Describe your FEMALE CRUSHES, or one's you've had before if you don't currently have one.
What do they look like?
What do they act like?
What was it that made you fall for them?
Is she younger than you, older than you, same age?
Did you ever lose interest? Why?

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La criatura del agua...

my ideal "girls"

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- There is no real definition but the closes description you will get - it is a mutual attraction when you have some invisible connection that makes you 'click' with the other person and then you are just drawn towards yourself like two magnets.
- If you can resist getting in a relationship, the platonic love is a powerful motivational tool. I used to pass exams with flying colors in high school because of this, without studying. Even started lifting. But then I realized she was going to move, so it wouldn't work out anyway because her interest were different than mine, so we parted ways.
- Most crushes have been of various ages so age, different personalities, looks, lives, interests. What they all had in common is either they were living in a foreign country, or they were moving, so there is nothing one can do with this type of thing.

In all instances I decided to simply part and say goodbye. Pain is hard but closure is always better. You have to weigh your losses and choose the lesser evil. That is all.

Crush that hit me the hardest was asian only met her once though at a bday party
We were both the same age. She had a kind of cute + mature and sober + intuitive look

Super open and cheerful and she was definitely the kind of person that loved or showed affection in the same way I did. She seemed like the kind of person that doesn't judge anyone but intuitively already knows what kind of person they are. She was definitely into me and asked me stuff like where I lived but I was too much of a pussy to ask her out.

That was one of the closest soulmate experiences I've had in my opinion but she killed herself for some reason. I think it was because of issues with her parents.
Might've still been around if I asked her out tfw just fuck my shit up senpai

i'm so sorry, she sounded really sweet. please don't feel that way, lots of times nothing can help or prevent something like that.

My Current Crush is somebody I work along side, but she has a boyfriend and we don't interact much. Still she is the girl I have feels for right now.

>>What do they look like?

She has a face like Zoey Deschanel and she has pierced ears and hair that she dyes different colors every couple of months. She wears t-shirts of The Beatles and The Cure

>>What do they act like?

She's very friendly and treats people well. She works hard and has it together.

>>What was it that made you fall for them?

Her eyes and overall sweetness

>>Is she younger than you, older than you, same age?

She may be a little younger then me, but we are around the same age.

>>Did you ever lose interest? Why?

Well she's taken so I just really admire her. I know I like her and I remember the girls I like even as years go by.

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Forgot to say what she looked like
She was the same height as me her body seemed slim n sexy but strong like she could pick herself up

-Ginger, kindof skinny, mousy face
-Shy farm girl, loved her horses, all-around pleasant to be around and didn't have a single mean bone in her body. Never talked shit about anyone behind their back or not.
-I just moved to our town and she really made me feel like I belonged there. The better I got to know her, the more I noticed and appreciated what a genuinely-good person she is.
-Same age
-She started dating another guy right before I asked her out (I didn't know about it); they've been going strong for 6 years now so I definitely respect their relationship, and I've barely talked to her the last few years.

-Athletic with platinum blonde hair, super intense blue eyes (which combine with resting bitch face to make her come off as intimidating to people who first meet her), beauty mark below her lip and a naturally gorgeous face (she actually looks worse when she puts more makeup on for a special occasion)
-Coincidentally the first one's best friend. She comes off kindof bitchy at first, especially with how defensive she is of her friends. Once you get to know her, she's also very genuine and caring. Very ambitious as well, as she was salutatorian in our class, then wound up joining the marines.
-Because I respect the hell out of her and she's extremely attractive.
-Same age.
-I asked her out and she turned me down (smoothest, most confident, and most polite rejection I've ever gotten, by the way), so I just moved on because it was a long shot to begin with.

(continued later)

>What do they look like?
Cute, petite, brunette, skinny, flat

>What do they act like?
Bossy, but cute when shes submissive

>What was it that made you fall for them?
Her genuine energy and personality. She's a good influence and makes me want to be a better man.

>Is she younger than you, older than you, same age?
Significantly younger

>Did you ever lose interest? Why?
Never. only when she endeed our friendship once, a few months ago. Had to for my own sanity. But we are back and as strong as ever.

-Short, thicc latina with glasses
-Outwardly cute and very nice, liked flaunting that we was a weeb. Also very flirty and suggestive despite insisting that she doesn't have a lot of experience with guys.
-We're both in the army and I volunteered to deploy with her unit. Like the first one, I felt like and outsider there until I spent a lot of time talking with her.
-Same age
-Yeah, I could make this post a lot longer and I've posted a lot of hate towards her in other threads. She turned out to be a habitual liar (her stories never matched up, she couldn't even decide what country she was born in), her nice personality was fake because she constantly talked shit about other people, myself included, behind their backs. She kept a string of orbiters she manipulated into buying things and doing her work for her. After we fell out she started spreading rumors that I was groping her (which she never took legal action on because she knew that being on a military base, there were cameras literally everywhere and her story wouldn't hold any water), then after she was caught being out hours after curfew to fuck, she decided to throw all of her friends that were doing the same thing under the bus to try saving her own ass. Total piece of shit.

I know gays exist and everything, but Jesus Christ doesn’t having women and men together in the military together cause a bunch of unnecessary drama like that?

yeah, but keeping everyone separate is "sexist"

it wasn't until that shit happened that I understood why there was such a strong push against giving women more roles in the military.

I should also add that another girl got our 1SG kicked out of the company by claiming he raped her- the investigation proved it was false (she didn't like being told to do work), but the policy is to separate everyone involved from that point onward. So she spent the whole deployment on another base doing literally nothing but collecting money.

