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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?

>Why is there no new thread?
Create one yourself. You can use these macros:

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what does love feel like? how do i find it?

is 19cm big for a dick?

Everyone has their own definition. for me early love is thrilling and a bit consuming. Robust older love is calm and warm. It's like being home but with a person. Both forms don't idealize the beloved. You still see their flaws and want the best for them.

Why do women seem hurt when they figure out I'm not interested in being with anyone (female or male) if they're not even into me?

Guys, how accurately do you think you can tell whether a girl is wearing makeup or not?

plenty of women seem like they want as many people as possible to want them, even if they aren't into them.

One I know kept asking me shit like "would you fuck me if you had the chance?"
Eventually I asked her out, she turned me down saying "I don't like you that way", then when I started pursuing another girl, she started talking shit about her and saying shit to me like "oh, so you like her now, huh?"

Light makeup on someone I don't know is hard to tell.

If I know you, you normally wear light makeup and you go without it, I'll notice, same with if you normally don't wear makeup and you start wearing light makeup.

Anything more than light makeup is always obvious.

Recap: I'm trying to get to know this one girl. She gave me her number and now I don't know what I should do.

>If you’re fine with this going either way, then what was this post about?
But I'd still like it to go as well as it could. I've never dated before, but I've heard something about how you shouldn't ask them out to a movie because that doesn't let you connect or something...
I don't know. I feel weird like I accidentally put this extra issue of timing into the whole thing. It took a lot to get her number, now I have to actually schedule it.

I know I'm basically just asking her out as what I would basically call an excuse to flirt with her in a more reasonable environment, but now I've got the pressure of texting on me.
I've had bad experiences with texts. Of course, I guess this is different in that I will actually see her at work later, but god.

I don't know. Is it okay to wait a little? Does texting now make me seem over eager? Does texting too late make me seem like a pussy? If I text too early will that put more pressure on her? Will texting a little bit later just make her more excited without really a drawback?
I'm meeting my therapist next tuesday. Its tempting to wait until then, but then that's probably too late.

I want to maximize my chances of developing something if it is possible given how I started. I don't really care much how it goes that's true, but I'm still nervous.

I don't know. Maybe I'll figure it out after I make those post and realize maybe I was being silly all along.

Regardless, I know this is kind of part of the sticky, but is it true that a movie or show isn't the best date?
If I suggest it, I guess I should foot the bill? I mean, I personally think I'd like to split a bill because of my own personal beliefs (and also, I know I don't have much money), but I guess that could be a hard thing to explain.
Maybe I could go to a park, but that might sound like too much.

I could ask her but that shifts pressure

Maybe I could wait and talk to her in person. I'm not sure what would happen then... Maybe I'd be okay, but maybe I should ask her now its just I fucking hate text and email.

Girls, what are your personal thoughts regarding men with long hair? Can it ever work or is it always a mistake? Ponytail, bun, anything? And on the other side of the spectrum, what about baldness?

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Long hair is pretty weird too be honest. I never really got why a man would want to do that. It just doesn't look right.

Has to fit your face, and you need to take good care of it.

I mean its fine on other women, but men just don't seem to have the right overall look for it.
Even men that are specifically chosen to have long hair like the guy that played Legolas look gross and it seems like most of my female friends agree too.

When using Snapchat for a standard conversation, do you constantly take pictures of yourself to use in messages? do you only send those pictures to certain people?

When I'm around some female friends and they're texting, they'll sometimes hold their phone out and make some retarded face for a picture. I can't even grasp why someone would do this when its easier to just text the message without you looking like you have down syndrome in the background.

A girl I'm really into will randomly send me pics like that if I didn't talk to her the day just to start conversation and its the weirdest fucking thing and I don't know if they're some bizare female psychology behind it that I should be investigating

when judging a man's looks, which attributes do you give the highest priority? and which the lowest?

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so you tell me that you only care about penis size? and if so, what's your favorite size?

...No I'm just an insecure male that doesn't want other men to have long hair because its one of the few things I'm confident about physically ._.

I think it's just a retarded snapchat thing.
There's a guy I know who I've seen spending at least 20 minutes scrolling through a ridiculously long list of girls to send a unique (but still exactly the fucking same) selfie to each of them.

Am I meant to enjoy hugging and kissing

if it's someone you're genuinely attached to, then yes, you should. This is coming from a guy.

Are any chicks attracted to bisexuality in men? My understanding is most aren’t, but there are rumors of girls with bi fetishes.

It looks good if you have an handsome, masculine face.
The only man I've ever met IRL who looked good with longer hair is my boyfriend. He looked more like a hippy than a metal head (mostly just unkempt, shoulder length hair) but he still was really handsome.

