Guys never love depressed girls

They just want a happy, bubbly girl to hold them. Even depressed guys. Isn't that right?

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Yup. Depressed people are a drag, life is too short and it’s just nice to have some simple fun without having to deal with other people’s issues and past traumas.

Seek help and don’t expect people to cope with your mental issues, you sound entitled, no one wants depressed chicks, I wouldn’t even expect someone to date me if I was depressed

No, you just fat and/or ugly.
Guys don't give a damn about a woman's personality if she's hot as fuck.

You can still be pump and dump material.

Wow, thanks. Guess I should just die alone because my father left me when I was a kid and so will everyone else. It's my fault though.

>expecting people on Jow Forums to care about your problems
>using the “family member died card” as an excuse for not getting help
Yeah you really should just kill yourself, you sound pathetic

Depression isn't real, just stop being a miserable piece of shit.

If you have daddy issues then some men find that hot. Find an older guy to date.

I get medication for depression and anxiety everyday and I even get two pills of sleeping pills before I go to bed and more often than not they just don't do shit. Is that my fault too? What does "get help" even mean beyond what I'm doing? Go to some asylum for crazy people so I can get even more mistreated by people?

Go to a fucking therapist and sort your problems out cunt, holy fuck, I’m guessing this is b8, no way you’re this fucking dense

Stop using medication, depression is cured by changing your life style and mind set, not by brute forcing it with meds.

Nah. My father did that too, but i worked through my issues and moved on. And i will never be with someone who won’t do the same. We all got problems, and i get that some of them are more severe and some people will never get over it. It’s sad, but i also will never date or be with these people.

Lol, I'm dense? And you're smart because you assume everyone has money their RiCh DaDdY provided for them like you do?
You can believe whatever you want. At least now I know I'm right and no one can shit me to tell me things will get better. I bet everyone here are the same people fake crying when people actually kill themselves.

Tell us about yourself. Age, location, occupation?

Okay, okay, how can I change my lifestyle?

So you didn’t want to be told that you can get over it and you can get a handle of your depression. You just wanted to confirm your biased with the one guy that was being a little bit edgy. Good stuff.

I don’t have a father either nor am I rich, shrinks aren’t hard to afford if you go like 4 times a month, you can also apply for benefits that make it cheaper, stop being a fucking whiny pussy and figure your shit out, if you can affford mess I’m sure you can afford a shrink, either that or go back to fucking tumblr and get all the enabling and validation you need, we could care less if you live or die, this isn’t reddit

Rather not say.
I just graduated highschool, and I live with my mom. I will probably start working at a resturant some time soon. I mean already applied but no news from them yet. Yay...

So life is pretty good for you, even got family that can help with a job. That’s very rare, you’re lucky.

I mean. You got family, you manage school. Got a job lined up. What’s the issue here?

What does it mean you worked on your issues?
I sometimes try to have fun and forget everything but there's always an incident at the end of the day waiting for me to happen. I sometimes feel like god just doesn't want me to be happy. It's like he is there just to fool me into thinking that only to laugh at me after I ever hoped anything.
Okay, your father left you too and it doesn't bother you? How? Was he otherwise a nice person, does he send you money, etc?
How am I supposed to cope in an enviroment with people who all had nice families, stable income, never been through sexual abuse or anything and then these people try to tell me to be positive? They have reasons but what do I have?

>quit bad habits like smoking, porn etc
>eat healthy, quit soda etc
>quit meds
>be more grateful, stop having negative thoughts

Yeah most people don't want a drag to carry around. Though some will think this makes you interesting or will want to help you like a lost puppy, which is a phenomena in some relationships. Try to work through your problems now rather than have a relationship at this stage in your life. I didn't work through all my problems until I turned 25

I'm not lucky at all. Please don't call me that. The reason I applied is because we can't live with what my mom makes. Do you think it feels nice that we have to beg from people just to barely afford rent and food?

I kind of figured you would say something like that...
Thank you. I will try I guess...
Let's see what life has left for me.

No he was horrible. And then he turned into an alcoholic that buried himself in debt. He never contributed anything except misery. But instead of giving my time and emotional energy to that asshole. I focused on the people who took care of me, and the people who were nice to me. And i tried to return that favor. And so i moved on and I’m having a happy life. It’s sad that my upbringing wasn’t better, but I’m making a future that is great. How can i be depressed about that?

Create an account on bumble.

>Even depressed guys. Isn't that right?
Not necessarily.

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We all have to work. By helping family, or our own future ones. Or just to have food to eat. This is life for most people on the planet for all recorded history.

I mean, a lot of guys will take whatever they can get. Especially the ones who are below 5/10.

Dated a girl that tried to commit suicide in the past. Both of us were depressed, thought we would help each other. In the end she dumped me because I was going through a really hard period, had a mental breakdown and she said she doesn't love me anymore.

Hurts like fucking hell. Even depressed people don't want someone who is depressed.

That's because of one simple reason: You know who helps suicidal people? Trained professionals.

People can't just 'fix' one another in relationships, because people aren't toys. That sort of idealized mindset is the kind of mindset that fosters suicidal ideation in the first place.