Nothing special, would say it looks ok but not even a cutie by international standards
She's kind and always does a very modest phisical interaction that gets to you
Read above
Same age
Yes because she friendzoned me and i got over it after some years, but i don't regret falling for her

>What do they look like?
Very small, petite, probably 5 foot or less even, very skinny, very cute face, short blonde hair, kind of bounced up and down when walking, flat chested, no ass, dressed modestly, pale white skin, probably a mix of French and Italian
>What do they act like?
Very odd, would keep her earbuds in at all times, would unintelligible talk to herself, was full of energy, would dance like no one is watching her, couldn't care less about what normies around her thought about her, always alone, would blurt out laughing for no apparent reason
>What was it that made you fall for them?
Just being very different and cute than everyone else
>Is she younger than you, older than you, same age?
One or two years younger
>Did you ever lose interest? Why?
Nope, haven't seen her in a year and probably never will though i still think about her a lot

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Crush discription: White tin skin, long black lush curly hair, almond eyes, sad melancholy stare, hourglass figure, big booty and hardly any boobs.
Crush is one year younger and showed interest in me first by telling me she was into me.
Met when she was 13 and I was 14. Ten years later we still have feelings for each other but have never done anything cuz she lives 5-6 hours away and she in not interested in a long distance relationship.
I have never felt so hard for anyone in my life to the point were I want her to be the mother of my children. I have done some pretty ridiculous beta shit like write her poems and write and record songs and send them to her on Valentines day.

Don't be a faggot user you can probably afford to pick a town to lie in and work together at this point in your lives

>looks: multiple people told me either "she's bland" or "ugly". Couldn't see it because she hit every button for me. Def not one of the pretty girls. Blonde hair brown eyes, pale skin, 5ft7
>act: she was the kinda girl that was "one of the guys" basically. Not girly at all but because of that easy to get along with
>age: she was a year older than me
>interest: Met up and texted all the time, she always kept me at an arms distance though. When I felt that my love was not reciprocated and she thought of me as her little buddy I lost the drive to chase her and stopped the contact

crush 2
>looks: 5ft5 jungle asian with gorgeouy long black hair. Prettiest face I've ever see, great body, she was a thing of pure beauty. She could wake up in the morning without makeup and look great.
>act: very shy, sometimes to the point where she basically froze up when in uncomfortable situations, she had a beautiful way to move, can't really describe it, never seen such a pure and untarnished expression of happiness. She didn't dress special, wasn't stylish, had a silly laugh. That was my first impression of her.
>age: 6years younger
>interest: she became my gf, relationship lasted 4 years till she cheated, in the back of my mind I think I never stopped loving her

That was all >Board

Don't know if you mean Crushes in the specific or broad sense, but I'll describe my teenage years oneitis
>What do they look like?
Short, frizzy blond hair, slim, kind of crooked smile, absolutely adorable.
Interestingly, she doesn't necessarily look pretty in the traditional sense, but she looked and acted extremely cute, so that didn't stop her from having ARMIES of beta orbiters (yours truly included)
>What do they act like?
To someone who hasn't known her for very long she's very sweet, kind, thoughtful, the kind of person to pick up trash they see on the street and throw it away.
Timid enough so that every guy wanted to protect her.
>What was it that made you fall for them?
The above, plus she was sweet to a 13 year old social retard and was kind of an anime waifu made manifest.
>Is she younger than you?
around a month younger than me
>Did you ever lose interest? Why?
Yes, around the age of 18 or 19, I sort of grew to lowkey hate her.
I'm no psychiatrist so I won't announce BPD, but she was very dismissive of her friends only to be hurt to tears if she had got the same treatment.
She'd ghost me (and later I found out plenty of others, including her so called best friend) and then go "lol why did we ever stop talking?" months later, on and off for years, how convenient that for years, from msn to whatsapp, it just didn't work and she didn't know why.
She is entirely unwilling (or incapable, probably a bit of both) to provide any form whatsoever of emotional support.
She is absolutely incapable of accepting responsibility for hurting anyone else, the closest she'd come to that is say she was like that because she was depressed (an excuse she'd use for years).
And generally after years of being obsessed with her I learned she was a piece of shit.
And I guess also the fact that I found out that what we had she also had with dozens of other guys.
I like to pretend I got over her, but my heart would still skip a beat if she called me.
Fuck me, did I unload.

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whatever, just no promiscuity
>fall for them
they liked me, I like people who like me
doesn't matter
>lose interest

these are specific people, not what you consider your ideal

actually taking time to think about mine made me realize what my type is, because they seemed like they had nothing in common before then.

Had before:

>What do they look like?
Crushes that come to mind are generally skinny/fit girls. No big tits/asses or anything. Long hair, blonde/brunette.
More natural looking faces with no makeup.
Simplistic looking clothes, whites, blacks, t shirts, jeans, leggings, skirts etc

>What do they act like?
I've been into very popular, confident outgoing girls. Also very shy, introverted girls.

>What was it that made you fall for them?
Usually... Their looks first and foremost...
But there's something about their eyes... They way they look at me and the way they smile.

>Is she younger than you, older than you, same age?
Usually around the same age. Maybe difference of like 1-2 years at most

>Did you ever lose interest? Why?
Well, one I asked out and I was rejected. I was devestated, but I refused to be bitter about it. I wanted to be a good man and continue to be respectful and a friend. I did so, and I'm proud I did. It was a learning experience for me.