Women, how often do you masterbate and do you like to do it?
asking for a friend

It’s super variable. But yes I like to do it.

#1 i usually recognize if they are smiling and how their teeth are.
#2 how they are dressed

Never. It hurts too much.

some are. i tend to like guys who can acknowledge another good looking man with me and those men are usually bi

I've been "genuinely attached" to girls before, but it didn't feel like that. I did it because I felt like I had to. Maybe I'm just autistic

Okay but seriously though. What's a good first date? Wasn't there some meme about movie theaters not being that great because you want more emotions to show to form a connection or whatever so you should do something more emotional or whatever? Something about "range"? Wasn't that a thing? And you need to interact and shit.
I don't know what kind of stuff would do that though.

What’s the proper etiquette for asking a somewhat famous girl out for a date over Instagram (aka sliding into the DMs)?
I’m moving to another state in the US and she’s gonna be close to where I’m moving, I think it would be cool to go on a date with someone that’s also from my home country

Why do men lift their shirts up, revealing their tummies/and while I'm serving them at work? Is this just something you all do, or is it supposed to be sexual

"bitch lasagna" or "open bob"
The only proper ways to approach instagram thots, really.

For guys—what’s the longest it’s ever taken you between meeting a girl for the first time to falling for them?

it's neither of those things, I don't know what the fuck that is

If it were an instagram thot, I’d be easy, it’s an MMA fighter so she’s probably not some goofy ho

depends where you work

7 months, though we talked a lot in the first month, saw very little of eachother for the next 2, then didn't see eachother for the 2 after that, started talking again for another month, then I fell hard the next month.

Boys —
Is it possible for a guy who has slept with a girl multiple times (sober) to suddenly stop being attracted to her? Implying literally nothing about her appearance has changed?

Why do guys always shake their heads so much all the time, make weird faces, and flail their arms around?

Is this how men normally are or just the ones around me? I always see them kind of staggering around.


Should I give up hope of ever sleeping with this guy again then?

I'm so sick of it. They seem really socially anxious too like they can never talk to me they just sort of mumble or whatever.

Yeah. First you need to consider that he might not have been attracted to you in the first place. Guys fuck girls they aren't attracted to all of the time.
Needless to say not all guys are like this, but I've completely lost attraction to girls before after they did something that made me see them as a shitty person.

that's too vague to really comment on

No, but you need to figure out if he was never really that into you, if you did something that turned him way off, or if he got bored
Give the man some space, see if he comes back

Maybe stop going for Chads who just use you as a cumbucket and go for nice guys like me...

protip the reason girls don’t like you is because you’re a snivelling coward
Look at you, “ma’am may I please have a crumb of pussy” while she’s trying to get advice
Do better

Fuck off, I didn't talk to you, you fucking beta whiteknight.

Walking around at a park is fun. Museums are nice.
Movie dates are fine because if you're nervous about the first date a movie wouldn't require as much talking as doing other things does.

jesus fuck, how did you take that seriously

Because we’re 2 doors down from Jow Forums

Go back there then, incel.

>tell someone to stop begging for pussy
>get called incel

I work at a grocery store and I saw this woman who made me want to just walk up to her and ask her for her number, but in the end I didn't even know what I would say, so I never approached her.

At first I thought she looked a little too old, (I'm 21 I thought she might have been 25 or something but I really didn't know) then I considered whether she had a boyfriend or not. She was alone, so I had a little confidence that she didn't have a boyfriend but I was still hesitant and thought that if I asked her and it turned out she had a boyfriend... I'd be at a loss for words and just walk away. I also considered that she might have been a radical feminist or something and might have taken my request for her number as harassment. That would just suck.

Whatever the reason why, I hesitated. I never ever felt the need or desire to ask for a woman's number before but she made me want to say fuck it and ask anyways. I still don't know what I'd say though. Maybe something like "Hey, you look like a really interesting person. I love to get to know you more. Do you mind if we swap numbers?". Idk. I have no idea how to talk to women exactly and every time I ask a friend or family member they'll just say "follow your heart" or some vague bullshit I don't understand. Please help

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I didn’t do anything to upset him or turn him off, to my knowledge. He still texts me all the time and wants to hang out with me every week. We only did it a few times so he couldn’t have gotten bored.

I guess it’s possible he just thought I was ugly to begin with, but thinks my personality is great and that’s why he wants to keep me around as a friend? We have a lot of fun when we hang out together.

Some men just like to have sex with a woman once or twice and then move on to another when the novelty wears off

How do I ensure my bf gets extremely hard erections? He's in his late 30s.

