Help winning boy over?

Do you think uploading a video of me doing something seductive on instagram/fb would make my crush want me? Or would it just make him think less of me? What if I sent it just to him with other more normal photos to make it seem unintentional?

Because I recently saw a video of cosplay in pic related licking a syringe and it honestly was so seductive I felt aroused by it myself despite considering myself a straight girl, and I saw the guys in the comment section feel it too.

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Chad doesn't want a picture of you licking a dirty needle you fat autistic whore

He either likes you or he doesn't just ask him and accept the answer either way

Is there a reason why you feel comfortable enough to post whorish pics of yourself on fb/instagram but not comfortable enough to ask the dude out?

guys are significantly more likely to go for girls who actually talk to them instead of dropping hints. "bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" deal like I keep telling people on here.

There was a girl that I considered unattractive both as far as appearance and personality- she actually asked me out, I figured why not. After I got to know her better, she's still one of my favorite people, even after we had a falling out.

Assuming you're not larping.

no, posting a video of you being seductive only gives off the vibe that you're a whore and proud of it.

Especially outside of cosplay and pinup modeling.

If you want your crush to notice you, wear sexy and attractive clothes when you see him and actually talk to him and hint that you have free days and stuff

for one if he says no I would be completely humilated
but if I got him interested without asking him directly then there are no risks

I wish we still had the "why don't guys ask girls out anymore?" thread to laugh at this reply


>licking a needle

He might just see you as someone who has lots of men chasing her. My advice would be just to give him very visible hints that your into him, make them simple.

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Shit tier advice. Just talk to him OP jess fuck

You are such a complete fucking moron I don't know where to start.

>I would be completely humilated
How the fuck do you think he would feel? Why do guys have to make the first move? He's probably in the same shoes as you op.

No risk, no reward. Have fun being alone tho

No, it's not gonna work. You need to get a career as a porn star going and then hope he finds the videos and falls in love with your personality

>Do you think uploading a video of me doing something seductive on instagram/fb would make my crush want me?

Stop being a whore and ask him out you fucking retard, you're just going to let everyone know how much of a thirsty hoe you are by doing shit like that. I hope your parents see those posts and ground you.

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Men like these videos for the illusion of a girl doing it for them - they don't actually like her doing it for a crowd.

Exactly. I had a half dozen do this and it does get me to fuck her but I lose all respect for her and move on pretty quick. I'll add I feel the same even if the pic or video isn't seen by a crowd.

Funny story, I had a married woman send me a sexy video and we hooked up several days later. She admitted she had her husband shoot the video and he believed it was for him but was intended for me. My guess however is she sent that video to multiple guys. I feel a little bad for the poor unsuspecting husband.

no, even if you don't believe it men become attracted to girls who shows affection the most, you don't have to slut it up, just show him you care for him and he will love you over time

Look, this here is real advice
>Moonwalk to him - MUST BE A MOONWALK
>3 spins (Don't forget)
>MJ kick his chin
>Tell him you like him and ask him out
>OPTIONAL: Do it in a private setting to avoid turbo humiliation
Works all the time

Why aren’t you talking about how you feel to him? Instead of trying to make him take the lead? It’s bullshit to think only the man should do the chasing, that’s counter productive to what your goal is. Instead of posting sexual photos, talk to him and explain what he means to you. You’ll get way more done that way.

Have you considered the option of meeting him, talking to him, getting to know him and letting him get to know you?

And what if he feels the same fear of shame and rejection? Then even if he does like you he’ll keep it to himself thereby ruining your plan of manipulation.

Have you tried talking to the dude?

No it looks desperate.