GIOYC thread

I'll start.
I'm crying and shaking because of this.
>relaxed, about to fall asleep
*BUZZ* "So do you have any pets?"

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I’m so sorry, OP (._.)
What about “do not disturb” mode?

I’m really really sorry

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Yeah I figured that out after. I guess I'm too trusting. I just wish I could figure out how to relax so I can get a little bit of sleep. I want death.

So what kinda pets do you have?

I’ve used to have a friend with same problem. I tried my best not to disturb them in evening time, but somehow I dropped on that and got them really mad. Idk probs I was only thinking about myself. I used to be too hungry for attention.

I want to bitch about my workaholic bf for a bit. I really fell for him, but I barely ever see him anymore. I'd be more understanding if he was struggling and needed all those jobs to stay afloat, but he doesn't. He makes a shitton of money that he doesn't even seem to care about. No, he just has this weird need to sit on as many chairs as possible at the same time. He works:
>at a hospital as a clinical psychologist
>at a private office as a therapist
>at a university as a teaching associate
On top of that, he's also involved with research, which he does for free just to get his name in some journals that no one will notice. And when the university is on a break, he'll volunteer for some workshop that I don't understand or care to find out about. On top of that, he takes hours out of what little free time he has to take phone calls in case of emergencies from the patients at his private practice. Thankfully those are rare, but he's still always on standby during those hours, so we can't really do anything fun and I don't feel like he's fully present.
It's partly my fault. I stew all day in anger, but because I have so little time with him, I can't bring myself to confront him about it and express my frustration when he's actually there. Instead, I want what little time we have together to be happy. And it is. It's not easy to be mad at him when he's truly present. He's always wonderful. But then takes all of that away and I'm left alone to brood and build resentment. My friends and family are cunts about it too. Whenever I try to talk to them, they'll bring up the fact that I'm a NEET and attribute my feelings to that. Yeah, I'd probably think about him less if I had something else to focus on, but that doesn't change the fact that my feelings are valid and that the workload he takes on is stupidly big.

He probably has a very deep hole in himself that does not make him feel ok about who he is so he does all those things to feel worthy enough to be respected. Deep down his insecurity is that he isn’t good enough, that someone at some point told him he was flawed when he was younger that was close to him and he has been working to please that person in his head ever since.

I think all high achieving males encounter this at some point in their lives. Talk to him, truthfully, if you love him. He’s damaged, but hides it in his work. Decide from there if it’s worth pursuing the relationship.

I’m frustrated because I can never physically express my feelings to girls I like. I’ll hang out with them while secretly planning out our lives together in my head. I use my pillow to imagine their lovely face, and picture all the times we will be together. I either get friend zoned or she dates someone else and treats me like shit. I have no idea where this fear comes from, but I hope that I can break it and lie next to the love of my life.

I recently got an infatuation on a Jow Forums poster whose face I don't even know. They're very awkward and push people away so it's really a dead end. I'm disappointed for memeing myself into having a crush every time, it's like my brain can't live without fantasizing about someone.

I kinda want to break up with my gf but I don't waby to upset her. She's a really good person I just don't feel compatable anymore and I have so many other options

I love her, but she dated my friend for 2 years while I was around and she's immature in relationships and I'm looking for something stable and mature, something long term and I don't see myself being happy with her in that sense. Our morality isn't compatible either. Not like it should matter but I can't help but feel that to her I'm perfect, but to me, she's not and I'd only worry myself all the time while she doesn't feel threatened by me at all because she knows I never fucked up like that and can be trusted, she on the other hand, cannot, not as much as I'd need to trust her to be with her.
It just sucks to have to turn her down because I know I could be happier with someone else. It's just the fact that its HER, a friend, a close friend and I do love her, and I wish she wasn't the way she is completely, then it would've worked but now as it stands, I don't think I'll be happy with her despite her thinking she'll be happy with me and now I have to turn her down and lose a friend and then see her fuck some other guys because she has guys running after her all the time and now she'll have an excuse to start fucking around while I just don't do that sort of thing... fuck my life, why does everything have to always go fuck itself like this? why can't things just work out for once? its always shit like that and only I seem to be treating it seriously, everyone else acts like a needy child and doesn't even consider any consequences...