2 others I was too scared to make a move. I still think about them today. I've actually considered messaging on Facebook. Not to ask them out but for some sense of closure to spill my guts basically.

Another one I worked with. I was hurt from a previous rejection so I didn't want to be hurt again and ask this one out. I know eventually I would have, but I quit my job by walking out (she was in a different department to me)
She was absolutely attracted to me no doubt. And I was to her, but not as much I think.
She's another one in considering messaging at some stage just because... I dunno...

I've never lost interest in any of them to be honest.

Yeah I'll post this again.
Honestly, my first love wasn't really attractive, and a part of me found her personality obnoxious. She was one of those girls who always cried. The common teacher we had knew both of us since we were little, and he'd sometimes try to toughen her up, get her to show a bit of anger instead of simpering. One time he's like, "hey everyone, want to see Samantha cry at the drop of a hat?" He looked at her, dropped his hat onto the floor, and sure enough, Samantha started crying because the pastor she'd known since she was in nappies was taking the piss with her in a class of 6 kids she was familiar with. Her shape was fairly plain, waifish, and her face isn't very attractive. She has droopy eyes that are too far apart.
But she was precious to me, really. She's small and frail, not a shred of contempt or mistrust for the men around her. She has this cute little birth mark on her neck that she was always super self conscious over. The first thing I did when I met her in middle school was ask her what it was. Being covered from head to dick in freckles, the notion of it being something she was ashamed of was absolutely beyond me. You can probably guess what she did.
I told myself if she ever broke up with her boyfriend, I was going to corner her somewhere and kiss it. My mother always told me marks like that were kisses from angels, sad to see a precious newborn go off into the world. I think she's right.

1. She was small.
2. She made me feel needed in a masculine way.
3. She was open about her insecurities instead of lashing out in a "bitch why don't you just read my fucking mind?" way?
4. None of the fat, beauty shop femcel talk about men being pigs.

Here's a picture. Shes my best friend. The nicest person Ive ever met and she means the world to me.

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I've had quite a few in my life. But these are the 3 that meant to most to me.

First of all: M
>What do they look like?
She had mousy brown hair. A soft round face, skin pale with a doe like nose and small lips rounded off one side my a small dot of a mole. One of her eyes was icy blue but the other was a shock of emerald green. Her voice had a particular sound; it felt to my ears like tracing your itchy fingers across coarse stone.
>What do they act like?
She was so ALIVE. Yet so down to earth. I was matchstick in the presence of her large campfire, warmed and lit by her glow.
>What was it that made you fall for them?
I'd acted with her in a school production when I was 12 and noticed how beautiful she was and her lovely her voice sounded. She seemed so much mature than me I assumed she was a year older but she wasn't. We talked a little bit (well, she talked, I smiled and nodded awkwardly) but we didn't get chummy or anything. Two years later out of the blue, I had a dream about her.
>She and I were talking on MSN
>we were flirting. She admits feelings for me
and I admit the same to her

>she agrees to go out with me

>I feel elated.

>I go into school the next day.

>everyone knows and is laughing at me

>I rush everywhere to try to find her

>I find her looking out of a bright window, bathed in light, in silhouette
>I call her name and rush desperately towards her
>she turns and the light gets brighter, blinding me.
And I wake up. And, I tell you, I have never before or since felt such warmth and joy. I felt like my entire body and soul was being caressed by some invisible force. It was a moment of intense happiness and I resolved to talk to her the next day. But she was off sick. When she came back the following week I had lost my nerve. And so I pined for her for the next six years. The warmth and joy and affection I had felt began to twist and turn ugly.

we were like 8 years old, she was this above average pretty qt with blonde hair, had alot of ego for a 8 year old, liked her a lot cuz she was pretty, never made a move, she became very average years later
middle eastern skin, brown eyes/hair, very nice to people, tall for her age, we were 12 i think, was her friend for long but crushed on her once she left school
another pretty qt, dark hair, white girl, didnt know her at all, fell for her looks, never made a move since she was way too popular, we were 12 i think
sister of a close friend, we were 16, became her friend eventually, crushed hard but recovered quickly, never asked her out since i was beta orbiting, but also enjoyed her company. fell for her probably because she was my only female friend, she wasnt my type at all, she was a nice girl overall, friendly and not self centered
we were 18 during military service, she was a short caucasian girl, loved trap music, was very giggly and flirty, i tried to make a move but she seemed very disinterested
23, at work, she was pale with black hair, a bit curly hair, some tattoos, strong red lipstick, very friendly and nice, had a sexy voice, smoked a lot of pot. no idea why i fell for her, shes against my ideal, but i was all over her. asked her out and got rejected.

I became obsessed. I would cyber stalk her constantly. Every living thought would be connected to her in some way. I changed friendship groups and signed up to classes that I wasn't interested in just to get closer to her. I even hacked into her facebook account at one point just to see if she had sent any messages to anybody about me.
She hadn't. She got boyfriends and I would seethe and rage in the shadows. I hollowed myself out in her name and filled myself up with images of her.
>Did you ever lose interest? Why?
I went to Uni and she got a serious boyfriend. I was still obsessed and eventually tracked her down to her work. I waited outside around lunchtime, chastising myself for what I was doing. I went to leave and then, out of the rush of people she appeared from far away. She walked towards me confused. I pretended not to see her. She ambushed me and said
I looked at her confused. She said,
>erm, It's M....
As if I didn't know.
We had a long conversation for about half an hour. She was very nice and I was quite awkward. In the back of my head I felt such unimaginable guilt for how snidely I had manipulated this meeting. The conversation petered out and she went back to work. She said she'd see me round. I said goodbye. I never did. After that meeting the spark was gone in me. I'd broken whatever spell I had cast over myself. She moved in with her boyfriend. I felt extremely depressed for the next few months. It was over and now there was nothing

>What do they look like?
She has god-tier levels of adorableness.
>What do they act like?
She is very timid. Never lets people down, never lies to other people and is a person you can trust your life with a secret. I really like this.
>What was it that made you fall for them?
Probably the way she acts towards me. She always smile and laugh, even when I say some dumb shit, and really seems to enjoy my presence.
>Is she younger than you, older than you, same age?
Younger, but just slightly.
>Did you ever lose interest? Why?

