Can’t cum?

>be me, female 22
>have sex with my boyfriend 3-4 times a week
>he’s 6in, pretty girthy
>unable to cum no matter what
>try masturbating, still can’t cum

idk what i’m doing wrong. sex feels good but no matter what i do, or what we do, i can’t seem to manage to cum. or even get close. i don’t even know what it’d feel like. help. i don’t want to be a fucking orgasmless loser the rest of my life.

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hes not turning you on , you should get wet just by him kissing you on neck, if you dont get wet youre not attracted to him

You'll never cum from a dick that small, you need to get on something that pokes your cervix

You can't really try; you just have to let it happen, as shitty Jow Forums as that is.

If sex feels good, then keep doing what you're doing. At some point you'll have an orgasm. Try not to think about it if you can.

Experiment a little me and gf she had problems with cumming too but now i can make her cum if i eat her out
She also likes grindinf my cock that makes her cum too

Try to give him some control and see what that mouth do

trust me, i get plenty wet lmao. he’s 6in, which imo isn’t small lol. he can get pretty deep in
i guess. it’s just been two years and still isn’t happening for me

i have given him plenty, we’ve been together 2 yrs and experimented a lot. it makes us both feel like shit that i can’t cum. honestly am out of ideas

6in is barely even average.
Have you ever even had a 9incher in you?

Why do you need to?

no i’ve never had sex with anyone but him
because i want to. i wanna know what organising feels like


Get a hitachi wand and force yourself to use it until you cum.

Oh iam sorry, maybe its something medical? Are you on antidepressives or some medication? Me as man cant cum really often too because of antidepressives

Try sex toys, try anal, or try adding a girl in the mix.

>because i want to
Then it's just a selfish desire. It isn't necessary.

>never had sex with anyone but him
It's quite possible your bf is just garbage at fucking.
Just because you feel "ok" during sex doesn't mean he's doing it right. If you're not quivering in ecstacy he's the one to blame.
Just go to a bar and fuck the sleaziest guy there in the bathroom (probably had tons of experience giving girls orgasms).

i just googled and damn they’re expensive... can’t afford that shit. anyone else got other recommendations on toys that may help me cum? am uk fag if that helps

eat shit you catholic brain worm

First of all, dicksize importance is a meme. Your sexual attraction towards him as a whole is a million times more important than how girthy his penis is.

That being said, there are a few sex techniques which i've found makes girls cum really, really quickly during sex. My favorite one is when she's on her back, i'm on top and while i'm fucking her i'm also rubbing her clit. If i do this i can make my girl cum over and over again until she basically passes out (no brag intended).

Try it out.

Women are designed to only enjoy sex with 6’2 musclebound alphas, that’s just how it is. As much as you may “love” him, your body doesn’t want his genes. If you want to orgasm you need to get a bull.

yeah i’ve often wondered if he’s just bad at it or something. i have had times where i really enjoy myself but i’m never like... close to anything? it just feels good. and that’s like, it
i’m not gonna go to a bar and cheat on him lol

i’ve tried having him do that but after like 10 seconds of him touching my clit it just starts to feel uncomfortable and a little painful/too much? i don’t know how to explain it very well but honestly that alone makes me think it’s my fault that i can’t cum.

God bless you

>it just feels good. and that’s like
Yeah having a warm cock inside you will always feel good, but a man needs a big dick and skill to give a girl an orgasm.
If you want to grow old and she never knowing what waves of pleasure pulsing throughout your body feels like, be my guest and stay with your chump bf.
But just know that a man who can get you there is never far away. There's a reason why 80% of girls only go for the top 20% of men, they're the only ones who can give girls those mind shattering orgasms.


if it starts to feel like it's too much that may very well be the edge of orgasm. you can't just stop at the edge of the hill every time, you have to push over it

but it hurts and i start to dislike it

OP has never even been able to make herself cum, so I doubt it’s because her bf isn’t good enough. OP, just get whatever vibrator you can afford and see if that does anything.

problem is girls are very different in terms of what they like, so i can't really give you exact advice. just try to masturbate more often, learn how your vulva works, learn how to make yourself cum, and then share that information with him. for example, if your clit gets too sensitive after a while, just back off of it for a while and focus on something else until it's less painful to touch.

Don't listen to all these nice guys, sex should never hurt. A guy with experience will be able to read your body and turn you into a quivering mess in no time.

Maybe try out some sex toys, a magic wand or a vibrator.

if the girl doesn't even know what her own body likes then that's not likely. communication is important in sex.

i honestly don’t really know how to masturbate as a girl. like as a guy it’s easy. you just jack off. but as a girl? huh? what do u do?
unless i’m willing to give up my bf (i’m not) i’ll nevrr be able to have sex with one of these magical guys that can look at me and make me cum

without toys, there are two primary methods. clitoral stimulation, and vaginal stimulation. first is fairly self explanatory, second is using your fingers to penetrate your vagina repeatedly. artificial lubrication may be necessary if you can't get wet, saliva could work but may give you an infection if you're unlucky. vibrators are also a fan favorite, if you're willing to buy one.