Getting into a relationship like that will only make things worse.

Glad you got out of it man. Get help and get something better.

Please stay here.

Is there something you did to just shift your mind to looking at good things? How do I do that?

Sometimes when I'm out I see a husband, wife and their baby going out with each other. Just having a good family time. That's supposed to make me feel nice, right? But it doesn't. I just remember my "father" as he beat my mother and brother in front of my own eyes. He used to come back home, drunk after he had sex with different prostitutes. He had so much money but never provided for us. Now the piece of shit is living a good life. He has another family, a big house with a pool. Life gave him a chance. Why? While we're here living in an apartment the size of a tuna can?

You mentioned people who take care of you and are nice to you. I have a friend like that. She always listens to me and she says she would give me the world if she could. But sometimes I also just feel like I'm bothering her. She's such an innocent girl. But something tells me I'm ruining her life. She is putting so much energy on a lost cause I feel like. Because I think I will never be happy.

How can I just stop thinking?

I used to have a friend like the one you described. Although I used to shamelessly annoy her whenever possible and impossible.

Depends on how do you usually get over your depressive episodes. If it is by closing yourself, well, lots of men do that already. If it is by fucking as much men as possible, chances are your man might not be OK with it. It's all about how you manage your depression, not about depression itself.

Depends on how the sex is.

Even if the sex is good they lose interest. Which is a horrible feeling for someone who is trying to battle their own mind.

Depressed girls only want depressed Chads
My best friend and secret oneitis was seriously depressed and I did my best to help her and let her know I cared about her
She ended up ghosting after she started dating am abusive junkie

This is exactly what the guy you responded to meant

Delusional incel "nice guy" detected.

Why didn't you ask her out? Your fault. Pussy.

How do go to such a conclusion?

Do you want a depressed guy or are you aiming for the mentally healthy individuals that don’t want to spend all of their time being your therapist?

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You think that because you listened to her problems, she owed you sex. That because you had a crush on her, she was obligated to become your gf.

I did, she said she didn't think she was good enough to be anyone's gf. I told her I strongly disagreed, but wouldn't push her into something she didn't want. The subject never came up again until she told me she couldn't talk to me anymore because her bf didn't like me out of nowhere.

Fpbp, thread should have ended here. Your other replies in this thread make this perfectly clear.

So what you say is that I should have used my crush for her to test her for sex, all while not caring about her life and problems. No wonder why women get lost on the dick carousel.

Way to intentionally misread everything. She never was interested in you but you didn't get the hint and beta orbited her for years.

You should try to avoid catching feelings for women before they reciprocate attraction for you. Once you know she's also attracted to you, you start dating, and slowly develop feelings for each other. Most of the time there isn't "love at first sight", or whatever.

Live your life, have fun, date, and let whatever girl you're dating slowly grow feelings for you over time. If she doesn't reciprocate move on, and since you aren't already in love with her, it won't hurt as much. Although it may still sting the first few times. Just how she goes bud.

Sure, thanks for your advice. Next time I meet a depressed girl I find cute, I'll let her alone if she doesn't want sex out of the blue (hint she isn't interested in me). Amirite?

Sort of. I'm not him, but almost no women are going to want sex "out of the blue". You need to ask girls who you are attracted to out earlier. Don't "befriend" them and shit, then try to date them, by then they already think of you as "just a friend" and even if they were attracted to you at first, by not making a move, you've ruined your shot with them.

You need to make them decide if they like you or not, or they'll decide not to. If they reject you, then move on. If you want to be friends, you didn't really lose anything because you didn't have skin in the game anyway. You can then proceed to be friends if you want and you don't have feelings.

There is nothing wrong with having depression in a relationship if you're putting in real effort to become better. But no body wants a sad sack of shit that's given up on life. Depression is rough and I've dated people with it. It makes the relationship a lot better if you're actively going to therapy and taking meds so you have more good days.

I love depressed girls.

Do you have a fetish?
Do you just want to fuck them and then go away?

I wouldnt mind supporting one.Why does it matter to you if it's a fetish or not? People fetishize traits all the time.

Yeah but it's a mental illness not like a physical trait. Like you don't actually like the person for who they really are but it's merely because of their mental illness. And then anyone with the same mental illness will do. Say they become happy and healthy people do you just plan to leave?

So a persons physicality is more of who a person is than a persons mind? Also people express depression in different ways so that dosent make any sense either.

She's a stupid whore ignore her.

A persons body is a reflection of decisions and choices, actions.

Minds can lie, but that thin waist and that pussy sure doesn’t.

That's not always true, genetics play a large factor into how a person looks.

Oh please... You'll find someone that will eventually deal with your ass. Men going through your exact same problem are roping in record numbers. If you're obese and depressed you can do the bare minimum and find a guy if you actually tried.

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That's not always true, genetics play a large factor into how a person looks.

user, do you have facebook or anywhere I could contact you?
I'm not sure if it's against the rules, if it is please ignore me, also if you're not comfortable with it please ignore me.

