I have no interests and no goals except when: becoming rich, is there anything wrong with me...

I have no interests and no goals except when: becoming rich, is there anything wrong with me? should I change my mindset (I can't)? I have no idea how to become rich, without passion I guess it will be hard, I'm fucking lost
I'm 18 btw

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You won't become rich if you have no plan.

I think about becoming real state agent but I have little social phobia so I don't know if it's good idea




Why do you want to be rich?

to be free and do whatever I want, buy expensive clothes, fast cars, buy bitches, drugs, travel around the world, live in expensive aparments

Good you have a goal. Now you have to split the goal into smaller goals. The smaller goals should be S.M.A.R.T. Find out more here: youtube.com/watch?v=1-SvuFIQjK8

I try to set up smaller goals but I can't
I can't get interested in anything

You can't get interested in fashion, cars or apartments?

If money is what you want, that is what you'll receive. Don't worry, if you are like most. Social issues are categorized differently from business issues. I am overbearing assertive when it comes to work but too shy to order at a drive thru, unless it is for work, then, I make the waiter my bitch in front of clients. High intelligence to know the ultimate prize is money and not some bs like "I want to be a successful xxx," or whatever.

Well, the basic idea for you is to be financially well off. Because if you have the money you will be able to afford the rest. So the first goal is to acquire currency. You can do it by few ways:
- Work (either in a company or self employment)
- Trade (purchase physical goods and sell them via model buy low/sell high)
- Investment (same as trade but with nontangible assets)

Then you make a SWOT matrix which is basically identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats the choice will give you.
Work (under a company)
+ money
+ experience
- have to work fixed shift unless you progress upwards
- not much freedom
- possibly tiring (depending on the job)
+ if you work good you will get promoted which means more money
+ promotion means more doors opening
+ could apply for a different company for more money
- if you are lazy you will get fired thus no money
- if you are fired too soon, it will look bad on your resume

So you do this with every option and you decide what is best for you.

I can't

What should I do if im 18? Should I go to college?

Just about everyone thinks it would be NICE to be wealthy, but not many people really have the drive to make it there.

And after reading through the posts, something is definitely missing for you. You've done a small amount of research and have already given up on it.

What you're probably missing is the WHY. It's a shit-ton of effort and risk to make it to 7+ figures and if your "why" is just having a fancy car, that's probably not enough motivation to get you going. Hell, if you got any old job you could probably buy a fancy car on a loan right now, so why spend 10 years building a business just for that, right? Find a deeper reason, something that will light your fire.

There's an old saying I like: When people say they want to be a millionaire, what most people mean is that they want to *spend* a million dollars. But the people that make it set their sights on *earning* a million dollars. Think about it and really be honest which kind of person you are.

Find your "why"

- What have you studied?
- What do you like to study? What were your favorite subjects?
- What are you good at? What kind of skills? Good at drawing? Writing? Solving puzzles?
- Do you have any preference?
- Do you have any qualification? Because in some countries you have high school which is preparation for a higher education, but you also have technical schools which teach low level stuff and when you are done, you can pursue employment. If you could provide more information that would be helpful.

I think I remember you from a previous thread. I was the one that suggested real estate.

This is me too, I didn't quite connect the dots that it was you until now. I'd start by reaching out to some successful agents or investors in your area. Offer to help them for free for a bit just to get a taste of the business. Go to real estate meetups, there are certainly some in your area. You may like it, you may not, but without trying you'll never know.

Also get on biggerpockets.com, create a free account and start learning.

Take action a little every day.

I wouldn't skip college to do this, but it definitely should be an evenings-and-weekends thing.

>what do you like to study
>what are you good at
>do you have any preference


Then I suggest continuing with the education at a college/university which is related to mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics and stuff like that. That way you can maximize this skill. There you will have two paths for a career:
- get a PhD and get involved in academics (requires creativity and stuff)
- get a high degree and work.
At this point your main priority is to get to the uni/college. The rest will come when you learn more stuff. I suggest looking into the habits of successful students here: youtube.com/watch?v=jJXOHKSnUNw
That channel has other useful stuff so check them out. If I knew them when I was at school, things would have been different now.

Get on the good side of the professors and you will build your network and it will help you later on. Because professors are responsible for your grades. Friends are friends but they come and go. Your career will pull you financially and help you survive.

You're not going to become as rich as you expect, upward mobility is actually low in the united states, at most you can hope for moving up one socioeconomic bracket.

Going from poverty to lower-middle class for example is reasonable whereas lower-middle class to rich (above upper-middle class) is not; aim for becoming slightly better off than you are now or else you're going to be disappointed.

Being rich is something you're born into.

you gave me a thought
btw can I be happy without being rich?

That is something for you to discover. Philosophy or religion can provide only hints but never answers. Who knows, you may one day discover something no one has thought about.

You’re one of those assholes who actually buys into a pyramid scheme, and then blows their brains out when their money goes missing forever.

I have never been in pyramid scheme and I won't be
I was catholic, but now I'm atheist