Why are there no good men anymore and how can I attract a loyal, generous, kind man myself?

why are there no good men anymore and how can I attract a loyal, generous, kind man myself?

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Plenty of great men, you just don’t do things they would do.
Outdoor social activities.
Avoid any alcohol centered culture activity.

Don't be fat.

>why are there no good men anymore
Feminism and birth control.
>how can I attract a loyal, generous, kind man myself?
Stop being fat.

All you can do is wish and keep being dissapointed.

I'm taken already, sorry.

But what you need is a guy that's greatful to be with you.

She also needs a guy who can spell.

Based, based_

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shut the fuck up your stupid roastie whore, you don't deserve a decent man, go fuck off somewhere else with your stinky cheese pussy

All the good men were marrying and having families when you were taking dicks left and right to find yourself.
Now it's too late you only have the shitty leftover men

>She also needs a guy who can spell.
God damnit. I even spelled it "grateful" at first, but then had the word "grate" in my head, so I changed it.


Your kind scared them away. They mostly go to Asia now and pick up good women there

>shitty leftover men
and guess who they are

There are about 3 billion men on planet Earth right now.
Do you know how large the number 3 billion is?


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You can't. The good ones are just as rare as the good women, and they're taken. Even if they weren't taken, they're not for you. Now go back to sucking dick in public toilets

Sex before marriage? Instant no. Why are you asking on Jow Forums of all places?

Yes but how many are whites and look like Christian Grey? 0,00000001%.

Good luck women, the race has already started

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drinking is fine, by "alcohol-centered" they mean the people who get shitfaced and fuck strangers every weekend

Where can I find a healthy, loyal and loving woman?

In fiction

or pubs
or anything alcohol related
you wanna be in love with a disgusting whore? then sure risk it with some drunk slut you found lying raped (she liked it tho so she won't report it teehee) on the floor. but once your relationship utterly fails don't come crawling back.

Video-games have turned men into manchildren.

Social medias have turned women into womenchildren (and whores), unfit for motherhood or marriage.

No, you don’t actually want a nice loyal guy because if you did you’d already have one. It’s as smile as opening up your Facebook profile and replying to a few messages from nice guys.

No what you want Is a loyal Alpha male, which doesn’t exist. You want a Chad that has/can fuck every bitch in your city but chose not to, something only a man in the top 20% would be able to do. You will never get a Chad to be loyal to you, so if you are serious about wanting a loyal loving guy you have to date a beta that hasn’t been with a lot of women and couldn’t if he tried.

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I'm hurting Feminism by not participating to society at all, men should all stop going to work, pay taxes etc, fix things in which women live comfortably with Chad beam btw their legs.

nice guys don't send unsolicited facebook messages to girls they don't normally talk to

Yes, you want a quality man, you find one that either never drinks or rarely drinks.

They’re rare- just like quality women are rare. The vast majority of everyone is self serving and hypocritical and wanting to have their cake and eat it too.

My only advice is KEEP GOING and don’t turn into one of the many assholes yourself. Keep looking, keep giving chances, try to get better at seeing red flags, and soften your tastes as far as stupid superficial shit goes (can he grow a beard, is he tall, how much money, etc). They’re out there, but it’s hard to find.

She was implying she was seeking for Chad. A 'good' man by a woman is not what you as a man see as good.
A good man is a codename for a stud, a wealthy Chad etc..
When she typed this she was picturing herself Christian Grey.

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I didn’t see anything like that implied.

I haven’t read through the whole thread, has OP now been adding ridic stipulations on what she considers a “good” man?

Dropped reply, my b

Yes, as all women do. She just wants a Chad that won’t cheat on her which will never happen.

Ok, I read through and I don’t think OP has even replied to anyone here haha
Everyone is just projecting whatever subtext they added to her original post. That said.... they’re probably not wrong about what she REALLY means by “good.” I’ve seen it for myself many times. I don’t feel bad for people adding a bunch of nonsense to what they require in a partner and don’t get it.

OP is a phaget comfirmed

good men do not approach a woman that wears a ring.
women tend to wear rings that they received from their relatives, and for some sick reason they decide to wear them even though they don't have men.

This is so specific it made me laugh out loud.

In the US, only the left ring finger signifies marriage/engagement/etc at least

> Thinking people on Jow Forums care about namecalling

Go kill yourself after you finished feeding your 5 cats and drinking your 4th full glass of wine

What site do you think you're on?

they are married to all the good women leaving worthless garbage like us behind

I mean seriously do you even deserve good men?