I've seen a lot of people here who are single and even virgin in 25, 28, 30+ (!)...

I've seen a lot of people here who are single and even virgin in 25, 28, 30+ (!). How could it be possible in the world where sex comes out of the woodwork? Unless you're disabled (yes, 400lbs weight is disability too), you can't stay single, the damn nature simply won't let you.
Are all of these people trolling? If you have ever participated as a troll in threads about such people, please ignore this thread. Please! All I want is to learn real stories from you.

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>social anxiety
>never go out of my room unless for school or work
>never talk to other people about other stuff than work or school related shit
just a few of my reasons
28 and virgin

I dont know what you mean by sex coming out of the woodwork. I have never had it, despite wanting to. As far as I can tell (admittedly I'm bad at reading social cues) no one wants to have sex with me.
I am not fat (actually quite skinny), tall, fairly fit and have many diverse interests including music, outdoors shit etc. Yet something about me is a turn off to women.
Admittedly I haven't asked a girl out since senior year of HS, but I haven't received any signals of attraction from anyone that I've been able to decipher.
It's not as crazy as you think. Literally easier to not have sex than to have it.

>I dont know what you mean by sex coming out of the woodwork
It means sex is everywhere. Even a freaking pack of matches may have nudes on it.

You likely are just missing the indicators. Women's body language is very different from men, their cues are subtle. There is a lot of decent information out there about how to read a woman's body language.

Popcorn is almost ready, let's go!

OP, we literally have an epidemic of mental illness and medical care unaffordability to the point where poor people just die of curable diseases.
It shouldn't be that hard to see why there is an increasing number of maturing adults that are incapable of persuing sex/relationships or those simply choosing not to persue sex/relationships.
Those concepts are luxuries. Sex often needs condoms/a date/internet and a computer to be arranged. Relationships cost exponentially more as you consider travel, dates, gifts, time off work, ect.

Sexual advertising is everywhere, but sex is something you need another person for, who is also down, unless your a rapist I guess.
Nobody wants me, so I'm S.O.L.

I dunno man.. it seems risky to gamble on my retarded ass being able to call something like that.
Like imagine totally misreading those cues and propositioning someone who's not interested. What a nightmare.

>Sex often needs condoms/a date/internet and a computer to be arranged
This is pretty much affordable by anyone. Moreover, if such people didn't have a computer they wouldn't be posting around, right?

>imagine totally misreading those cues and propositioning someone who's not interested
So what's the worst that could have been happened? Got a punch in the face by her lover/husband? Nah, not gonna happen unless you're all about 13. The worst is she says you "no".

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But he'd get jailed because of a false rape accusation! That's what incels told him, they wouldn't lie!

A lack of confidence is a huge turn off to women, so as someone suffering from (diagnosed) depression and anxiety as well as having low self esteem and possibly mild autism the dating world has been a nightmare. The only way to become more confident is to put myself out there, but every time I do I get more convinced that I'm irreparably broken. I lost the weight, dress better, take better pictures, and followed every advice under the sun. These things come easy and naturally to everyone else, and I feel like I'm going backwards despite putting in a legitimate effort to be more sociable. I even try online dating from time to time with no luck. To someone like me it's borderline dehumanizing. I can only do it in burst because it makes me feel so terrible to thoughtfully message dozens of girls and get no replies.

Every year my social circle shrinks around me as my friends get married, have kids, and move on with their lives. I don't have anyone to talk to about these things or ask for help. No one cares about or pitties the incel.

>How is this possible?
I'm thinking we're people who would be dead in another era. We probably should be dead.

No no, please dont think I'm afraid of getting punched or that I buy into that incel garbage about false rape accusations and shit.
What I dont want is to become instantly a pathetic subhuman in someone else's eyes. A disgusting freak who was so deluded that they thought they had a chance with someone wayyyyy out of their league.
I know this thought process is unhealthy, and maybe unrealistic, but it's hard to shake regardless.

