Is it considered stalking if you like someone who works at a store and you consistently go back to see of you can catch...

Is it considered stalking if you like someone who works at a store and you consistently go back to see of you can catch them working there?

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Yes. Stop it.

I mean, I dont think so... going through the same thing you're talking about right now user. If they seem happy when you come in, or more talkative/helpful with you than others, then maybe you've got something going on. But if they try to pass you onto someone else, or don't seem interested when you come up, then I'd say probably stop.

Try going in and paying attention to how they treat you, try some small talk, see if it goes anywhere! Good luck!

Not yet but it's also one of the first steps. It becomes stalking if you start searching for personal details or things like where they live. If you want to see them, keep it in a professional context, unless you two actually hit it off and become friends. Don't seek info like where they live before a comfort level has been established.

And them smiling at you and treating you well as part of their job doesn't count as a comfort level. There has to be more than that, like consistent conversation and seeking extra time to hang out during/after/despite the job.

The act of repeatedly visiting the store, not really. Makes you the ideal customer to be honest.

However, if you're going over there daily to stare at and hover around this particular chick then it's definitely stalking. If you don't actually try to talk to her and ask her out, it will creep her out for sure.

shes Filipino ?

If you ask when their schedule is, or figure it out and go there exclusively when they are there, yes.
If no, and you are there to be a customer when you are desiring to be a customer to the buisness, then you're good.

No, unless
>you're following them home
>you're invading their personal space
>they've noticed you and asked you to stop
>you do this several times a day

Depends on how consistently. If it's every day and you don't buy anything and just follow her around, then yeah. If it's like once or twice a week and you actually buy shit but you like seeing her too, it's fine. You should probably talk to her at some point though.

Yeah, I always make a purchase usually and I never actually said anything to them until recently. They always seemed psyched to see me but I was in a relationship so I just smiled and made my purchase and left.
I did talk to them the other day and I think it went well. I haven't seen them since tho and I feel like I missed my chance.

>And them smiling at you and treating you well as part of their job doesn't count as a comfort level.
Ah yea I know. I used to work behind a counter so I know they have to be a certain way.

I know I was always faking it with customers.

And yes. I just wish I knew their name. I wonder if it would be too much to post in a missed connections group?

..I'm the chick and hes a guy.

I don't hover. I always make a purchase.

...I am... it's odd that you bring this up.

I don't think anyone at this store has a consistent schedule. Its right across from where I work so me and many of my coworkers go in there consistently through out the day.

Its 5 days a week and I do always buy something.

None of that sounds weird then.

As long as you're actually spending money at the business and not violating any boundaries (following her, trying to chat her up, waiting around outside, staring, staying too long, asking for her number multiple times, etc) you should be fine.

Heres the thing, though, depending on the business if you make her uncomfortable you might not like the reaction. Retaining a good employee, or even just retaining someone you're professionally close to, is generally far more important than retaining a retail customer. I remember years ago when I was managing a bar there would be guys who couldn't take no for an answer and the escalation would be an intimidating talking to from a bouncer, then a ban, then a tune up and an arrest.

that froggy looks like the jollibee goy is why i asked.
i thought you were indirectly saying she works there

Trying to chat him up (OP is a girl apparently) and asking him out in and of itself isn't even crossing the line i'd say. You can definitely do that. As long as you do it no more than once.

Don't be that guy or girl who hits on some store employee, gets rejected and then continues coming back to hit him/her. That will definitely get you banned from the store or even reported to the cops.

>jollibee goy
Hahaa- no I just love jollibee.

I have never done that after being rejected. It would kind of suck because then if hes there, I can't go in and get a drink.

you from NJ?

Nah. I'm a west coastie.

I don't know about stalking, but a girl did that to me for ages and it was surely fucking annoying.

Did she come in a lot and bug you?

user, same happened to me... she was giving me small talk one day and asked me, "Got any plans later tonight?" and my autistic ass said "Yeah, just going out with friends!"

Seen her a few times since and she still acts really nervous and cutey around me, planning on making a move next time.

tldr: Go for it user, you didn't miss your chance until you get rejected. And if so, plenty of others out there. Good luck and godspeed user!

3 or 4 times is a harmless little love obsession
10+ times is creepy stalking
and if you try to initiate more than 2 times,you're creepy and stalking

>you didn't miss your chance until you get rejected.
I just feel that way because I don't see him there much anymore?

Keep being a "regular customer" until you eventually run into him again. When you do, make your move!

Thats the plan.

Would it be too much to ask if he quit or got fired?

Hmm... depends how well you know him I think. Maybe something along the lines of, "Does x still work here? Haven't seen him in a while, he was pretty cool" or something like that. Something that doesn't hint at the fact you're going there just to see him, come off as you were impressed with his service or whatever, not sure what kind of store it is.

Meanwhile I'm about to go to mine after work and make a move... hopefully she's there, and hopefully I don't get rejected haha

Not stalking, just weird. Unless they like when you show up.

Ah yeah.. I don't even know his name.

He seemed to always be more excited to see me than other customers.