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>What do they look like?
She has god-tier levels of adorableness.
>What do they act like?
She is very timid. Never lets people down, never lies to other people and is a person who you can trust. I really like this.
>What was it that made you fall for them?
Probably the way she acts towards me. She always smile and laugh, even when I say some dumb shit, and really seems to enjoy my presence.
>Is she younger than you, older than you, same age?
Younger, but just slightly.
>Did you ever lose interest? Why?

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Kind of ranted here. Will be more concise from now on

Next was L
Skinny with very pale hair and skin, like she was made of ivory.
She was the typical drama student. Extremely friendly and energetic.
>What was it that made you fall for them?
Met her doing summer volunteering. I had no friends at the time and she was so friendly. I had never clicked with someone like her before. I remember she playfully pushed me while we outside doing something and my back was turned. I turned round to face her and saw her back as she ran away. She turned to face me and she smiled the biggest smile I'd ever seen and her ivory skin shone in the harsh sun as if it were glowing all by itself. I was smitten from then on
>Did you lose interest
I met up with her after the volunteering finished. I thought it was going to be a date. It didn't seem like one. I had a good time but I sensed hesitance to meet up again. She went back to her Uni and I was heartbroken. I thought we could meet at easter when we both had our break (we were the same year). By that time she had a boyfriend. Had a bit of a breakdown when I saw that. It was M all over again. I'd unknowingly invested all my self worth in her. I met her again three years later near where she worked in Manchester (I'd said I was coming down to meet a friend but really it was on the off chance of seeing her). She was the one that asked to see me this time. But again, while I had a great time, she didn't seem interested in seeing me again any time soon. Next day she changed her profile to a picture of her and her new boyfriend. I had a relapse of rageful obsession for a month and then it left me. I couldn't be bothered anymore.

Lastly, N
>What did they look like
Short, mildly curvy, light brown hair. She had a round face with a big chin which I thought was cute
She was quite quiet when we first met. She's quite posh and basic and self absorbed.
>fall for them
She was younger than me by four years which as someone with little experience for my age I found a plus, and she was pretty and we had a really good rapport.
>Did you ever lose interest?
Took me ages to summon up the courage to ask her out. She brushed me off kindly with a "I'd love to but I'm busy." Turns out she had a boyfriend (she didn't tell me this, I fell back into the cyber stalking to find out). The shame of being rejected basically knocked me out of my attraction to her and now I rarely see her.

Writing all this made me realize that I really am quite fucked up and also that I cannot be fucking concise. If you actually managed to read all that then it's your own fault.

My last crush was a Japanese student last school year. Calling it a "crush" is a bit of a stretch since I barely knew her before she left but I think she's cool as fuck.

>What do they look like?
Short. A bit plump, but not because of fat. She just has a rounder body. All the usual Japanese features, but she has a wider mouth and fuller cheeks.
>What do they act like?
She was really witty, and loved to tease people, or at least me. She's also a really friendly, good person. When I met her (I approached her and started talking in Japanese) she was so thrilled and she even got me to exchange our instagrams. Extremely outgoing as well (she claims she was shy, though)
>What was it that made you fall for them?
Her witty nature, which makes me want to tease her back and be more competitive. I love it when I make her laugh. She's also so accepting of over people, and we have a lot of points in common, while being different in constructive ways. We both are huge cat people, but she is outgoing while I'm not. We both are also huge Disney fans.
I think the kicker was when I told her I don't really make friends very often, and she said, "Wow, what a waste" (in a good way). I haven't felt that validated in awhile.
>Is she younger than you, older than you, same age?
>Did you ever lose interest? Why?
If anything, I've become more interested. She already went back home, but she still talks to me on instagram like once or twice a week.

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why make this thread anyway?
It's an interesting read but the title makes me wonder.

>What do they look like?
She looked like a young Gina Lollobrigida
>What do they act like?
smart, fun-loving
>What was it that made you fall for them?
sat next to her on a long ride. We sat close and I could smell her and feel her warmth
>Is she younger than you, older than you, same age?
year older
>Did you ever lose interest? Why?
never. in fact when her husband died I considered getting back i touch with her but I didn't think my wife would approve

>Describe your FEMALE CRUSHES, or one's you've had before if you don't currently have one.

Ya know, I don't think I've ever had a crush.

For the best, probably. It causes you to make stupid decisions for someone you don't really know.


it usually happens to me when a girl is nice and seems like she wants to listen to me talk

>What do they look like?
Cute but very striking. Freckles that you only notice if you are close to her. Beautiful eyes. And she has this smile that is really warm and soft but also kind of makes me feel weak.

>What do they act like?
Funny, sarcastic. Very nice but doesn't always seem to know how to show it. A bit socially awkward but in a way where she still seems like she knows what she's doing. Can be very confident when she wants to be.