Some people just prefer a different lifestyle. That is why monks exist. That is why gay people exist. Everyone is doing what they perceive is best for themselves.

It doesn't have to be right for you, because from a biological standpoint you just have to have sex and fart babies and you are done with life. There is no point of marriage in nature. Nor relationships. Sure there are animals that live monogamously but you have also animals that live in harems. Humans consider themselves to be a bit more advanced than other animals even though biologically we share the same traits, because we have the ability to expand in different directions, some even considered unnatural.

What is your perception of the world is not everyone's perception so it is natural to feel baffled.

For me, I have no interest in wife or children. I gave up on that partially because I have a fucked up family, and partially because I grew out of it.

>What I dont want is to become instantly a pathetic subhuman in someone else's eyes
What if I tell you that you're a pathetic subhuman in someone else's eyes? It's true. Has it made you feel worse? Because for me, for example, you're pathetic subhuman. Do you feel worse now? Still no? Why so?

Yeah man I know its dumb and your right, clearly I dont care what you think. It's just hard to overcome the idea that you are worthless in everyone's eyes.
But hey, we've all got shit to work on in life.

You're a female or a troll

The majority of guys are not consistently having sex.

Women have sex frequently and Chad has a non-stop party on his dick to accomodate them.

>Are all of these people trolling?
I've noticed that there are a great deal of undesirable people on here who are vehemently disgusted by anybody else that reminds them of their own image issues. There are a lot of angry, frustrated virgins with nothing to offer in relationships turning their noses up at any girl who isn't an 8/10 or up. Constantly swinging out of your league is a pretty surefire way to guarantee an intact virginity.

You're an incel or a troll

The majority of guys are consistently having sex

The angry manchildren are leaking from Jow Forums, who in turn have been invaded by incels who got kicked off reddit.

Here's the hard truth... you are going to get laughed at and rejected. Unfortunately a lot of women today have a hyper inflated self worth. As long as you don't fucking go ape shit and just take it in stride you'll find someone. The payoff is worth it.

Maybe it's time to move elsewhere, sounds like you're in roastie town

You're implying it was totally different before you were born?

>turning their noses up at any girl who isn't an 8/10 or up.
I hate this meme. I lowered my standards to rock bottom years, and I'm not even goo enough for the fatties and uggos.

Kill yourself dogfucker.

Fair point man. It's a weird fucking time we live in, and strange interactions we're forced to have in search of our goals.
I long for a simpler time... but at the same time that's just pointless nostalgia.

>simpler time
This imaginary time period never existed. You're a teenager who thinks he knows what the world was like before he was born.

I don't know. I wish someone would tell me what I'm doing wrong.

I'm sociable. I have genuine friends, both male and female (admittedly more male than female). Like the guy in I have diverse sociable hobbies that Jow Forums would consider "normie shit". I'm 6 foot tall, and have been described by female friends as attractive, and one girl even called me sexy to my face once. I dress well, I groom myself well, I am religious about keeping good hygiene. I get invited to parties and social events where I meet plenty of women.

And yet, nothing. 23 years, and not a single hint of interest from any girl. It's like I'm just not treated as a potential partner. Like I'm not even on the radar. Sometimes I genuinely wonder if god cursed me.

Pic related. As you can see, I would probably be what Jow Forums would berate as a "normie", except for the fact that I'm a kissless dateless virgin. This is a really difficult position to be in for many reasons. It's hard to find advice for someone in my position because essentially all advice directed at kissless virgin men assumes that the reader is a socially oblivious smelly nerd with few hobbies. I'm not that, I'm just a mostly normal guy who happens to be kissless and dateless for unknown reasons.

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>23 and virgin
>social anxiety
>not many friends I actually see anymore
>fit and practice good hygiene, so girls actually approach and flirt with me but I'm either oblivious to it or don't know how to respond when it happens
>on the occasions where I actually do start getting close to a girl, I get stupid and clingy, or wind up emotionally dumping on them because I'm not used to having anyone to talk to seriously. The combination of which scares them off.

