Just found out some people i went to school with are in a band that's now famous

>Just found out some people i went to school with are in a band that's now famous

Meanwhile I'm a talentless hack with a meaningless degree with a future only as a wagecuck. How the fuck do I get over the crushing disappointment?

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Be happy for them

People much younger than you, all over the planet are better than you in every aspect and will accomplish more than you can ever dream of. That’s not a diss, that’s just a fact of life that is true to about 99,9% of all people. So don’t worry to much and know this is very normal.

Just focus on what YOU want to achieve and make that happen.

And keep in mind that fame != a great life. Living on a bus, dragging your carcass from one shitty town to another just to play the same songs over and over? Ehh, not for me, mang.

How famous? Like actually famous, or like, you know, "famous".

Because I know a lot of musicians, some of whom became "famous." It's not a great life. They aren't spending their nights partying in hotels, they're sleeping in a van every night, except when enough people buy T-shirts for them to afford rooms or if someone is nice enough to allow them to crash with them. Record company gives them each about $20 a day for food and supplies, which seems like a lot, but not when you're traveling and don't have a kitchen or fridge. Oh yeah, and I mean van, not a tour bus with seats they can splay out on, I mean a van. Groupies sometimes but not often, only if girls are slutty enough AND they have a place they can go back to, which is a rare combo.

I was soooo jealous of one of my best highschool friends who was doing FOH sound for a touring band. He was touring the country, going to shows every day, it seemed great. Then his band stopped in our town to play a show and I saw how he was living. My jealousy flew out the window. I thought he was partying and fucking girls in a different city every night and all that, but it turns out he was crammed into the front seat of a van to sleep.

I can't deal with it. Knowing that I'm a useless human being who will never accomplish anything of note kills my soul, man.

I am actually. At least now I can say "I went to school with the guys from that band".

I'd be satisfied if I could just have one or two things I was good at, and a worthwhile career. But I'm talentless and so all I can do in life is be a wagecuck drone.

Famous enough that I knew the name of the band but didn't even realize they were in it

Fuck fame. Fuck fortune. Family, start one, have children, teach and raise them, continue on your bloodline to the next generation. That is where you will find true purpose.

>But I'm talentless and so all I can do in life is be a wagecuck drone
You're likely selling yourself short. What I've learned is that the old adage is true: Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.

So, if you pick a direction and absolutely bust your ass, you WILL get somewhere with it. I've seen it many times before.

What genre of music?

I'm fucking old now and left college. I have no hope. The time for me to make anything of my life is long gone. Even if I busted my balls working at something, I'd only get anywhere with it by the age of 30, by which point life is pretty much over

You realize that a bloodline is only half you? How many generation before you’re pretty much erased from history in every single way? Hint: very few.
Starting a family is nice, I’m sure. Just be real about what it is.

30 isn't old unless you're a woman, faggot. If you're a man it's when life starts to get good.

If you're still in your 20s, you're not old at all. You are simply making excuses.

No one ever became legendary off of something at the age of 30. Anyone who ever cultivated a talent and became famous for it started in their teens, even if they didn't get known until much older. I'm 23 with no talents. It's over for me. The only future I can possibly have is wagecucking.

By having sex. Though I've heard that's almost as hard as becoming famous for your stupid mistake of a generation


Women love older men. They'll see you as more mature and stable than younger guys. Stay well-groomed and sociable and things should turn out well.

What's the use of being able to fuck brainless younger women if I'm still a wagecuck? Having to toil away for years at a meaningless office job, or worse be a failure in retail, sounds mind crushing. There's literally no point in living like that, no amount of women can make up for that.

What band user? Do they suck?

They're okay. Not my kind of music

i used to be friends with trippie redd and the dudes from 21 pilots but i currently just quit my $9.50/hour job so i could smoke weed in my parents’ basement

i feel u OP :/

Either resign yourself to an average/ordinary/remarkable life, or work your ass off and do something that will make you rich and/or famous. Those are really the only two options to help your dilemma that don't involve ruining/ending your life.

>No one ever became legendary off of something at the age of 30
[citation needed]

Who cares if you are forgotten? How many people can you name from the 15th century? Not many I'm guessing. Have fun while you are here. Your band friends will be forgotten too, don't you think? No one here will be remembered after a couple centuries, so why do you care about people knowing who you were?
Aren't the vast majority of us useless? That just means you have less weight on your shoulders man. Feel talentless? Pick up a hobby and meet people within that hobby and have some fun while becoming proficient
What can you not do at 30 that you can at 20?

Quit selling yourself short, everything you feel is based on your perception of what's around you, if you keep thinking "Man, I will never be able to do that!" then you won't ever be able to do that.