People don't want depressed people in general. Girls don't want depressed guys, friends don't want depressed friends. It's a reality of life.

Depressed people don't know how to love.

Shut the fuck up, get actual help and be the best woman you can be for a man. If you have depression guess what, it never goes away fully. Hasn't for me yet. Just tell yourself everyday to shut the fuck up and don't give a fuck about how you feel and just do something. Anything. Be useful. /thread

everyone else is retarded

Answer me this, why is it such a taboo for men to feel depressed?

It depends how deep your depression is but someone facing depression usually behaves in a similar manner. They don't like doing anything, want to sleep, are always sad, etc. I think you know the answer OP. If you have that kind of depression you will turn people off.

On the other hand I think a lot of people have some kind of problem though some can mask them better than others so if that's the case I would be willing to work with that as long as it's not potentially something life threatening.

It's association to weakness, turns women off.

I wouldn't mind a depressed gf at all, we could wallow in our misery together and maybe even suicide together, I think that would be really neat.
Lmk if interested

a wise man once said :

A shoulder to cry on, becomes a dick to ride on.

I don't think a relationship would be good for you though OP, what you need right now is a friend or people to listen to you. That and get some help if your depression is that bad, you'll feel better if you do.

Must not have been a very wise man because the exact opposite is true.

Saying “depressed girl”’is a fucking huge category.

My wife has severe depression. She’s also one of the most hardworking, considerate, and funny people I know.

But if you’re defining yourself by your depression (instead of acknowledging it’s just a small part of who you are) you likely don’t have much to offer.

Also- Plenty of guys are attracted to vulnerability.

I can GUARANTEE you that is the falsest thing I've heard this week. I don't work well with bubbly people in relationships. I want to heal people and make them happy.

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Just pushing yours problems and bad decision to others is a mentality of a whiny child.
Seek help from a professional and when you are ready, find someone.

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GF of 6 years has bipolar disorder. The relationship gets pretty rough sometimes when she's manic, but when she's depressed it can be a drag as well, even though we both struggle with depression

Cuz man can't be depressed and thus they are faking it.

Actually people want to have miserable people close by so their own lives don't look so bad.


IMO the problem with depressed girls is that they don't know who they want, can be volatile, hurt themselves, other shit like that. And probably have trouble getting a boyfriend because they're too shy to meet any boys. There are so many single guys who would ask you out.

Hey man, imagine reading the article tomorrow about how she killed herself. If you're human at all you'd feel fucking horrible for saying that. People actually kill themselves you know, words matter. Be more careful.

You don’t know what works to help someone. Some need to be yelled at, others to be comforted. Some just need attention. At least here you get a mixed bag, which you have to assume everyone knows coming to Jow Forums. It’s pretty clear what this place is. So maybe think before posting. Words matter, you cunt.

This is Jow Forums and she knows that. If she wanted sympathy she wouldn't come here.

Depressed girls are hard to work with since, for some, the main goal is to heal and reignite the flame on that person. I've dated one before and did all I could but felt no progress through the entire thing, even after a whole year she was still the same.

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There's a difference between being her shoulder to cry on and an emotional tampon.

well yeah but you say that like that is morally bankrupt or something. if you're making me sadder i'm not going to give you special treatment because you're depressed. do you want me to? do you want me to date you out of pity?
it's not your fault, but it doesn't matter. suck it up.

unless you have god tier personality traits, and you clearly don't because this entire fucking thread is self pity, i don't see a reason to bother

nothing like multiple mind blanking orgasms to make you completely forget that you were once sad about some stupid reason

Foolish bitches assume there aren't guys that want to be a personal therapist to their SO.
How sad
Anyways drop any social media so we can fuck

Guys will put up with whatever if you are attractive enough, just seem high status. If you are hot people will date you no matter what, if not you can find a way to get them to see you as high status. if you can be hot be hot.

All the girls I've dated have depression.

All the “depressed” girls I know have had boyfriends. There’s something else wrong with you.

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My gf has been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, she's extremely bipolar, and has tried to kill herself multiple times, even while dating me. She's been raped, molested, beaten, etc by family, ex boyfriends and coworkers. She has multiple scars all over her body from her cutting herself and literally using scissors to rip flesh off herself. She is really intelligent and pretty and hot, but her mental diseases and past traumas really ruin the whole experience. I love her but I've lost count of how many times she randomly got mad or sad for no reason or just burst into tears after someone was mildly mean to her, even having sex is hard with her since she has so many traumas.

Blame attention whores who put on the "OMG I'm so depressed" act (exactly what the OP comes off as) to attract orbiters to manipulate.

That comes down to personal preference. For me, it isn't really because I'm cheerful enough for two but it's hard to tell if a depressed person is into you. That's for actual depression, though. If you're "self-diagnosed" or whatever, that's a major red flag for me and goes hand in hand with attentionwhoring.

Overwhelming majority of women have some kind of mental illness, most commonly anxiety and depression. Congratulations you’re completely typical

Ive already got my own issues like most people why would i sign up for someone elses baggage?

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>Go ahead and call me an incel one more fuckign time
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