Jow Forums has actually helped me a lot with the last part, at least.
I probably could have casual sex if I wanted to and made an effort of it, but it's not really something I'm interested in compared to being in a relationship, which is where I drop the ball trying to get into.

I actually really hate it when people are into me and when people try to get me date

>The payoff is worth it.
Is it really?

>Has it made you feel worse?
For me, yes.

>angry, frustrated virgins with nothing to offer in relationships turning their noses up at any girl who isn't an 8/10 or up.
This is a stupid made up meme. Most men in this situation would be happy with someone as ugly as them.

Women just don't see me in a sexual way. I am, it seems, for them, anti-sex. I dry them out.

really my standards at this point:
-don't be morbidly-obese
-don't be literally anorexic
-have most of your teeth

My family was just extremely fucking unfortunate, and I kind of feel like I was maimed from the start.
Grandpa was from a rich family and got raped by his uncle, got cast out as a homo and turned to the Chicago mob. He's basically Fugo from JJBA. He ended up reproducing and fucking his own daughter when she was bout 8, then grandma beat mom for that until mom was 18 and ran off with a Jewish kid from a rich family. That's how my older half brother was born. Jew cheated, my older brother ate the rewards as mom went from one dick that beat him up to the next. She was pretty much /h/'s mom netorare wetdream, only it's actually really fucking horrible and not sexy in the slightest. She knew that though, so when he got involved in crime too, pissed off some groids, and then was paralyzed because he tried to hide with grandpa and grandpa shot him, she went fucking insane. I was seven at the time. She got 7 dogs, filled her house with dumpster finds, any attempt to clean the joint was met with "DON'T THROW ANYTHING IMPORTANT AWAY....NO THAT'S IMPORTANT! FORGET IT DON"T BOTHER!" And let the three fosterlings she adopted run amok. It really got bad when she started dating again, and one of her boyfriends threw me into a piano. That one actually trashed the social connections my siblings and I were building in a local church.

I'm 25 now and in my own apartment. My brother's dead, his body conveniently cremated by the hospital without our consent (even though he had a giant fucking star of david tattooed on his chest EXPRESSLY to stop that), and his journals show he was blackmailing one of the married nurses. Law enforcement won't do anything because we're not in Colorado to sit in front of the station with signs.
I'm a virgin and hunting. Found some chick on meetme who was trying to pay her phone bill with her tit pics. She chickened out but said I was cute and now we're probably drinking tomorrow.

The thing that pisses me off is that DCFS knew what was going on, but they turned a blind eye to it, because the Adoption and Safe Families act meant they got annual bonuses for my siblings being successful adoptions. I guess 8 year old me was just supposed to raise himself.

>Found some chick on meetme who was trying to pay her phone bill with her tit pics
knew a chick that was doing that and said she was just saving up to buy a car.

Lo and behold she wound up getting one twice as expensive as she said she was saving up for.

Incrementally better yourself bro.

Come on man you know what I was trying to say. Fucking relax guy.

I wish I could show my tits for a car.
Maybe after I get ripped from this part time gig I'm picking up at fedex. At the least, I'll be able to pull off the Natsu Dragneel cosplay I've always wanted to do and hit on some con sluts.

Honestly, my first love wasn't really attractive, and a part of me found her personality obnoxious. She was one of those girls who always cried. The common teacher we had knew both of us since we were little, and he'd sometimes try to toughen her up, get her to show a bit of anger instead of simpering. One time he's like, "hey everyone, want to see Samantha cry at the drop of a hat?" He looked at her, dropped his hat onto the floor, and sure enough, Samantha started crying because the pastor she'd known since she was in nappies was taking the piss with her in a class of 6 kids she was familiar with. Her shape was fairly plain, waifish, and her face isn't very attractive. She has droopy eyes that are too far apart.
But she was precious to me, really. She's small and frail, not a shred of contempt or mistrust for the men around her. She has this cute little birth mark on her neck that she was always super self conscious over. The first thing I did when I met her in middle school was ask her what it was. Being covered from head to dick in freckles, the notion of it being something she was ashamed of was absolutely beyond me. You can probably guess what she did.
I told myself if she ever broke up with her boyfriend, I was going to corner her somewhere and kiss it. My mother always told me marks like that were kisses from angels, sad to see a precious newborn go off into the world. I think she's right.