>What was it that made you fall for them?
I met her a couple years ago at university. Seen her semi-regularly ever since then. At first I just remember thinking "damn, she's really hot" but didn't pay too much attention to her other than that. I noticed her glancing at me quite a lot and thought that was odd. Eventually had a proper conversation with her and realised not only was she hot, she was also really funny and easy to get along with. Realised the next day that I fell for her and had a pretty big crush, but was too pussy to act on it. Still too pussy to act on it. I feel like if I ever had a chance, the ship has probably already sailed.

>Is she younger than you, older than you, same age?
A bit younger than me, but not by much.

>Did you ever lose interest? Why?
No. Still very much interested in her. But I manage it and hide it very well. I feel ashamed of having such strong feelings for a girl I've never even attempted to make a move on. Feels like I've been a bit pathetic about it. But I guess, unlike a lot of anons, I didn't fall into the "orbiter" trap. I'm decently good friends with her and we have cool conversations whenever we meet. I doubt she has ever suspected that I have such a big crush on her, and I've done everything within my power to keep her from finding out. Maybe that's how it will stay. I wish I had the balls to ask her on a date though.

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-Most of them are short under 5'3, dress well any hair/style goes
-Casual chill and funny. Not so serious and open minded.
-They had the same interests as me, and were cute and pleasant
-Three were older one was younger one was my age
-Yes because I get intense anxiety at the thought of talking to girls and doing so outside of a friendship seems impossible.

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>What do they look like?
Doesn't wear makeup and isn't conventionally attractive I guess, but she's cute in her own way. She's pretty tall and skinnyfat with hazel eyes and blonde/light brown hair.
>What do they act like?
She's literally autistic and comes across as awkward/insecure at first, but she can be funny, compassionate, and intelligent when she relaxes
>What was it that made you fall for them?
At first I was only interested because of her butt, but then it turns out she has a great sense of humor and is into a lot of dorky stuff i like too and that took it to the next level
>Is she younger than you, older than you, same age?
younger by a few years
>Did you ever lose interest? Why?
yeah a little bit
whenever she talks about politics and or how she hates kids, it makes me realize something long term might not be possible

There was always a chance that she had some brains. Thats what makes it hard.

First crush was a girl in high school who was very skinny but had jet black short hair and was really cute. I had already crushed hard on this really hot girl and got rejected instantly so I never pursued her out of fear of rejection. She looks a bit like anne hathaway in the dark night rises.

The second one was a cute filipino girl who played piano very well. If you look up harriet Sugarcookie she looks exactly the same except she doesn't have a british accent. I got to talk to her in college and she would normally talk about whatever but I always felt like I could be myself around her which is why I had a crush on her. She was a year older than me so I never went for something because she would've graduated soon.

Last crush was a girl I met while at a radio program in college, at first I didnt really notice her, but as soon as I joined the management staff I found myself being close to her and found that she had a really sweet and carefree attitude that was really cute. I would be able to talk to her about life and hold conversations with her and be myself. she had curly blonde hair and had FAS features, but I felt she was really pretty in general. She looks a bit like the pornstar lena paul. Anyways I always feel sad when I think about her because I tried to pursue a relationship with her and got rejected, but I always felt comfortable around her so I thought that she would feel the same way, I asked her out on a date and after that it became awkward and I would always act shy and embarrassed when I was around her, I think she felt that way too.

It sucks because I thought she would be a lifelong friend, but as soon as I tried, she started talking to me less and less.

Anyways life sucks and I'm probably gonna kill myself in the end so I mean whatever y'know?

i have a crush on you crush now lol

like your pic but more fit and less drug addicted looking. also if you're somewhat attractive and are into me, chances are, ill develop a crush sooner or later.

golden ratio btw. closest indicator I can find to being attractive. it's not perfect by any means, but it's like 80% there...

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>What did they look like
Tan skin and glasses. She had a slender body and dressed somewhat plainly. She wasn't stacked or anything but she had a very cute look.
>What did they act like
She was kinda quiet and mostly spoke to this one chick. She tried to talk to me a few times but being the retard I am I could never keep her interest. She was pretty friendly though. She dotted her i's with little hearts. Too cute.
>What was it that made you...
She was very cute looking and kinda funny but that's it. She had a very exotic name too. Unlike most females she tried talking to on more than one occasion.
>Is she younger, older?
A few years younger. When she first started working there she was 17.
>Did you lose interest
No but she got a job somewhere else. Ironically it's somewhere I've tried working for for years. I wish I would've gotten her number or something but I'm too shy.

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nice Jow Forums thread

While I generally prefer, cool, collected, tall, thin, at least semi-brilliant, graceful, and slightly older, it is a sonorous voice and display of emotional integrity that peaks my interest and begets fantasizing; would she look like a queen atop the podium as she called for the ushering in of a Socialist revolution? Would she soothe our children to sleep with her singing? Does her countenance make would-be suitors turn away simply because their coarse minds can barely handle her grace? Such qualities set my mind on fire and my heart into the air.

