I missed a doctor appointment, and was charged money for it. I just ghosted my doctor...

I missed a doctor appointment, and was charged money for it. I just ghosted my doctor, and months later I received an email saying he was planning on handing the debt over to a collector who would probably bring me to court. He gave me one last chance to pay this debt. I am curious if he is bluffing. The money I owe is 100 dollars.

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Not bluffing. You could offer to schedule a new appointment if he drops the fee.

Another frogposter..

Are you sure? It seems like it would cost more to take me to court than it would to just forget about the 100..

He will add the extra court costs to the bill

You never mess with a doctor, he will steal your organs if you annoy him to much.

Holy shit what the fuck is wrong with Americans? Your country is insane.

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Your costs will be $100 + his expenses.

If you can risk the $100 (plus extra fees) I would suggest just wait it out and see if anyone actually gives you shit over such a small amount of money, then report your findings here for us to learn from. Personally I doubt that the doctor would even bother filing the paper work to get a debt collector to take it over because when you do that you sell the rights to the debt at a price of about 1/3rd of the value (might be 2/3rds, not totally sure) and a doctor could make more money just doing his job in the time handling your bullshit would take.

I find this very doubtful, court costs can theoretically be zero if you just show up or millions of dollars if you hire a good enough lawyer, even more if you charge for your own time and set an arbitrarily high rate, so I don't think this would work as a common occurence in a system to work out disputes between people who see $100 as a lot of money (and a system that guarantees everyone their right to defend themselves with stupid excuses). I don't know exactly how this works but I know for sure they don't just charge the losing side the other side's costs in every case.

Hes not gonna take you to court over $100

Not bluffing, and totally within the law and proper business practice. And the collection agency will add on their fee, so you are FAR better off paying the man.

He is under absolutely no obligation to bargain with you, but if you plead poverty and offer to pay half he MIGHT let you off with that.

He doesn't need to go to court, just sends it to collections.

Yea I done this before to a guys car I damaged, paid 700 instead of 1000 to avoid the hassle of court, that’s ur best bet OP.

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Don’t pay that bluffing peice of shit. Does he even have proof you made the appointment? Anyone could’ve called and said they’re you, or maybe they could’ve made a administrative error. He is 100% bluffing and no debt collector is going to buy a fucking missed doctors appointment lmao. It’s way too much effort for such a small amount of money.

>this is what people from the supposedly richest and most advanced country in the world are like

They’ll just take it out of your income once the government is involved.

no he's going to make you pay all of it
never ever go to a doctor
they're all collectively frauds

America really is a country without morals

Just pay the bill you bum. Your going to get yourself in more trouble for to paying it. Have fun at small claims

This. Debt collectors buy the debt for a fraction of what is owed. $100 isn't worth their time and effort

>Small claims
Its about $75 to file a case dumbass. Id Dr. wins the case he will have gained $25