I think you've really given up and could care less. This is your mothers fight, not yours. You never wanted it in the first place. She forced you into it. Although when I offered the whole adoption route escape for you and told you we'd never speak again you didn't want that. So I guess that part is your fault. Now we'll never speak again and what mess we've made huh? That's ok because I'm cleaning it up. You abandoned it, as I always knew you would. You follow in his footsteps perfectly. Mommy must be proud of the little husband she raised.

How did you even get a crush?

I feel so bad for women whose husbands have fucked them over.

My father stole money from my immigrant mother to smoke weed, lies to me that she got our house for free (though official papers from the state and bank-rolls do not confirm it), went to South Africa to party with friends when I was born, kicked me out of his and my step-mother's house when my little sister was born instead of moving away to somewhere we could all live, saying that I wished for it, while my mother wasn't asked. I feel so sorry for her, I'm so glad she got over that crisis, being stuck in a society helpless. Constant lies, got told he would support me if I needed to get a driver's license or study, but when that happened, he bailed out. Says he is poor now because his firm got bought up, but buying a cabin on an island, living almost all my life with two women whose salaries are extremely good, all while my mother worked hard to support me and her family in the country abroad.

I won't do him any harm. I just hope he drinks himself to death. He hasn't hurt me physically or anything, but the distress he has put everyone through.

Totally your fault for not having the foresight to silence your phone, let alone opening another avenue for you to receive potentially disturbing notifications.

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still not too excited to see you tho

I spent my salary a week after I got it to make my friends happy and now I don't have money to pay my bills. Living in this third-world slavic country is shit.

Wrong. Don’t invest in other people they’ll end up being total twats.

I want to know if I'm ugly or average / get objectively rated by anonymous individuals free of bias but I also feel conflicted about posting my face on /soc/ because I feel like it is a vain violation of my personal morals to seek external gratification

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I've been dying to tell you this, now that I got the signal to do so...
Let's both agree to let things come naturally.
If we cross paths again so be it, if we never cross paths again so be it.
There is no need to force anything. do your own thing, that's what im currently doing right now.

-Belle Dolphin

Post it here, let us judge it

I know that no matter what, I'm horrible on the inside. I can't open up to the people I love because once I do, they leave. I know it's better for them at that point but I don't want to hurt anymore. I just want to be happy.

What's so horrible about you

My friend's ex girlfriend is in love with me I think, and I'm starting to develop feelings for her. We just understand each other and connect better than the two of them ever did. Still, I feel like an absolute cunt for developing feelings for her.

I don't know. They usually tell me that they fell out of love with me. The therapist of my current gf of a few years said that the relationship is abusive because I emotionally manipulate, emotionally abuse and re-traumatize her from shit that happened in her childhood.
I had no idea I did any of those things. It's probably also why everyone else has left me.
I'm so fucking scared of not being able to change.

We all change fren, it's literally in our nature to adapt to new things

But what if I don't change fast enough. I don't know what to do and who the fuck would even want to go on dates with someone who is fundamentally broken.

There's plenty of people with savior's complex to go around, don't worry user if someone loves you they stick around through the thick and thin, you got time.

I wish my parents would call ME!! I’m always calling THEM! I miss them so much but I feel like they don’t care. They probably do and don’t wanna be inconsiderate of my daily life/work but god do I miss them and get jealous when people around me get phone calls /check ups from their parents

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Don't approve of what other races believe in but I'm tolerant.

Except for niggers. I fucking hate even living in the same world as these gross, dirty fucking ape niggers.

Thank God that niggers are being slaughtered at an unprecedented rate be each other. Now if everybody else joined in we could get rid of them just like the good old days.