Short hair. Big eyes. Much younger. Cute and can pull off sexy. Taller. White girl. Thin but hints of getting some chub. Smaller chest. Her energy makes me smile and she scrambles my brain sometimes. I see her everyday. I don't want her getting attached to me though and it kills me. She would be a major distraction in my life and I don't have shit together. Sometimes her cuteness turns into childish anger though. That helps not be crazy for her.

girl got a bf, but fuck it I can crush on her anyway

>What do they look like?
Small thailand, japanese, mix asian girl

>What do they act like?
She's literally the sweetest person I know. Even though everyone in HS that I remember were either antisocial phone addicts or sociable (you know the types) she was in between

>What was it that made you fall for them?
Crushed on her the first year of HS, and as a freshmen of HS I was a autistic bitch that didn't know how to stop being awkward. However, even though how unlikable and autistic I was she never acted or treated me different than everyone else she associated with. So it was nice not to be judged in this popularity contest of a bitchass school

>Is she younger than you, older than you, same age?
Same age

>Did you ever lose interest? Why?
Yee. BF

Blonde, skinny, a bit short. Had some rough teeth but I found it cute.
She was very athletic, loved all sorts of sports and running.
No idea, it was love at first sight. I was embarrassed to even be near her.
I believe she was younger.
Lost interest because I moved away, so I never saw her anymore.

Don't have one, I've given up on women and now just chat up bitches online to get nudes from them.

>What do they look like?
Shortstack, long hair, wide smile.
>What do they act like?
Girly and giggly and bubbly.
>What was it that made you fall for them?
I don't know
>Is she younger than you, older than you, same age?
Same age
>Did you ever lose interest? Why?
No, we just grew apart form each other

I've had a crush on a girl through all four years of high school. She was actually beautiful. Black and short hair, cute nose, nice eyes. She was incredibly sweet and informative. She just loved to talk and when she didn't she was patient and observant. I fell for her because she was so sweet and kind to me every time we met and even approached me at times. Not to mention I had really bad social anxiety which led to depression episodes sometimes. She was pretty much the same age as me. I dont know if I lost interest because if I met her again I would approach any chance I could get but at the same time realize she would never fall for me because I wouldn't have a job, a car or the psyche to ever be with her

Looks are kinda hard to describe, as the memory of her face is not detailed enough to make out definable features. She has however brownish about 20cm long hair, in a somewhat wild style, uncombed , but by no means felty, apparently just looks that way .

She is somewhat stoic, dislikes detailed plans and made most of her decisions by what I would call informed intuition. Never panicked, seemed somewhat aloof, yet was very affectionate with her friends.

There was an assembly of Students, teachers and our dean and while everyone was either silent or awkward, included in me, she took it on herself to state the underlying issues no one had the guts to admit.
1 year older than me. I knew she was beyond me, but that kind of sparked a strong desire to reorient myself and try to become a better person

Wonder what she is doing now, since she graduated ,haven’t seen her in a year and never had the guts to approach her.

>Not fat
>Decent body and face
>Likes guns, military history and hunting
>Has a shut-in/bear personallity type
>Not a whore and not batshit insane
>Want relation to last
>Preferably 1 to 5 year younger

Those are accesible standard, right ?

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I've stopped crushing on girls. Too much emotional distress. I only lust anymore and destroy and attachment by jerking off to the thought of the girl in question

i like goth girls, i usually fall in love with them quickly but im sure that doesn't apply to most people in this board

Not "and"

>Describe your FEMALE CRUSHES, or one's you've had before if you don't currently have one.
I've had a few in the past. But 1 stood out by a mile which is the one i'll describe. Happened not too long ago actually, 1-2 years ago.

>What do they look like?
She's very pretty. Not traditionally hot like you'd picture a model, but a very pretty, feminine and cute girl which made me melt everytime i saw her. Long brown curly hair, cute face, about 5 foot 7, great body as well. She also has a very cute and feminine voice.

>What do they act like?
She's very kind and comes across as a bit shy and reserved. Though once you get to know her a bit better she's really pleasant to talk to. Overall comes across as a well raised and decent young lady.

>What was it that made you fall for them?
All of the above. She's a very pretty and kind young woman. She looks and acts like ideal marriage material. Everytime i looked into her eyes at work it felt like i got injected a shot of heroin. Her appearance and the vibe she gives off really is unique and something i've never felt with any other woman.

>Is she younger than you, older than you, same age?
1 year younger than me. I'm 21 and she's 20.

>Did you ever lose interest? Why?
Never. We were coworkers for nearly a year but all the way back in January this year she moved away. I haven't seen her since. But now, 8 months later i still think about her almost daily. We never dated, yet my mind was (or rather: is) so obsessed with this woman, she is still my dream girl. Mind you, i've dated and slept with other women in the mean time so it's not like i'm some desperate incel. Problem is just... no girl i've ever dated or slept with has ever come remotely close to how i feel about this one. Honestly, i wish i had never met her. Crushing on this girl has done me more harm than good.

She is short, long natural blond hair and fit. She is in really good shape, but still have one of those butts that just mesmerizes you if you aren't careful.
She is intelligent, kind, good with kids and very positive. We often start singing for no reason. She have very beautiful green eyes and a very good eye contact game.
I met her through a hobby we share so that adds a lot of points and I am just a sucker for intelligent women.
She is much younger than me 23, I am 29.
I haven't lost interest yet, but am working on it. I am sort of over it, at first I couldn't stop thinking about her and my mood improved when I saw her but now I know that she is exactly the kind of person I want to have my babies but it won't be her.

My current crush is my ex. She's got gorgeous green eyes, soft brown hair that she likes to straighten. Slim, delectable body. She's a goofball, a dork - partly why I fell for her. She's younger than me, not by much. I haven't lost interest since we first met. Wish I could same the same for her of me.

What is the purpose of this fucking thread?

I already asked that, never got a response.

My guess is polling guys to see what we're most attracted to or pay the most attention to.

It amazes me how pessimistic anons are yet they always fall for positive, optimistic girls.

