Am I being insecure?

My girlfriend confronted, asking me if she could go out for lunch with an “old friend” from college who is a guy. I asked her if he was gay and she said no but she also claimed they never had sex so I assume he was just a beta orbiter because she also says he offered to pay for the entire meal if she went.

Regardless I absolutely refused because I don’t want my woman going on date with other guys at all and she went absolutely ballistic, yelled at me calling me a massive insecure control freak, throwing shit around the room and stormed out the our apartment.

That was earlier yesterday around 12 pm. She came back home around 4am, wasted. When I asked her where she was all day she said she was at her sister house watching her nephew. I don’t buy it, I have to be at work in two hours and I don’t trust her at all. You think she went to see the guy or am I overreacting? Was I being too insecure?

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Dude, she was testing you. The correct answer is to let her go. She’s going to do what she wants regardless of whatever you say, so why not let her go?

She told you up front about everything. She didn’t even call the dude an asshole, and it’s just dinner. If you had said: sure, and bring him around so i can meet your friend she’s be all over your dick. Now she has possibly been all over guy friends dick because he’s not judging her and respecting her needs.

First thing you need to do is let it blow over. What’s done is done, don’t placate her, don’t bow down to her, none of that. Give her the chance to come to you. She’ll probably do one of two things in about a week or so: ask to break up, or apologize for her outburst. If she apologizes for her outburst, apologize for not understanding her friendship and ask her to bring him over so that you can meet him. She’ll be happy and be all over your dick. If she breaks up with you don’t go back to her, don’t beg, move on and learn from your mistake. Don’t ever refuse a woman if she is completely transparent, but make it on your terms as well.

Yeah, you're gonna be told that you're insecure, but insecurity isn't always bad. Personally I would've completely forbidden her to go, just to give her a "fuck you" for trying this shit on me

Yeah the fact that she had a temper tantrum is kind of worrisome too. When women act like children, treat them like children I say.

Yeah, that doesn't sound very good, you should really sit her down and have a talk with her about what the fuck is going on in her mind when this all blows over

Why can’t your girl have male friends? As long as she’s coming back home to you at the end of the day (like she did), what’s the issue? A relationship without trust is just hell honestly, I had to learn to trust my wife with her guy friends eventually it got easier because I knew they weren’t doing anything if she barely has sex with me I know she isn’t sleeping with anyone else. My wife goes on dinner dates with her guy friends all the time and nothing has happened.

She even drove to one of her exes beach house 3 hours away and stayed for a weekend. She called me and texted me every day to confirm nothing was happening, they were just drinking and walking the beach, I even spoke to the guy himself and he told me he wasn’t like that and respected our marriage and told me I was a cool guy for trusting her so much. When she got back she gave me a blowjob and it was the best I’ve ever had in my life. Just learn to trust you girl and good things will follow, you’re only hurting yourself by worrying so much.

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>My wife goes on dinner dates with her guy friends all the time and nothing has happened. She even drove to one of her exes beach house 3 hours away and stayed for a weekend.

he was probably fucking her while she was on the phone with you. The fact that she isn't having sex with you just means that she is getting fucked better somwhere else.

You live in a bizzare cuck dimension where it's better to keep your eyes closed to the truth

We can skip an entire chunk of the argument here and I can just tell you that if you don't trust your girlfriend you have no business being with her. Forcing her to live her life in a way that doesn't make you suspicious isn't an option. It doesn't matter if your suspicions are based in reality or if you really are just a credibly insecure man, its your issue to solve. Only you know the true answer as to whether or not you're being fair or not. All we can do is speculate about two people we know literally nothing about which, obviously, isn't incredibly informative or helpful.

>I don’t want my woman going on date with other guys at all

You are not her keeper and she isn't your woman so she can do whatever she wants and she wants to be free to date other men but wants to to be ok with it and you aren't

She needs to find a guy thats ok with her dating other men and you are involved with the wrong woman. Its a mismatch and you have both found your red line. Its not worth arguing over, not worth your mistrust nor her anger.

Its best both of you find a partner that is a better fit.


>bizzare cuck dimension
dunno why but this made me laugh, i'm stealing this

what the fuck is with this?

you people are openly admitting you're cuckolds jesus fuck

No I'm not. I'm saying there is no way to make an adult behave the way you want them to, nor should you try nor do you have the right to do this.

I'm saying if she wants to date other men then OP should leave. He should tell her she can do whatever she wants with her life as an adult, she's free to choose but he too has the right to choose who to be with and he chooses not to be with someone that dates other men.

If she was serious about a friendship she would have already introduced this man to OP but thats not what she did. She privately made plans and then told OP her version of the type of relationship they had and what this date really means. If she wants to fuck the relationship up then OP should let her but then he should leave.