This is another reason I'm a virgin by the way. I'm just off my fucking carts.

Because it isn't coming out of the woodwork at all. And the longer you remain a virgin the harder it becomes due to womens expectations.

I'm 29 khv, reasons are child abuse, mental illnesses, social isolation, poor. The second women find out i'm a virgin it's over instantly. They literally fabricate a past for me and right me off straight away before I've even said anything. I don't even look bad, 6'3, otter mode, average face, good hair. Nobody ever suspects and it's a surprise to them, but I never get a chance to explain before they have made up a back story for me and written me off as worthless.

One woman upon finding out just straight up asked my why I was violent towards women, I've never done anything but in her head it's impossible to be a virgin unless I was violent. She also told other people I was violent.

I would just lie but I byproduct of my abuse was intimacy issues, i've dealt with them as much as I can and now I'm at the practice stage, I have to say i'm a virgin because i'm going to a bit anxious and my body will give me away.

There's literally 0 reason to pick me when there's a shit load of men on apps and in the world. I'm just not worth the hassle.

I'm a wizard. Then lost the power. It's only now that I can look back and see "oh I could have banged her and her and her but was just shy/bad at reading cues etc."

how can you let that happen for so long?
I'm 22 and I'm totally done with being a pussy all my life and am trying to overcome my anxiety

The girl calling you sexy to your face was someone hitting on you dumbass girls call you cute and shit. It's how they work

Why are you telling them??? Just LIE duh!

So many people are shit at sex she will never guess.

I actually like being single. All my ex gfs cheated on me (3) and it definitely messed me up. After every time I found out my life was literally in shambles. I'm bipolar and have adult adhd, I'm not takings betrayals to well. Everytime I was lied to I'd relapse into drug / alcohol abuse and violence, losing my shit for months and nearly ruining my life in the process. So I just decided that staying alone is the lesser evil. I still get lonely from time to time but I prefer being lonely over ruining my life because I can't control a random emotional impulse.

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Are you me?

Ask a girl out bro.

>The majority of guys are consistently having sex
it literally came out this summer that like 30% of men haven't had sex in the last year versus 15% of women or something

>You're implying it was totally different before you were born?
it was MASSIVELY different before the internet.

>400lbs is a disability
you trying to tell us something?

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1. Double this question 2. Why won't you go to a hooker who offers "girlfriend experience + sex"? Your virginity problem would be solved in no time.

When I was in school with female classmates I had pretty bad acne so they naturally wanted nothing to do with me. I have very little now, but am out of school. My workplace is all male. I don't know any women. I ha e tried online dating but I guess I am too ugly, that or standards there are too high.

That's how.

27 yo virgin here.
Bullied heavily at home and school as a child.
Parents split up.
Single mom of 4 had no time for me with her full time nursing job.
Moved in with my dad around 11.
Had withdrawn heavily by this time.
I put virtually zero effort into socializing because of previous bullying, but some other kids did manage to be drawn to me.
I get super heavy into a pentacostal church and adopt many of their values.
Also in a small, rural town with no opportunity whatsoever.
I move several cities away for work and save up the money to move a few of my best friends in with me.
Still no desire to socialize or engage in degenerate behavior AND I know no one except for the people I live and work with in this city.

2D is superior

I don't have any real desire to. I'm more interested in the non-sexual parts of relationships, so I just focus on friendships instead.

You guys are all weird.

So....you agree? 70% is a majority.

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So you haven't even tried? Makes sense

I have crippling mental illness that prevents me from even going outside. There aren't any wild girls in my house to have sex with.