Niggers being lynched. Niggers being tortured and mutilated. Niggers being drowned in barrels, burned on crosses and pulled behind moving trucks.

Can't hate you if you're not black, even if I said that I did in the past. Kill all niggers.

I hate how unfair life is, towards everyone. I hope everyone can find happiness and satisfaction in their lives.

That's kind of you, thanks.

It would be nice if all the hateful people, like you, were rounded up, chipped, tattooed, put in shackles and made to serve your community until rehabilitation was complete.

Cool. I wish I was as hardworking as your bf, but I get tired pretty easily. I'm way too lazy

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imo the long hair doesn't suit you.

You're fine m8. Just cut your hair.

Nigger-lover, please.

It would be a waste of time explaining anything to you, at all because your pea-brain wouldn't understand one way or the other.

You're either with the niggers or your against them and I'd rather not trust any dirty little 60iq nigger bitch or her young thug of a son to take awful care of my beloved society.

Wherever niggers are empowered: destruction, filth, corruption, fear and drugs.

Kill yourself.

Don't misunderstood I was never attracted to your friends that's effed up.
I was talking about my batchmates at the time.

wth people ;_;

I'm worried about my alcohol consumption. I'm not hammered but I need a few drinks throughout the day to be able to get anything done. At night however I need to get wasted to be able to sleep.
I've been noticing how I need more and more to have an effect over the months.
I should probably seek help but I can't admit weakness because my facade is the only thing I have left.

With every challenge I push through and I keep coming out on top, it's so satisfying to know that an added bonus is that you're miserable because of it. That's not my motivation, just the icing on my cake.

Why the fuck would I want advice from a dolphin?

Hello fake Canadian boyfriend.
Rise and grind. It's time for your vitamin shots.

What happened to you? You're in there somewhere but you are going insane. I can't eat what I want without being shamed, I can't say what I want without being shamed(even the phrase holy cow triggers you because "durrr cows aren't holy") you are becoming a religious nut job. What the fuck happened to my friend? The guy I fell for? I hate you.

Please, don’t hate them. They probably just a dummy.


They are an asshole now. It hurts because I care about him so much. But then he pulls this manipulative controlling shit and it makes me so sick of it all. No, I am not disobeying when I asked permission, you said yes, and then change your mind. Fuck this.

My gf has stretchmarks on her ass and it's so fucking hottttt

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When I hit 56 I am afraid I will turn into a complete stranger who will abandon everything he built around himself and do everything in power to destroy it much like my own father.

Mental illness and age are terrifying, I am convinced that he doesn't even know what he is doing anymore.

I'm tired of eating rice

Do you call them her tiger stripes?

I didn't bring them up because I didn't want to embarrass her. We both like her curves but I wouldn't want to put too much focus on it

I feel like if I’m not in a long term relationship by the time I’m 27 I’ll be more of a disappointment than I already am

I'm in long distance relationship by the time I'm 28. Does it count?


Some people always have to do something they need a new challenge or lifepurpose. You should join him and do something you're passionate about

I'm slowly but surely becoming a chad, who knew that the way to get women's attention was to stop caring about them, and more about yourself.

Please don't act simple, or do you feel like I don't deserve it?

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Dammit. I wanted to end this on a good note. Well I'm just gonna suck it up and face it. This is what happened. Next time I won't let it happen like this.

Look at this picture.

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It's not every day that I get turned on by just talking to a person, this must be special.

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Look, I know it was very inconsiderate of me to ask for your friendship but please try to understand. I was ignorant about a lot of things.... also I'm kind of an airhead.

Ya'll if you ain't seen this when it came out I ain't fuckin' with you.

An airhead you say, what was so wrong about asking for that friendship?

Go fuck yourself

It's been about a month.
I hate you for what you did, but I still miss you so much.

I'm deathly afraid that I'm never going to find another person who's as sexually compatible to me as you were.
I can't stop thinking about how good you were at making me cum. I hate it.
I wish you were suffering as much as I am. But no, your reward for robbing my sexuality and ruining my trust was my best friend as your girlfriend. Congratulations, you ugly fucking cunt.