Real men aren’t insecure about sex and allow their woman to explore their sexuality without getting jealous and cheating with other women.

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OP you should just kick her whore ass to the curb, she clearly fucked the guy judging by her reaction, it's not normal for someone to react like that since it's completely understandable why you wouldn't be okay with what she wanted to do. Learn from this and next time avoid women with male "friends".

you're either a woman or another cuck

now you are being a fool

having a male friend isn't the problem if he is indeed just a friend. a friend would already be introduced to OP and he would be able to judge the type of relationship between them for himself. what happened here is some phantom friend that suddenly appears from her past but it could be some guy she just met and cultivating a new "friend"

I dunno i think she just shit tested herself and failed, my had a "best friend" (orbiter) who she was never intimate with, the dude asked her if they could grab lunch together so she asked me if that was okay i told her i found it a bit weird and asked her how she would feel if i went to dinner with a girl that used to be in love with me and she immediately said she was out of line for asking and apologized (she once got mad because i was having lunch with a bunch of colleagues, 2 of them happened to be girls).

>she barely has sex with me I know she isn’t sleeping with anyone else

this must be bait

Girls are weird like that. They like to date other guys and spend time with guy friends on the side, but when their boyfriend so much as looks at another woman they throw a tantrum.

It’s just something you have to accept though, let your woman have her space and do what she wants because if you try to control her or tell her what she can or can’t do she will just want to stop having sex or leave you. It’s not that big of a deal to let your woman explore her sexuality with other guys if you’re not a insecure manchild, just don’t disrespect her by seeing other women because that is wrong. When are just emotional creatures while men aren’t, you have to let them express themselves freely to keep them when you truly love them otherwise they feel trapped.

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i know you're baiting but i'm still going to call you a cuck


If you wanted to keep the relationship OP you should of said something along the lines of, "I don't like it at all, but I trust you." The reason for this is that it is an attempt to play at her heart strings and thus reinforce her feelings for you going into this and subsequently decrease the possibility of her cheating. You should also of insisted upon meeting this "old friend" as another user said and for the same reasons.
When you get back from work you should comfort her with her hangover and ask something along the lines of, "have too much to drink watching you nephew?" If she responds belligerently than I think we all know what she did. OP, you know the situation best respond accordingly.
I am surprised at the number of cucks in this thread, I guess OP's post activated their dicks.

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The fact she asked you and then got offended when you said no, tells me she doesn’t value your opinion and is just stroking your ego to get what she wants.

That doesn’t mean you’re innocent, you’re insecure about your worth as a man if you think another guy can snatch her away or make her cheat. Even if she did cheat, you don’t own her.

>you’re insecure about your worth as a man if you think another guy can snatch her away or make her cheat


However don't be alarmed OP it happens to the best of us. Honestly a lot of this shit can just be resolved by communication to your lady about how you feel and if she wants to be a bitch just dump her lmao.

No one is talking about owning anyone. But not letting your gf go to a dinner with a guy and her beginning an argument over it would make it clear that she values that male more than she does me. So let her go, then she can't cheat on you. I don't own her, so don't be with people who are liars and cheaters and frauds and who'd drop you in a split second, like OP's lying gf.

You have no proof she’s lying though

I have a female friend who's husband tries to be this cool but he csnt sell it.

When wife leaves the room he let's me know how much better he is than me. He's shredded and walks around half naked but shrinks his size around me in his own home.

I've never felt more complament. This dude has everything and he's so fucking triggered by me visiting his wife.

Like I pay his marriage so much respect. Sitting on the other side of the room from her. Not giving any compliments about her looks. And he just sits their and stews in his own Jealousy.

Women are evil vicious creatures. Yet these cucks will still defended this kind of behavior.

Women can do no wrong in the eyes of these sad sad men. Yet I bet if they even looks at another woman themselves, their wives would send them on a one way ticket to the divorce and alimony express. Fucking stupid.

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She sounds like a bitch, why didn't she invite you??

no sure whatever but why make such a huge fuss about it? because it's her friend
but she could have known this
why ask if her friend is already so important that she would go ballistic if he said no
honestly it's bait and she knows she's baiting him
why she's baiting him I have no idea but it's bait

Drop her dude. If she doesn't respect your boundaries, she's not worth it. You're being completely reasonable and the fact she threw a childlike tantrum is a giant red flag.

My girlfriend just re-connected with her best girl friend from college that she hasn't seen in 4 years and told me to come because she wanted to meet me. She was a fucking girl and she still wanted me to come while they caught up with each other. Getting dinner alone with some guy is not fucking cool.

So glad my GF has no guy friends...