>post literally says "I have tried"
>respond with "you haven't even tried"


Tbh being cheated on before gave me huge trust issues and even when I eventually got over it I just haven't felt any real desire to find a new relationship. I guess I've just checked out of that part of life.

because its easy to sleep around and boost your count to impress shallow people that in the end you realize you don't really care about.

And its difficult to find a good partner you see yourself with in 10 years. Until you reach your mid to late 20's, you'll only come across insecurities, potentially cheating, questionable morality, immaturity, lack of experience or will to learn how to function in an honest and mature relationship. Some of us don't want to waste time with people we don't see ourselves with even at the initial stages of dating and people like that are super common, you can fuck them if you want out of desperation because at least you'll get something out of it, but I think its degenerate so I prefer to just find someone I can trust and be comfortable with before I have sex with them. It also boosts your count if you keep justifying every time you sleep around, and who knows how long it'll take you to find someone right for you? and what if they're not happy with you sleeping around so much where it could've been avoided? that creates trust issues and I like being trustworthy.
Some, more desperate people get in relationships because they're expected to, and don't know how to be alone, or refuse to be alone because they think they have nothing to figure out to prepare for a mature relationship and prefer to stay children mentally forever. That indecisiveness and weakness leads to continuous sleeping around until you reach your 30's and then people just get desperate to get into relationships and then you'll just be compromising your happiness. Because you choose desperation and peer pressure instead of focusing on your own happiness.

The fact that you even have to make this thread to ask shows how narrow minded people can be because they do something while others don't and see it as a problem. I know what I'm doing, I'm working on my own happiness, I just want it to be real and uncompromised with the right people.

>women today have a hyper inflated self worth
>The payoff is worth it.

30 percent is not an insignificant minority.

Not him but it hasn't made me feel worse. It's only reinforced what I already knew.

>the payoff is worth it
Proof? This is my biggest hold up. I have to spend so much energy to first becoming attractive. I then have to spend energy playing the game of date finding, flirting, etc., (all things I have no clue about; I'd have to spend energy learning those), and then spend energy learning how to be in a relationship after I got one.
And all for what? Sex occasionally? A nagging female who will inject needless drama into my calm life? Someone to "snuggle" with me?
I'd be much more willing to try confidence out if there was some desirable reward at the end.

>move to chase pussy
This is really fucking sad. That you posted it and that it crossed your mind

So, you're looking for a 4/10 when you're a 2/10? Keep in your league, bucko

It's not worth it at all. People hype up relationships and sex WAY too much. If you're happy alone, stay alone.


I'm a 19 year old kissless virgin, not a 40 year old wizard but oh well what can I do.
Talking about my personal experience, since I was a kid I never really liked how desperate man can be and how far they will go just so they can have sex (even tho I would only know the reason much later). My mother is a pretty unstable and agressive person and divorced with my father just because he left her so he could take care of his mother while she was dying from cancer. My friends at school and now at uni had all those crazy stories and even tho you can see having a girlfriend is cool, I mean, is it really that much better than my video games and chill?
I can't really pinpoint an exact reason why I don't wanna have sex anywhere in the near future, but I can say I'm pretty comfortable alone. I have tried to have more meaningful relationships with woman before, but very unsuccessfully because it always come down either if you wanna bang or if you wanna have her as a girlfriend and I don't really want any of that.
I would say that the way people think of sex nowadays in America and my own country, like it's a necessity and so on, is total BS and unless you are really desperate or insecure you won't ever need sex in order to be comfortable with yourself, with the world around you and with life in general. Not to mention that "oh but it's a nATuRal thing you can't deny nature" BS argument that sometimes people use, holy shit man, seriously never say that, plz. You think the way people brag about hooking up with that many dozens of people in a month is natural? is that what your hormones make you do? because I can assure you it's not, if you like it that's fine, your body will react as a nice thing because you addicted to it or something, but it's still not natural.