I'm a man, not a boy.
Boys have crushes.
Men don't.

Hoes mad? Hoes mad.

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I want a taste of the good life. I don't want to be pessimistic and sad all the time.

Keep in mind my lady I have now is better then any oneitis crush I ever had. She takes care of me and I love her dearly. This is speaking on a past relationship and crush I use to have, that ultimately, I am glad never worked out because in retrospect she was a cunt to me.

?What do they look like?
German burnette, freckles round face, big blue eyes.
What do they act like?
She was very sweet and hard worker, she would hang out with me until she got bored and then not message me for a week or two, it was like I was on a yo yo it was terrible.
>What was it that made you fall for them?
I needed emotional growth and she seemed like she was a decent person who was cute so I just kinda chose her to be my crush,
>Is she younger than you, older than you, same age?
same age
>Did you ever lose interest? Why?
She was a cunt and probably fucked dogs, she was weird around animals I don't know it was a uneasy feeling i'd never felt before.

That's dumb. Every guy has different tastes.

I want someone who isn't so negative all the fucking time for once. Is that so wrong?

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It's more so "redpilled" guys who are in love with someone who's the opposite of redpilled.

Older women are more attractive to me, most guys like girls as young as legally possible. I know better that younger women have destructive ways of dealing with problems.
My crushes always know I like them because I don’t hide feelings since life is short. I’ve been rejected more than I can remember. My type is women who don’t know how beautiful they are, they have to be humble about their looks.

Infatuation and love are different, user. This thread is about crushes which are barely founded on anything.

Maybe it's different for other anons, but I can't be infatuated with someone who I possibly couldn't love.

Okay wise one, when is it a crush then?
Please define these things if you want to argue about what people call things.

Sorry, can't answer that for you. Only crush I've ever had was with the idea of her rather than the actual person so I wouldn't know about any of that.

A crush is just when you like someone based on their appearance or small interactions. I'm not pretending to be wise or anything but it's not my fault if people put their own retarded definitions on words.

>we are back and as strong as ever

user, I...

>fuzzy orange hair
>emo, now currently goth
>feels insecure cuz guys only wants big-titty slutty stacies (wish i was kidding)
>often bullied
>she liked using make up to make fake gore, wounds and etc. on herself
>huge fan of Tim Burton

>What do they look like?
she was pretty small, 1,60 maybe, but good body
blonde hair and a cute face
>What do they act like?
she was rather quiet, friendly, had a nice smile
>What was it that made you fall for them?
the way she was, there was a group evening once to get to know everyone (new group at uni), we talked the evening and she was cute
also she cheered me up when I had personal problems
>Is she younger than you, older than you, same age?
same age, a month older I think
>Did you ever lose interest? Why?
I fucked up. I asked her out, she wasn't in town that day, but said she'd like to do sth. I didn't follow up because I was stupid. Didn't have the balls to ask her again. Then I quit uni and wrote her I'd like to see her again, she said we could meet but I chickened out and said it wasn't a good idea. That was a month ago, now I live 200 miles away from her. I'm still thinking about her and wonder if I should write her.

Only had one.
Healthy. Not something you'd uncontrollably stare at, but healthy.
Reasonable. Not too much enthusiasm. Not too much fear. Dedicated to achievement. Easily smarter than me, or at least a lot more focused. More grounded in reality than me. I wouldn't be surprised if she had three children AND a six figure salary by now.
Same as me.
All the above, and we happened to end up placed in a lot of the same classrooms.
>lost interest
Was rejected, but was never really told so. She probably thought she had to be nice to me when I was around because she was told loners become school shooters. I hated the whole experience. Had to scare myself into paranoia just to break away. Never want to let myself give that much control over my emotional state to another person again. Haven't spoken to another woman...and really, haven't even made a friend, in 11 years. Too much fear and regret. Still sick of being alone. Don't know were to even begin to find people.

I think the last time I had a out and out crush was in highschool

white, energetic, pretty face, shallow attraction so yeah no info on personality, same age, found out later she has a boyfriend but did ask her out for a school dance once (but was so fuckass retarded that I couldn't find her) and when I graduated from high school I never seen her again.

So what's this for, OP? Studying the science of love or some shit?

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Indian girl, chubby, very attractive face and hair.
Very nice and sweet, but also likes to joke around. Very innocent and positive outlook most of the time. Sometime says stuff that makes it seem like she has low self-esteem.
I don't have many women involved in my life near my age and I always have a good time talking with her. A like joking around with her and that she is really nice/a good person.
4 Years older
>Lose Interest
For the last 2.5 months I lost interested since I started dating someone on a dating app, but after a certain point I guess she decided on the other guy she was seeing and never told me until I confronted her about seemingly being less interested (all my friends who have a lot more experience said I was overthinking things and then she def still likes you) and she told me she saw us as friends when I'm sure she was using me as a backup guy. As a result I'm interested in my crush again since I know with how nice she is should would never do something like this if she lost interest/wasn't interested.

She looks like my girlfriend
She acts like my girlfriend
She's my girlfriend
She's my girlfriend's age
No, because she's my girlfriend

The literal one thing she's lacking is glasses and she has a novelty pair so it completely works itself out, and they're not expensive prescriptions so if I bust a fat nutty on them it's no loss

My crush is this cute girl at the company I work at. She's a brunette, has long hair and is gorgeous. At surface level, she's pretty quiet and keeps to herself. But if you get to talk to her, she's funny as fuck, really nice to talk to and is pretty intelligent. I fell for her as soon as I saw her in walking past me on my first day. She's a couple years younger. We've just started talking, I really wish it goes somewhere

>tfw legitimately can’t think of any answers because I haven’t had a crush on a girl since highschool freshman yr

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its like it just stopped for some reason

she was asian, wore glasses, same age, and liked the color blue. very average but acted very caring giving a few "awws" here and there. chemicals made me fall for her and i tried so damn hard to ignore it. i saw her with multiple guys. never once did speak to her deeply. i lost interest when we separated after graduation.

