Where to find trad girls who just want to have families and live self sufficiently?

Where to find trad girls who just want to have families and live self sufficiently?

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South Asian countries probably

I'm not going to miscegenate

You arent pure either

Third world countries, my country is full of women like what you describe. As long as you have enough money to support your family, you're good. I don't think I'm going to date women here where I live now, it's pretty populated but I can't bring myself to open up to them. I don't recall having that issue with women I used to know back in my home town.

Where are you from?

What? Do you speak English?

Are you Caucasian?


Why would they want a piece of garbage like you?

Which country?



Your preferences?

What are you trying to lead up to? I also don't understand what you mean by preferences since I stated my racial preferences and the type of girl I want in the OP

Traditional white girls are kinda uncommon. In my opinion you should give up your shitty preference and expand your dating pool.

I'm not interested in dating, I want a wife to form a family with so my preferences aren't really negotiable

And why would any girl want to be your wife? What do you have to offer that others don't?

Get a good job first lol

What are you, roasties or Jews? I didn't ask how to win her over, just where I can find them. I swear every time some guy comes on here saying he wants to start a family you people come hounding him telling him he's not good enough.


You were given answers, just like the other 100+ times you made this shitty thread. But you refuse to listen to advice.

Doesnt really matter what country as long as the culture is within your comfort zone. Just be careful some places are warzones as you may know.

The closest thing to advice was "lol Asia," the rest of you are bad faith actors

You have issues. Serious issues. You don't even know what a "trad girl" is or why you would want to marry one.

People don't understand. It's not about race or nationality. It's about the influence of demonic forces in the Western modern world. 99.9% of Western woman, no matter the race, will hate being traditional. Even the so called anti-feminist women are hypocrites of a high degree as they still want to work and live a Western lifestyle despite that Western lifestyle allowing feminism to nurture. You need to go to a corner of the Earth where the influence of Satan has lessened aka the less media influence. It will be hard in a difficult world such as this

Please tell me what "issues" I have and how you can tell I have them from this thread.

Third world for example

>demonic forces
>Earth where the influence of Satan has lessened
You're mentally ill, get help.

>fixated on finding a virgin
>neet with no plans in life
>thinks he can get a wife who will provide for him and love him unconditionally despite him providing nothing in return

1. Never mentioned virginity
2. Never mentioned my educational/vocational status (Guarantee I'm more successful than you)
3. Never talked about what I have to provide, isn't even relevant to the thread
You're the one who has issues dude

Where you find all the girls, outside your room and off the internet.