Where have all the decent grills gone?

where have all the decent grills gone?

even when i find a grill i find attractive who isn't some skank she ends up being a succubus of sorts. where can i find a grill who is loyal, cute and as supportive of me as i am of her? i'm gonna have to build her myself won't i?

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Why would such a girl be attracted to you?

who would she be attracted to?

Depends on the girl, but what is certain she would not be attracted to an entitled depressive whiner.

A guy using this word as their first criteria is a red flag. Loyalty should be a given and not even something you think about. That you list is as your main thing tells us you have massive trust issues and would likely be a very controlling and maybe even abusive partner.

oh i agree it should be a given but it's not. in my experience women are rarely if ever truly loyal.

how am i entitled? is it too much to ask for loyalty, cuteness and supportiveness in one package from women? the demands i have had imposed on me are staggering in comparison. also i can't say i'm depressed, just disappointed.

this goes for men too.

What experience do you have? Or are you just repeating memes?

well i've never been cheated on by any of my exs but the fact that it is so prevalent (in both men and women) it should be a criterion for anyone who doesn't want to be a sucker.

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They've gone out of your way, girls don't hang out with "quirky" faggots who use words like grill.

we're on Jow Forums, faggot. unlike you i can adapt my lexicon to any situation.

>we're on Jow Forums
So stop using r*ddit lingo

i see no one can answer my question and instead i have seething roasties outraged that a man can have standards for what they look in a female partner. sad really. so it's ok for you to have standards for what you look for but a man can't? oh this double standard. i'm really not asking for much in contrast for the list of demands you lot have.

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Work a social job, and make sure your cute yourself or lower your expectations. Or get a waifu pillow



Dick cheese

flappy vegeta

Acid reflux

trisomy 21

Stubbed broken toe


I can't imagine why such a nice, kind, and intelligent guy like OP can't get girls.


Probably cause your cock blocking with your politeness

i do get grills, they just aren't ever up to my standard. also you don't know how good i have been to all my exs, i really go out of my way to be there for them in every capacity i can.


Captacha is getting hard, you win for now

do you have adblock enabled? depending on your adblocker it may interfere with the cookie data and prevent captcha from working properly. it should be easy or you may just have trisomy 21 after all.

Shut the fuck up, faggot, this is why your love life will always be wretched, just like you.

why do you assume how i treat random people online is how i treat someone i'd love? that's not how it works.

It is precisely how it works, especially once the facade you build in order to impress people breaks down due to time and pressure

Why do people always say "I am only an angry asshole on Jow Forums, in real life I am super nice"? It doesn't work that way. From your posts it's clear you are not a nice person in real life.

my actual friends would beg to differ. in fact it's known that how people behave online to how they behave in real life is completely different. especially when there is anonymity.

Your "actual" friends do not really care about you neither do you care much about them. That much I know or you wouldn't have made this thread at all, they would have helped you sufficiently enough. There's a good chance you've never discussed anything crucial for your life/happiness with them. Actual my ass.

>It's known

Every fucking time. Were they talking about men? Is he gay? Bi? Does he care if men are disloyal?



people shouldn't be disloyal to their partners. it's horrible that someone would do something like cheat on someone they're supposed to love. ffs just break up.


Anyway, what do I even know, if you're such a kind and understanding person irl, figure out yourself how not to have such a miserable love life, can't be that hard for you.

we have research from hundreds of years ago that holds true to this day. a bit old doesn't mean outdated.

and it's an issue of distribution. i'm just asking where the decent women at?

Decent women want decent men. Maybe that's why they are hiding from you.

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>implying they ever existed at all
Laughing at your life

>i speak on behalf of all women
i do find women's temporary convenient tribalism funny i must say.

lol, good to know i came to the right place.

>asks for decent girls
>is a mentally ill, effeminate, worthless sissy
Keep it up

you can only find them in highschool before they turn into sluts, you need to keep them by your side until marriage

He never said that. You put words into his mouth (which is probably something you also do in real life)

never said what? didn't imply that their personal subjective evaluation of my decency is the same as that of all women and therefore why these girls aren't around? please.learn to read between lines better.

or at the very least all decent women

Oh, so you like searching between the lines when people speak to you so you can get them in a double bind. I bet you don't do this in real life, though, just to strangers online.

Not you lmao