Connected with cute co-worker on LinkedIn who I've talked to a few times at work. Is it weird to send her a message and start a conversation? Do people do that on the site? Would you girls find it weird?

two years when i realized she had always been a good friend to me and i had wasted all my time on someone who didn't give a single fuck about me

Is there another girl?
Also, if you’re actually into the guy and he doesn’t just lay mean pipe, stick around for a bit and see if the situation changes
If you’re willing to take an L, flat out ask him why he doesn’t want to have sex

that's pretty weird for linkedin. if you really want to connect find her on facebook, and if you think it's weird to connect with a coworker on facebook then you probably don't like her.

Can anyone tell me why courting a woman and dating a woman is so damn complicated? All these stupid guides and methods are driving me crazy. finding woman, courting woman, and then dating woman seems like an impossible task with hundreds of steps and millions of ways to fail. when I don't know how to and getting definitely isn't an exact science.

you (and all those guides) are overcomplicating it. you're going to naturally make mistakes and do stupid things when you're in love, but if you want to find someone who really matters and cares about you, she'll love you for who you are. people hate when you tell them "lol just be yourself" but it's really true (unless you're incredibly far on the spectrum, in which case you likely have bigger problems than finding a woman to love you).

He started seeing a different girl like a month after friendzoning me, but they’re not committed and he’s actively using dating apps (I know this for a fact).

I sure hope so. I think the biggest obstacle is me overthinking what they'll think of me. Any wrong move, a wrong word, wrong appearance, wrong pitch, wrong attitude, wrong approach, etc and I'll be rejected faster than my hopes can crash. Maybe most women aren't as judgemental and quick to reject as I think, but I've always had it in my head that whatever I try, there's always an 80% chance the woman I'm trying to court will reject me on the spot instead of giving me a chance. Of course, my justification for this is that the ratio between women asking men out and then ask a woman out has a huge gap. Like you said though, I'm probably overcomplicating it

how do I fall in love with a girl?

Why should I date? People look at me funny when they find out I'm not interested being with in anyone and/or treat me noticably worse, but I don't see the point of being in a relationship with someone; it looks terrible.

Got it, thanks.

Well, you’ve fallen for a wild Chad
Your best bet is to compete with something other than sex, because he’s getting plenty of that

believe me i know that feeling of overthinking everything. the most important obstacle to overcome is (or at least the one for me was) that fear of rejection. i just eventually reasoned with myself that if she didn't like me i'd rather know it straight up than never ask anyone out and keep thinking "what if?" with everyone. and trust me, when you find that someone, she'll remember those mistakes you made more than anyone else, but she'll think they were cute.

He texts me every day and wants to hang out with me all the time. When we hang we typically just sit around and talk for hours. He always tells me how much fun he has with me. So I guess he’s getting something out of this, it sucks I’m still not worthy of dating him despite all that.

Have you made it known that you’re interested in dating?
And I don’t mean some “dropped hints” shit

Not the same guy but isn't it even weirder to connect with coworkers on facebook? Unless you're good friends at work, is it acceptable?

Nah, I’m way too scared of ruining the friendship. He knows I was upset when he friendzoned me, but I didn’t cut him off afterward or anything cause I felt like it would be a waste of a really good bond. So I don’t know...I’m terrified of scaring him off for good.

Well then, you’ve come at a crossroads
Either stick around, be friends, and hope he changes his mind
Or ask him why the friendzone/on a date and be prepared to hear an answer you don’t want
But really, were you that good of friends if the relationship can’t take a “hey why did we stop banging”? Or are you afraid of the lost familiarity/routine?
Make your decision and commit to it, because living in ambivalence will eat you up inside. Deciding to do nothing is still a decision.

yes, but if you're going to try and get with a girl at work you're better off doing that on facebook. the second part of that wasn't worded great but my point was more along the lines of "if you don't know your coworker well enough to befriend her on facebook i wouldn't pursue her"

This girl I’ve known for a few years as a mutual friend, saw each other pretty sporadically but have been hanging out more recently and it dawned on me. But I generally take a while to get to know someone and consider them a close friend anyway.
If you’re thinking about one person in particular I suppose it would make sense to think about their social history and how long they’ve known their inner circle of friends.

You need to stick out your tongue when you blow him. No hands. Let the spit come out.

It's never because of your physical appearance. Never. It's possible he will think of you as attractive years in the future. It's not your face or your body or your clothes or your hair. Even if he mentions those, be certain that they are excuses and there's something else going on.

You slept overnight at his place?If he wants to keep you as a friend is that so bad considering you have lots of fun hanging? I know the sex was probably great but just enjoy the relationship you guys have. It's possible he doesn't want to get into anything serious by banging often. Lots of girls get really attached and it can turn guys off.

I meant “slept with” as in “had sex with”. But yeah I did sleep over at his a few times.

Girls: Would it be a dealbreaker if you and your make partner couldn’t have proper sex?