I can almost guarantee this post is b8 but I'll reply anyways.
>How could it be possible in the world where sex comes out of the woodwork?
It's called being naturally unattractive. Couple that with not seeing any benefits in becoming attractive and there you go; no motivation to appease women.
>Unless you're disabled (yes, 400lbs weight is disability too), you can't stay single, the damn nature simply won't let you.
Many men (and women) die virgins, childless, etc, every year. It's simple biology and genetics. The lowest of the low don't breed so that the species has a better chance of surviving.
>Are all of these people trolling?
No. I am 22 years old and a genuine kissless, huggless, handholdless virgin. I often take up incel rhetoric on this board because it's easy replies but I don't really care about females IRL. They live their (easier) lives and I live my boring one. They don't bother me and I don't bother them (except with my presence and appearance).
>All I want is to learn real stories from you.
I'll give you a pretty comprehensive back story and you can play psychologist, ok?
>mom has me at 16, dad is 18
>mom's and dad's parents force dad to be apart of my life
>his dad dies shortly after I'm born
>the combined stress causes him to break, starting a long chain of mental breakdowns and general mental instability
(mom didn't know he had mental issues prior to this; this is the only reason I forgive her)
>turbulent relationship between mom and dad while they go to college
>move several times
>eventually we all move down to Virginia when I'm around 5
>my younger brother is born
>things are good for me, but mom and dad can't pay to stay/want to move back
>move back home (PA)
>first major school switch
>rinse and repeat moving and school switching for several years
>mom and dad divorce (officially)
>live with mom, see dad occasionally
>mom tries homeschooling me
>this goes well for me
>dad remarries
>his wife wants his kids in school now

>pretty much forced to move in with him
>his wife is a bitch
>forced to go to this new school
(8th grade)
>do well but hate it
>find a school in the city that will let me graduate a year early since I'm doing so well
>tell my mom and dad I want to go there next year
>have falling out with step-mom and dad (to a lesser extent)
>go to new school and graduate a year early
>spend high-school doing school work and playing videogames
>make a rushed decision to go to college
>go there, hate it, come back home
>sitting around so I decide to join navy
>go there, driven insane, get a mental discharge after 3 months
>back home, decide to work
>do that for almost 2 years
(20 at this point)
>as the first girl out I ever did while there
>she says yeah but it goes terribly
>bother her for a week or two being the cringe betaboi who texts without getting responses
>realize what the fuck I'm doing and retract into my shell
>quit working, live in an abandoned farm house for a few months
>mom convinces me to go back to college
And here I am. 22. Living with mom. Try to be productive when I'm not helping her and have the motivation. I've developed a porn addiction. Not sure how bad it is. Try to do nofap but I can't justify it. I don't want a girl. I don't want sex. I just want the desires to stop. I'm unwanted by society, by the collective female conscious. I'd like to not be so poor so I could enjoy my loneliness a little more but I'd say I've adapted to poverty quite well.

People think fucking around is an ok thing to do because they won't admit they only started because of peer pressure. And then once they have sex they realize "its not a big deal" and fuck around with random people and see nothing wrong with it. Sure, if they want to live that way then its ok with me, I just don't do that and would prefer to be with someone of the same values and beliefs.

But a girl I met recently told me she regrets sleeping around and making "mistakes" and fucking one of my friends because those are the reasons I won't be with her and in her eyes I'm her ideal, but in my eyes she isn't worth my time and I can't look past her sleeping with my friend and then coming onto me. She says she regrets ever meeting him, but how is that my mistake? so, fucking around has its consequences and I'm trying to look after myself here, the fact the girl gets to miss out on someone who she claims is "perfect for her" is purely a mistake on her end, I didn't fuck my friend for her, she did and I'm understandably not ok with it and she just wants me to forget it and be with her. In that case someone is obviously benefiting more than the other and why should I pretend I'm ok with someone else's mistake?

