I'm 18 years old virign, I've never even kissed a girl despite the fact that I'm not ugly and I'm good-looking...

I'm 18 years old virign, I've never even kissed a girl despite the fact that I'm not ugly and I'm good-looking. I consider going to a hooker, what do you think about it?

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hookers are degenerate, not worth it really, having sex with someone you don't know isn't the same

but I don't even know the feeling of touching girl

If you could, try working on yourself, leave hookers as the last resort when you feel like truly nothing can be done

Considering I didn't lose my virginity till I was 19, you really don't have to panic dude

I think I won't have lost virginity in at least one year.
how to work on myself? my mindset is just broken, uglier and more stupid people than me were able to lose virginity earlier than me... do I have to look 10/10 to make it happen?

Women expect men to have certain things figured out. The younger you are, the more they forgive. 18 means you can get a girl much easier than say 28.
Just go for it.

I didn't lose my virginity until I was 26. Chill, just wait. Work on yourself, go through some therapy, try some meds if you're suffering from a disorder. Work, improve yourself, and the rest will come




Do it nigger.
Cash in your v-card with a sexy girl.

Therapy got trips, so you have to do it.

You're only 18. I say don't do it.

What exactly is preventing you from connecting with a girl on an intimate level? If you had to think of one specific reason, what is it?

27 here, still a virgin. You have a lot of time to work on shit to make a real connection with a girl and have a more fulfilling sex life.
Hit the gym, work on school/decent paying job, stay clean and well dressed.
Give girls reasons to want to be with you and then go out there and get them.

They succeed because they go for it instead of overthinking. If you want to lose your v, drop your anxiety and fear of rejection and you'll get there.

Probably being no talkative (without alcohol)

Assuming I'm taking to op, them you need to work on that area of yourself.

What are you talkative about? What are you passionate about? How did you and your friends bond over specifically?
Gaming? Anime? What was it?

If you do decide to do this make sure you go somewhere where prostitution is legal. Hate to see you get busted for solicitation while you still have your v card bro.

a girl is not an object you acquire. she is not an event that you complete. Compare "having sex" with a medal from a marathon. Yes, you got the medal because you won, but what went into that victory? constant practice, diet, discipline, openness to failure and determination to overcome failure. Years of toil and focus goes into that medal, so it is ignorant to desire the medal, without desiring to bust your ass, running like a dog, every day, for months or years.

Getting a girl and having sex is the culmination of mastery (or at least competence) in a variety of areas: physical attractiveness, conversational fluency, kindness, generosity, sexiness (which is not a physical trait) being fun to spend time with, and so on. Because, the essential quality that leads you to love, is that you are lovable.


Go in a club, drink something and start dancing with some hot chicks
10 secondsafter you can make out with them all you want
If they don't want to, just find another girl in the club
Made out with 5 girls in one night last month

>a girl is not an object
Stopped reading there

dont listen to these fags, hookers are fine.

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13 still a virgin. u missed the boat

>having sex with someone you don't know isn't the same

Wow that girl is hot in the pic.

Dude, don’t do it. I was having a dry spell and I went to a hooker and stupidity kissed her on the lips. Got fucking herpes. Next girl I made out with got that shit too.

You’re only 18. I didn’t get laid until I was in my early 20’s man. Don’t rush it, learn how to talk to women and learn how to state what you want and be able to walk away from a girl if she isn’t giving you what you want. It’s your life. You can doo whatever you want in your life.

That's what happens when you're a fucking retard and hire girls off of backpage for $100 lmaoooooo

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Self improvement draws girls OP.
Skipping the random hookups is better for your mental health in my experience.
Settle for a great girl and don't let "notches on the belt", dictate your life.
In the end it's just superficial bragging.

You're young. It's perfectly fine that you havent had sex. Stop making it your focus in life because I promise you, you'll be disappointed your first time. Just wait for it.

I think you're a dorko.

I lost my virginity at 21 and I hadn't even kissed a girl before. It doesn't matter anyway, you don't win a prize for losing it earlier.

Not be a dick, but the legions of above average autists here crying about no GF should tell you that looks aren't everything.
The fact that you're 18 and immediately think "hooker" tells me you're just a fucking retard that no one wants to have sex with once they talk to you.
Like just don't be the way you are and practice facial expressions in a mirror. If you actually are good looking, losing the resting school shooter face and not saying stupid shit like your OP is literally all you need.

19 y old virign here, I'd rather die virgin than support... what did they call themselves "sex workers"? Go rape random girl on the street and when I said rape I did not mean "exchange money beforehand"

The average age for losing virginity is a month or two short of 18, so you are nowhere near panic time. Relax and enjoy being 18

Dubs of truth
OP here, I'm fucking frustrated because I'm socially awkward

22 here. You are less fucked than me.

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