Shes my best friend. We met at high school and have been very close since then, one of the few people I still talk to from back then.
She is blonde, very white skin.
She is very playful, caring and has a short temper though she got pretty tolerable towards me.
There has always been something about her that made me like her. I still remember vividly the first time I met her, she treated me differently, and I could talk so much about this, but summed up we always got along very well despite having a lot of differences.
Younger, but not much.
Just going to make It clear she has known It since high school, I already asked her many times but she always rejected It. I myself never hid the fact I still like her, I did date and go out with other girls but never really worked out and I never felt the same feeling towards any of them.

Crush #1
>Short dirty blonde hair, skinny, average height
>Sometimes wore glasses
>She acted very nice and easy to talk to
>I had dreams with her in them
>I was older than her by a few months but we're the same age
>I found out that she was with someone else, so I had to lose interest

Crush #2
>Long blonde hair, a bit short, skinny
>Wears glasses all the time
>Acted shy, smart, always was there to help her friends
>She had a decent ass not gonna lie but she just looked pretty cute
>Same age
>My good friend and her are great friends and apparently it looks like thy're getting closer

Crush #3
>Long blonde hair, tall, wore glasses, wore a scarf
>Never was much of a talker, hardworking, smart, a bit athletic
>I liked her scarf and was overall really cute
>She was older than me by one year
>Lost interest in her because she moved after the school year ended

Long story short, I never managed to win over any of my crushes.

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Literally laughed out loud

They look like my mom.
They acted quiet and submissive.
I fell for girls that didn't make me feel challenged.
They were within 5 years of my age (younger and older)
I lost interest when I convinced myself that we wouldnt work which is usually based off of my lack of action and the eventual fizzling out of our relationship.

Well right now
>loud, authentic, strong sense of justice/morals
>social butterfly
>weird sense of humor
>short, around 5'4-3
>blonde ponytail
>kinda makes me think of the internet in the early-lat 200's for some reason
>likes boy bands
>huge fujo
>very particular taste in media/entertainment
>about the same age

I just like talking to her I dunno. It's refreshing being with someone who i'm certain will call me out on my shit.

>cute but not “hot”, just really cute
>kinda shy but open once you get to know them
>personality and looks obviously
>month younger
>haven’t lost interest yet and we’ve gone on a couple dates and talk everyday

>She was tall and slender. She had brown hair and ice blue eyes. She moved beautifully and could look good in anything.
>She was always friendly to me. We barely spoke in 3 years of taking dance class but I knew for sure I won her over after two years. She fights for what she wants, but is the most gentle soul at heart. She loved plants, and I think about her whenever I'm in nature.
>How she made me feel around her. I always felt everything I did was centered on how I think she would perceive me if she was looking. I would always feel nervous around her but never in a way that felt bad, rather, I felt more alive.
>Older, I was 25, she was 31
>I still have a crush on her, in fact I think about her more often than ever. I never lost interest, but mental issues forced me into living in isolation in the last two years, I'm thinking of commiting suicide soon. I regret not talking to her more, but in ballet class I'm too focused on not fucking up, and knowing she's going home to her boyfriend right after always mentally blocked me from chatting with her after class. I felt like we got to know each other plenty through the hundreds of ballet classes we've sweated through together, and how we saw each other grow more beautifully. We barely exchanged 10 sentences but have seen each other struggle physically through ridiculousness half naked for 3 years.

I miss her and my old life, fml.

i like smart girls with alot of energy but not so much she leaves me looking like im super boring relative to her. i also like understanding girls that dont hold too much against me if i do some dumb shit. i also like when a girl seems interested in the conversation.


>What do they look like?
To be honest I'm seeing a pattern already. My biggest crush/soulmate was a petite, short, skinny, flat girl who could be described as ugly.
>What do they act like?
She was an orthodox, religious and worked as with decayed/old religious art. She would basically restore old paintings, books and stuff. She had her own workshop, really cute and ambitious to be honest. Not her looks, but the fact that she was religious and had such a drive to restore old artwork (I'm an artist myself) really attracted me to her.
>What was it that made you fall for them?
She was a devoted Christian which was probably the biggest reason I liked her. Also she was really petite but nimble and fast which made her look like a cute rat. All in all she was a really nice girl. Just thinking about it fills me with dread because I've never met anyone else like her (aside from a guy) and never since. Not saying she's unique but she definitely is rare.
>Is she younger than you, older than you, same age?
About my age, but to be honest age is not important for me. I've had older gfs and it was never an issue.
>Did you ever lose interest? Why?
I'm a sperglord and I stalked her on Instagram. She had a picture with a guy, just 1 picture, could have been her brother (weren't kissing/hugging or anything like that, just a picture alongside a guy) and I just lost it. Felt like she was leading me like some orbiter, which coupled with everything I said above, made me really angry. All girls are whores and all that incel mentality. Cut all contact with her and she moved to Greece to pursue her career to restore orthodox artwork.

I'll never see her again and this kills me inside. I've since embraced the incel attitude fully and I just don't care anymore. I just want to die to be honest.