Another thing I see often is girls fucking around until they realize they fucked up once they get pregnant, and then they settle down. And then you have to be nice to her because she's a single mother and if you don't want to date her because of the kid then all of a sudden you're the asshole. Not my kid, not my mistake, I tried to choose a partner in a more clever way. I'd hate to have to settle for someone just because we fucked and a kid came out of that and now that is what my life ended up being. I prefer to avoid being in situations like this with strangers, don't see the appeal of it and I know there are girls who share the same point of view, so why would I settle on someone who isn't as morally adjusted as me? its just not for me.

Stop talking.

Huh? This isn't a 25+ thread. Op mentions older people but doesn't say it's explicitly for them

Stop posting this.


I am one of these single people.
I am clean and smell nice, dress better than people around me, make a decent pay and have tons of friends.
I have a BMI of 25, is 5'11 and nothing about my looks is what is holding me back. I also know how to talk to people, I am not autistic or lack empathy.

So why am I single?
I am terrible with a camera and I am not good at interrupting people to make them take a picture. This means I don't do a lot to sell myself on dating sites.
At bars, I honestly forget to chase girls. I have a good time with my friends and leaving them to chat up some girl who doesn't want me to isn't high on my list when I get drunk.
For some reason I tend to prefer male things, my hobbies are mostly male, my workplace is entirely male and so my friends are mostly men.
The few women I am friends with are in a relationship. It is very natural for me to be alone. Obviously I want a relationship one day but it is just so alien to me I don't even know how to start.

I have had relationships when I was young, but I was too young at the time.
When I was 16-17 I had a girlfriend, but I had to move and she ended things. She somehow got all my friends at the time in the divorce and it took me a while to get past how fucked I was. Now I have several groups of friends so I can't lose them all at the same time.

> anxious
> small friend group
> solitary hobbies
> mostly dislike people
> picky
> low interest in sex

Really not that hard if you aren't social

I’m 18 so it’ s not too late but I haven’t even been in a serious relationship. I’m not afraid of girls nor do I have social anxiety. I live in a small town of 3,500 people. There are about 506 girls under the age of 18. At any given point in my life there were probably about only 100 girls within a two year span of my age. I think you can see that I’ve had very few options my entire life. One of the girls in this town shares similar experiences to me but she’s not my type. I have zero interest in her.
Tl:dr I’m picky and don’t have many options.

ok you lost the weight.. but can you lift? exercise boosts your confidence and makes you slightly more attractive to women and gives you a better state of mind. this isn't speculation these are stone cold facts. I haven't gotten laid in years, I'm slowly trying to improve.

working out might be your last option. I'm doing it right now, it's an uphill battle and it's so fucking hard.

Not him but Jow Forums begs to differ

Jow Forums=/=being physically fit

>tfw been working out for a little more than half a year, have great gains, but still an increase
>only people who have given me complements on my progress are men

I've never met anyone irl I wanted to have sex with.
I'm 30 years old and only just now entertaining the idea that I might be gay.

I've had boyfriends though but they were bad experiences and I don't really desire to be in relationships. Both times they just kinda happened. I have never done the thing of going on 'dates' with strangers just to find someone to be with in my life. That never appealed to me, idk why

I said I don't lie because I'm pretty sure my body will give me away with anxiety. I don't want to be rejected when i'm literally in bed with her and she figures me out. It might be ok though so it's an option.

In terms of a hooker, it's on the cards, but I've heard people say losing their virginity to one was a miserable experience so i'm hesitant, not against it at all, just heard a lot of bad things.

half a year isn't considered a lifestyle

work out for 9 years then it's a lifestyle

I fucking promise

I lost my virginity to one and I dont regret a second of it

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I don't give enough of a fuck to do so

I would have been regretted because losing virginity for a male is not about benis in bagina. It's about obtaining a girl and owning her mentally. When the girl is paid you don't feel you've lost virginity, you just feel your dick in a piece of meat.

You have some pretty warped ideas because benis in bagina is literally what it's about.

I was taken advantage of and had my genitals removed, so even having someone, I'm still in the progress of stomaching even being touched intimately.

>BMI of 25
Depends on fat percentage in your body you may look either muscular or skinny fat. And being skinny fat sucks ass. Hit the gym.