What age guys do females 18-22 prefer to date?

What age guys do females 18-22 prefer to date?

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The more money you have the older the ceiling for you gets.

[citation needed]

disturbing amount of girls I know currently in or just out of the age range talking about who they've dated or fucked to eachother.

not uncommon for them to have a mid-late 30s "sugar daddy"

I should specify those are only the ones who live in a major city and are morally-bankrupt in every way as a result.

Depends on their maturity level. Women are good at pretending to be mature unlike guys in that age bracket.

So if they are mature they might go for a much older guy near his 30s or older.

you mean if they think they're mature
if they actually are, they would know better

20-30s . How old are you? There are men older who can get any girl. With good seduction techniques you can girl without age being a factor.

30-45, unironically young women have a preference towards men that remind them of their dads.

Maybe they're fed up with all the estrogen you younger guys are carrying

must be lots of testosterone from those progressively-older men the same ones are using a website to sell personalized fetish nudes to as well

18 year old girl here.

honestly, all the guys i had crushes on were two to four years older than me. as in legit felt butterflies and daydreamed about our babies and shit.

i could never look at my teachers for example sexually even if they were the last men on earth.. ew. but i think girls prefer to marry and older guy because he's less likely to leave her and he is more guranteed to have financial stability.

some girls think, (unfortunately even me), that if we marry a guy in our age range for example, he will leave us once we get older like at 30 for a 22 year old girl because now he has money he can. so it feels more safe to just get with an older one i think.

however all the guys i've been extremely attracted to were only a few years older than me. in an ideal world i would want to stay with one. but i don't live in that place.

20 year old woman here
All the guys I've crushed on were at most 6 years younger than me.
I just have a thing for youthful fun-loving guys, especially soccer players.
I feel bad though because I'm getting older and they're all staying the same...

Personally guys 21-26

Anything older is wierd and anyone younger is dick for brains retarded

Stupid whores this is exactly why all men should go MGTOW like me. Disgusting.

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Faggot I'm not one of MGTOW fags. But can still relate to your image. I'm more redpill and reality. MGTOW bitch about females to much. Being "MGTOW" does not make you unique.

Oh my god why are you even offended? Are you younger or older, I don't understand why you're so mad? You can go your own way, your life I guess, but safety is just something woman has to feel in a relationship and man has to provide that for her.

Incels mad because they don’t realize you can’t treat women like shit and get gf at same time

>you can’t treat women like shit and get gf at same time

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B-but that's what Chads do reeee!!!

Ryuuko is only 17, she's underage.

Many none incels treat women like shit and than fuck them. Women use nice guys for attention and validation. Treating women like shit is not just incel, but also done by normie guys.

Imagine living in a place where the Age of Consent isn't 16...

“The land of the free” my ass

Who even cares about consent. What are you, feminists?

doesn't matter to me lmao

>t. virgin
If you're good looking you can literally treat women however the fuck you want and they'll keep coming back. In fact they'll loose respect for you if you fawn over them.

Yeah I usually treat women however, not particularly bad but not particularly good either. I have noticed whenever I’m in a good mood and decide to be really nice to any particular girl it will cause her to become less attracted to me. It all depends on the place it comes from though, if you usually treat your girl like shit but treat her good like once a month or so she will actually like it.

>I have noticed whenever I’m in a good mood and decide to be really nice to any particular girl it will cause her to become less attracted to me
Nice LARP.

I mean it’s true, think what you wish. My point is it’s no reason to just be nice to women all the time for no reason especially if you’re just expecting sex from it.

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About a year younger than your current age.