Job ideas for someone with anxiety?

Due to abuse in my younger years, I have an intense case of agoraphobia. Specifically, I'm terrified of going places where I will need to socialize with people. Going outside isn't too bad for me as long as socialization is unlikely.

It doesn't look like I'll be cured anytime soon, so can you think of any jobs where it wouldn't be a huge issue? For example, I imagine something like a groundskeeper wouldn't require much interaction with people. Working from home would be the dream but I doubt I could find something that pays well.

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Building habits that cater to your anxiety and enable it to run your entire life is only going to galvanize your dysfunction and establish them as permanent behavioral patterns. The only way to overcome this is going to be to get some therapy, maybe take some medication and address this anxiety before it ruins your entire life.

Sure, you plan to pay for it? I sure can't. And it's already been about a decade of it stewing so I hope you have a lot of dosh prepared.

My gfs cousin is having the exact same problem and I have no way to help him with good suggestions. He tried really hard for years in HS to go to the marines but they declined him for kidney reasons and couldn't do anything and he slowly slipped into neetdom and anxiety thats really bad and his dad is being a super big hardass and making it worse. I feel for the poor lad.

Guess you're a lost cause. I'm moving on

I'm fortunate enough to at least have a parent who understand me, so I'll be okay for a while. But obviously that won't last forever, hence why I'm looking into job options.

Moving on to what? Telling someone who lost a leg that they should get a prosthetic? About as useful as what you've provided me

If you like driving, truck driver could be a good option

>Sure, you plan to pay for it? I sure can't.
Live your life shackled to your anxiety then. Its rather inconsequential to me. Lashing out at me because the solution to your problem is inconvenient is just another method of distracting yourself from hard truths you don't have the courage to face. But, like I said, be miserable if thats what you want dude. I don't really care. You asked for advice and you got it.

An interesting idea, but don't they get major skin cancer from being exposed to the sun all the time?

I work as a groundskeeper for a cemetery. It's very chill. Maybe 2-3 people ask me for help finding a grave during a normal week.
I also work with packaging orders for a small online store. Not much social contact there I'll tell you.

1. What?
2. They sell sun protection

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I mean, I've seen articles on that sorta thing. It's like sitting under a magnifying glass all day.

That's weird. I found windows to reduce the suns effect by 30%.
Googling it I do see truckers being more exposed on their left side from having their window rolled down (and spending a lot of time being exposed to the sun in general).

Not that dude, but seriously, what do you do if you can't pay for therapy? Not trying to be a dick, but is there actually an alternative? I'm all for self improvement and not letting your weaknesses get the better of you, but I'm genuinely curious what you think the alternative could be.

You either kill yourself or you live with it. That's why suicide rates are so high among young men lately, they're either too poor to get help or not willing to because they've been taught that asking for help is showing weakness.

Are there any big, 24/7 super markets or shipping warehouses near you?
Apply for an overnight position for either of those.
You DO have to deal with the people you work with, but you don't really have to deal with much anybody else.

Mm, I dunno about that one. Most of my horrific encounters with strangers are less disheartening solely because I'll never have to worry about seeing them again. With a bunch of consistent coworkers, that wouldn't be the case. And they'd probably try to converse with me a lot since there's nobody else around at night time.

Now you are sounding like a total pussy.
So you come with this severe problem and someone suggests a viable solution and the first thing you do is try to find an ultra lame excuse. You’re quite pathetic.

I'm not turning down the idea, shithead. I'm writing all of these down. Obviously I need to come up with pros and cons for each of them to decide which to go with.

You're part of the problem if you tout stuff like this.


>t. female
>t. part of the problem
>t. poor guy going to kill himself in a few years because his country sucks so much dick they'd rather have him helping out suck dick than have him get therapy for his massive anxiety
I'll tell you this, therapy is worse than having a friend or two. You'd do way better with a friend than with therapy. So get friends, and yes you can do it. Everyone can make friends because we've all been 5

Have you thought about book keeping? It's a work from home thing and you can limit communication to email. It's kind of dying out because of online tools but should still be viable for awhile.

I've never been very good with numbers, but I'll take it into consideration if I can find any offers.

I've had one of those jobs and we stayed so busy and contained in our area that there was practically no time to chat.
Almost no one would even blame you for not chatting either because there's so much work to be done in a certain amount of time.

What do they do exactly? Just stocking shelves mostly?

nice projecting, go dilate

Have you considered working with Animals? Many people who work with animals are introverted or prefer to be around animals over humans.
Farm work is another option. Local small farms are great and it tends to be pretty therapeutic to work outdoors all day.

I feel like a lot of animal-related jobs would require degrees though, no?

>ITT schizophrenia