I don’t know whose fault it is but I literally cannot fit my dick into my gf. I guess it’s because she’s a virgin but we can’t have sex because I can’t get into her. She can barely handle 1 finger sometimes.

>how often do you masterbate
Embarrassingly often, but it does vary with my mood and where I am in my cycle. More days than not, really, and more often than not twice.
>do you like to do it?
No, I masturbate to remind myself how much I hate it. Duh!

Going to ask a stupid question, but if you do it too much do you get sore or anything like that? Is it harder to do / takes longer the more times you do it in one day?

>but if you do it too much do you get sore
Not really sore because I do very little penetration if any, but my clitoris can get oversensitive yes. But that really takes a long, long time and I've rarely gone to the point of "diminishing returns" so to say.
>Is it harder to do / takes longer the more times you do it in one day?
The opposite actually, the first one is usually the hardest, I guess you could compare it to warming up. If I've climaxed once I can go again pretty quickly. Until I reach that point of oversensitivity, as I said, but that's, like, more than half a dozen pretty much back to back.

How can both sexes be so opposite? Or like after going 2 rounds I was tired af but last gf was like super energized and wanted to talk a lot.

I'm a guy but as one with long hair I can help answer that question. Most are indifferent or dislike it but a few absolutely fucking love it. I've had women bite their lips looking at me and milfs come up to me and tell me I should never ever cut it. I'm not even handsome so it isn't that, some women go crazy for a good head of hair.

>No, I masturbate to remind myself how much I hate it. Duh!
I'm a man and I hate it so y'know, even though I'm biologically driven to do it and do it often it doesn't mean I like it.

Boys and girls.
Did you ever have to turn someone you love down because of external things/circumstances?

I'm going to have to do it soon I think, and I feel like the heartbreak will hurt like hell, for her more so than for me but I'm still afraid of it and if its even a good idea, never had to deal with shit like that.

Cute girl just messaged me on Bumble after not talking for almost a week. This is the second time she has initiated conversation after I let the chat die out.

How do I transition from small talking to getting her number or asking for her Facebook (if it's appropriate?)? We've chatted enough for me to determine that i'm interested in her.

It's so fucking hard to flirt and escalate things.

Ask her out

Well maybe yeah if I could have proper sex with someone else, but if I had problems getting anything more than 1 finger I'd stay in that relationship and try to make the sex thing work. And that's what you guys should do.

Sometimes almost every day and some other times I don't even think about it for more than a week.
I do like it in general, but if sometimes it's a good wank I craved for, some other times it's just out of boredom and it's meh

The issue is that we're in different departments on different floors so we don't see each other often. I don't want to make her feel weird by going and talking to her at her desk when I have no business being there, which is why I wanted to go the online route

To anyone:
I needed space so we weren't around each other for a couple of months. We weren't together but it was leading to it and she was just pushing it too far too fast.

She used to sleep around so its not new to her to have a new guy every couple of weeks or months. But I think that during that time we weren't talking, she hasn't been with anyone and wanted to wait for me. But I could be wrong, there are some questionable things I found on her social media so I wouldn't be surprised if she slept around.

We're thinking of talking about us soon. If she hasn't slept around during that break, is it a good indicator that she is loyal and wouldn't cheat on me and would be a good gf material? that was one of my biggest fears with her initially and then she started pushing for answers and I just couldn't make the call then.

Or alternatively, if she has slept around while still hoping to be with me. Is this a red flag? I feel that if you really fall for someone (as much as she claims she has) its hard to date other people, let alone have sex with them. I'm just not sure about this girl, I've known her for over a year now but she only started coming onto me in the last month but took it from 0 to 100 very quickly and didn't even give me time to process it

Plz help.

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It is in their biology to build large social networks for the exchange of labor, goods and food. Its how they have survived for like forever. It's how they get food when their spouse fails at the hunt. They might trade some animal skins for food for their babies.

You not liking them scares them. It is a sign of a bad network. A threat to their hypothetical babies. It's also why they dont think twice about men giving them lots of attention, labor, food, etc. The male is acting like an ideal prehistoric female friend. Women used to have female friendships like that. They used to give each other food. They used to help each other make clothes and blankets, etc.

I literally have no idea what you’re both talking about

How do women want to be treated?

All my life I thought that a girlfriend/partner/wife was like a best friend which shares all there thoughts, struggles, and desires with you. Now as I’m getting older it seems like that was all a fantasy and not the reality. All the dudes in happy relationships seem to treat there girls like glorified pets.

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What do youean by glorified pets?

i want to be the psychological kohai (or sidekick, if you will) of the relationship but still treated kindly. I do need autonomy and responsibility but still. I want my future SO to be my best friend but I also want to be slightly second to him. Not sure if that counts as "glorified pets"