Then he's probably just doing it wrong. Maybe too rough / no spit or whatever.

Never encountered a single girl who didn't absolutely love getting fucked and clit rubbed at the same time.

most girls don't know what they want chump
they have to be shown by someone who's experienced and bold.

and having to tell a man exactly what to do is a major turn off for 90% of girls on an instinctual level.i mean constantly asking a girl midsex if it feels painful for her is just as annoying and off-putting as asking a girl if she's upset with you 10 times a day. it just comes off as needy and insecure. extended communication is only necessary when one person is autistic and can't read context clues or subtle hints.

i’ve tried both these things and nothing seems to work

Don't listen to these retards saying it's your bf's fault for "not having a big enough dick" or "not being experienced enough" or that "only chads can make girls cum." This is all dumb Jow Forums meme bullshit.

More experienced men typically will be better at getting a girl off, but if you're an inexperienced woman (you are) who can't even make herself cum, how do you expect your boyfriend to be able to do it for you? It's not his fault at all, more than likely.

Literally go to and share the website with your bf. It will help you, it's backed by research and isn't meme science. Also, it's possible this is a psychological issue related to stress, guilt, or trauma without you even knowing it, or a medical issue due to birth control or ssri's or vaginismus.

Anyway, I'll leave you with this: When I was inexperienced, I was with a girl who was inexperienced. She was very uncomfortable about having sex with me. I ate her out and she didn't like it, she got turned off very easily and wasn't adaptable in the bed, I tried to communicate with her but she didn't know what she wanted. My next partner was much more experienced. I made her cum in like 2 minutes. She knew exactly how to get herself off and was able to subtly move me into positions that made her feel good (without even having to verbally tell me, I could just pick up on her nonverbal body language).

Fuck these retards with Jow Forums esque wordviews trying to tell you only a "better man" (tm) can get you off.

Not Jow Forums-esque, it’s more Jow Forums-esque, or even Jow Forums-esque.

you can't just do them plainly, you need to alternate, figure out what works best at which point in your arousal, ramp up the intensity and number of fingers as you get more aroused, try to add some nipple play, etc

god i feel so fucking inadequate
>tfw he’s gonna leave me for some bitch who knows how to cum and doesn’t cry once a week cus no matter what she tries she can’t

you're being overdramatic. stop being lazy, figure out what your pussy likes and you'll be able to help him do the same. and get a damn vibrator, they can even be incorporated into sex if necessary

First World Problems™: The Thread

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you don’t think i’ve fucking tried

you clearly haven't fucking tried hard enough if you've given up and decided to ask random internet strangers for help

are you in my vagina
so you don’t know how much i’ve tried so get for ur damn high horse

Why don't you actually follow the advice? The girl who was inexperienced ended up leaving me, I really liked her btw. I wanted to help her cum and she was kind of like you except more entitled. She ended up moving to the city where maybe for her sake she got some more experience.

You need to try vibrator, or even detachable shower head

no, and that's precisely the problem, we don't know what the fuck your vagina likes so trying to give advice is pointless. all we can provide is general tips, which you're shooting down as rapidly as possible without consideration. literally go fuck yourself, until you figure out how to cum.

yeah me asking for tips on what kind of sex toys are good and stuff is exactly me shooting it down. read properly

half of the people in here have told you to get a vibrator and you haven't said a word about it

because ive taken it on board and i’m gonna get one lmao. why would i need to verbally affirm every single person that suggests that

once would be good enough so we're aware that you're not just shooting it down alongside the remainder of the advice in the posts

Maybe you are just a bad person and that's the real problem

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maybe i am

So whether you masturbate or get penetrated you can't climax?
The problem isn't your boyfriend then.

he’ll be happy to hear. on the other hand, i am more depressed lmao.

don't worry, the chance of your vagina being broken is microscopic, you just need to figure it out. once you achieve orgasm the first time, which is likely once you use a vibrator, it should be easier the following times because you're used to it

thank you

update: just bought a vibrator online. wish me luck fellas and thanks for the help

Look into paradoxical intention. It's a psychological thing.

Ey bitch can you put a price on orgams?
$1,500 will buy you a sybian.

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Don't fall for this troll

>80% of girls go for the top 20% of men
This is completely untrue. Who told you something this dumb and why did you believe him?

It's a statistic calculated using apps like tinder, but it doesn't translate to the real world at all. People make the (incorrect) assumption that it translates, but it doesn't, and not even for the reasons people think.

People generally have more personality and attractiveness in person than they do in pictures, and pictures are notoriously difficult to capture ones attractiveness in, and also people are unable to gauge how good they look in any given photo.

Penetration sex isnt really ideal for making girls orgasm.

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