Goddamn I just want to buy a car but I'm too fucking poor! I'm too exhausted riding my bike to work everyday, sure do wish we had public transport in my city, but I still can't afford a car on my wages. Thus I'm stuck in the cycle of better job with better pay gets me a car, but I need a car to open my career options. I need a car to go back to college which would then open my career options. Too bad I have 0 fucking family around here because they either died or moved away.

I've been keeping an eye on Craigslist but all the shit within my budget is of course junk which needs repairing, but the repairs are beyond my budget. My therapist has been telling me my exhaustion is probably from work, but I'm out working outside all day then bike back home in humid ass 100F+ weather. I can't fucking stand this shit any longer.

I want to stop thinking about him!! please!! just leave me alone, brain! please, please please just stop already! it's time to move on and accept it.

You could always get a motorcycle or an electric scooter

It's the equivalent of imposing myself. She wanted more than that and I just couldn't.

>write diaries all day i never let anyone read
>decide to go to my cousin's daughter bday party
>can barely sit still and can't control nervous ticks
>everyone stares at me and thinks I'm a schizo
>"uhm how are you doing" "uhm are you alright" "uhm why are you always on your phone"
>decide my diaries and anything i write and think by myself is affecting me way too much and making me more depressed
>burn every diary and anything I've written
>decide to never write again unless i plan on letting somebody read it, since it's probably gonna be a highly toxic thought, disguised as poetry and "letting things out", that i shouldn't feed myself

Feeling any better now?

Post feet, whore.

>me on the right

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not feeling much of anything, just thinking about how I'm very alarmed by my mental state and my isolation, also wondering how I'm gonna spend my time now since i don't want to write

Hello I miss my fake Canadian boyfriend please give me information thanks.

I miss you. I am so upset over having to say goodbye.

Give me the tea, sis...

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please message me. i know you dont care but please try to reach out. i want you to use me again. treat me like shit, but please never stop. just dont leave me.


Your relationship won't last with her. No one thinks it will. You do everything she says. She's a crazy, unstable bitch, you just don't see that yet.

You don't have to respect her. Just use me as your stressball. I'm so willing to forgive you for what you did, just think about me again.

We have lots of shit to work on our lives

U dumb

stop it

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You need to Skype one of your other hoes or start paying a camwhore. Oh wait, nmind, you already do. It’s pathetic. Hence why we will never be together.

My mother and my stepfather are splitting up. My stepfather is the only dad I've ever really had, my real one is a bum, my mothers first marriage affected me a lot but I got past it. How am I gonna get past this. I just saw them crying, my mother fucked up, probably cheated, said she doesnt love him anymore, said she cant force it. He ran into the bathroom to cry. In all 10 years, I've never seen him drop a single tear. But this was next level. He's my dad and my wife is pregnant and I was gonna name my child after him, so fuck you mom.

just FUCK YOU. I HATE YOU SO MUCH. I want my stepdad to feel better, I told him I loved him, I've never done that before. I'm getting him a gift. Fuck you mom.

Dude, I don't ignore you, I just feel really sick. Please, don't be upset and stop talking so disrespectfully about yourself.

Sometimes I think about how cool it would be to be the exotic pet of a Roman emperor or the Pharaoh. You'd live in absolute luxury, drowning in cheetah/giraffe/lion bitches, maybe be used as an instrument for capital punishment or elected mayor or something cool like that. If you got bored, you could kill your human and go down in history after being brutally executed for your crime.

This place is a place one with the devil.

If you have to consult with them first to give me what Im asking for, don't bother. I don't like to ask people for things but I deserve to know. If you don't feel like I'm worthy of this one simple thing, go ahead and block me again. If I don't hear from you by midnight I'll block you instead.

Ran out of memes
Cya soon hopefully

I have had it with ya'll