for a salesman smile
people are too picky tho

We don't like needy, clingy girls who aren't their own person.

I genuinely hate these kind of descriptions since they're so immensely vague, as if they're trying to be ambiguous deliberately.

>Reasonably intelligent
University education seems to match this requirement, yet I've met some of the most stupid people at university who seemingly are unaware of everything. I've met girls from Imperial who cannot comprehend basic things in science, I've found girls from SOAS who cannot debate despite it being a requirement in their module. I've met guys who cannot, for their life, apply common sense.

>Good morals
A moral compass always seem to be a key thing, does me donating blood make me a paragon of humanity? Does the person who donate to Wikipedia be the role model of society? Cannot rack my head around this requirement

>Decent people skills, wants a family

Your post frustrates me (inb4 have sex), because it's a repeat of what mostly all the girls in my area on the dating apps say, but it's a hollow attempt to brush off the appearance requirements. I'm saying this as my brother routinely meets girls off Tinder who desire the aforementioned traits and he's 35, non university educated and seems to bluff himself through every encounter.

Apologies for the rant, but honestly OP, just bee yourself

I think this is probably really great advice, thank you! Men seem to get so happy when I get them to talk about themselves. I don't even have to say much, as long as I'm enthusiastic about whatever he's talking about lol

This too, I think maybe people assume I'm a bitch or something (I'm always done up/overdressed, also have mild social anxiety and have trouble looking people in the eyes) so if I want to befriend anyone I almost always have to approach them first. Definitely want to get better at smiling at strangers too.

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Haha I actually was being deliberately ambiguous! I figured no one was actually interested so I tried to keep things as basic as possible. But I'll elaborate if it'll help anyone:

this is important mostly because I want my children to inherit his IQ. I also want someone who can talk about a wide variety of things and also follow what I have to say if I decide I want to talk about something beyond today's weather. He doesn't have to be educated. One thing I didn't mention before is that he needs to have a decent job, though.

Again this is important because I want a family at some point and I need someone who would be a good father. I could elaborate on what I consider "good morals" to be but eh

I mean yeah good looks are a huge plus but what are the chances of me meeting a hot, smart, virtuous guy with a job who also wants to get married? I have to prioritize what I think is most important, which is a money+(quality)sperm donor who is also best friend material. As for tinder girls, yeah you have to look at least okay, that's just the nature of the app. If your goal is to hook up with girls IRL literally all you need is charisma. You can supplement your game by not being ugly or by having money but even these things aren't necessary if you're charming enough.

>bee yourself
get fucked

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More like GAYY

- Fix your problems first. If you have any childhood traumas, deal with them because they will haunt you and dictate your habits.
When you do that you can proceed with the little stuff like:
- Know your worth. Love yourself and respect yourself.
- Place boundaries early. Know what you like and do not like. Don't cross/let anyone cross your own boundaries or you will suffer. You don't have to please the other person all the time. Relationship is a dance of two people, not one.
- Be supportive but not intrusive. If a person wants to do something, you can offer an advice but that is all. You don't try to change the other person because you think they would be better another way. For this you have to first understand the motives of the other person and that requires communication.
- Communication. Always talk with the other person. Do not hide behind excuses like "It's nothing", "Nevermind". Those are words that kill the conversation. If you have something in your chest, get it out. If your head hurts, say it. If your stomach hurts, say it. If you are sad, say it. If you are happy say it. Express your feelings, do not hide them.
- Dress modestly, shoulders covered. No neon/too bright colors, just something that is elegant and stylish with good color choices based on your tone skin and contrast.
- Proper etiquette and politeness. Not staring at your phone when you are in a company. Not ignoring the other person. You don't have to maintain eye contact at all times.
- Just be you. Because if you are not you, you will be unhappy. Do not sacrifice your unhappiness for the sake of someone else. It will make you miserable.

Youre a pushover. Thats really sad that you want to bend over backwards to fit an ideal for men. If they cant accept you for who you are they can get the fuck out.

I've you're like Irene then you're perfect.

>be a self glorified stuck up bitch
nice advice user

Better than being a little servant bitch to some asshole who cant accept you for who you are

Except if they fulfill your every sexual desire.

I do, but only for work. None of my hobbies are especially social by nature.

Submissive and/or demure girls are quite hot. I’m not talking about being a footstool. But load mouth narcissistic girls are very unattractive.

what can I say, I'm a slave to my love for men.
Making guys happy is actually loads of fun. You should give it a try user. I recommend it

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