>gf'ing a drunk


Women aren't worth it man. Just be single. You realize how much more free and fun life is without having to worry about what some broad is doing

> (OP)
>Drop her dude. If she doesn't respect your boundaries, she's not worth it. You're being completely reasonable and the fact she threw a childlike tantrum is a giant red flag.

Honestly this, being single is great. Incels have it made because it’s so much room for growth and potential as long as you’re under the age of 65.

Single man:
>plenty of free time to work out and get in shape, increasing looks and health. Takes only around 2.5 years to go from 300 lbs to 200 lbs and replace the fat with muscle. This alone will increase your options with women 10x

>can focus on your career and generate wealth at your own leisure. Free time to pick up trades and credentials, maybe even get a degree if your field requires it. Increasing wealth again increases your options.

>you can focus more on hobby’s such as: reading, hiking, gardening, meditation, traveling and video games (fun ones not the normie ones but don’t let it distract you from the real world)

>you can go to bars and clubs as much as you want, perfect time to flex your accumulated wealth while grabbing a nice tall drink, get mired by young thots

>you can fuck any girl that decides to throw pussy at you, which if you get all your shit together and you’re between the ages of 25-60 will be a lot of them. (Ages 16-24 should be focused on developing yourself in terms of health, wealth and interest)

Overall as a single man that gets his shit together the world is your oyster. There are literally no excuses not to be your best self. Even if your fat and ugly, you can lose weight and your money will make up for your face. You don’t need to marry or date the first broad that gives you attention.

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Wow you're actually delusional, or just plain trolling

This is madness, have you betas ever dated an actual grown up female? Me and my girl just are not in a position to allow/forbid each other what to do cause we're grown ups and we're not each others overprotective parents. I'd express my worry if there was one and she'd probably understand and reassure me. That's a good relationship. Straight up refusing to let someone see their friend just screams "abuse" to me.

You let your girl fuck other guys too? Might as well, you cucks are embarrassing

We live together and work together and have similar group do friends so if she's cheating on me she's some kind of a time bending fairy.
I just don't do things I would accept if they were done to me. And when a chick tells me I'm "not allowed" to go out with whoever it's a big no no from me. My girl accepted the fact that I'm friends with my ex and she deserves the same kind of trust and respect. Jesus, its not that hard.

Whatever cuck. Women will always find a way. Women are sneaky, if you are allowing other men to spend time with her alone it’s already too late. No guy is genuinely just friends with a woman, he either had fucked her or wants to fuck her. When you have an argument that guy friend will be the first person she goes too. You’re living a delusion if you think your girl just had guts around just because, the fact that you are friends with you ex is irrelevant.

You’re putting a roof over her head, paying bills and spending most of your time with her and she still feels the need to see other guys? Get some self respect you stupid idiot. You aren’t with her 24 hours a day I’m sure.

I'm sorry you had a bad experience. Me having an entirely platonic friendship with my ex is very relevant cause it proves you wrong - she doesn't want to fuck me and AFAIK she's faithful to her boyfriend - and we do spend time alone.

Also, we rent a flat on equal terms and we split the bills evenly. Really, man, you'll never build a working relationship with anyone if you want to enslave them. We have access to each others phones (I'm actually typing from hers as mine is out of battery and she's asleep). You're just bitter and wrong, man.

>hurr durr who hurt you why so bitter
>omg you just don’t get it
>my girl is special she would never do that
>me and my ex are totally just friends bro

You are a retard, and everything you said proves my point. You’re friends with your ex because you fucked her and you know if things were to go wrong with your current gf you’d be able to get back with her. Like I just don’t see the point in a man and woman being friends but to each his own. You’ll just have to learn the really hard way. Messages can be deleted, things like Snapchat don’t let yo see messages after you open them. Again you’re already fucked so it’s no point in trying to convince you otherwise you’ll just have to learn the hard way.

I fuck the gfs of guys like you all the time, the guys that have so much trust in their gfs. She will be texting you while I blow her back out. Women are sneaky, I’m not bitter I just know how women are, and I’m not mad about it. You’re a fucking beta male of the highest caliber, I just hope you don’t off yourself once the truth reveals itself to you. Men and women can not be friends unless it’s a sexual interest between them, and eventually that interest will be acted upon when the opportunity presents itself.

Enjoy it while it last I suppose, but don’t be a blind fool. You’re totally okay with your girl being friends with guys and exes that how came in her mouth that you kiss every night? The guys that came in her pussy that that you put your mouth on as well? Seriously man I feel sorry guys like you, but thanks for being so oblivious and stupid, you can deal with all her bullshit while I fuck her for free and invest in my own life. Just fucking sad as hell man.

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>I'm not mad
>follows with a wall of text
Of course you aren't.

I'd never get back with my ex. Never ever. But she knows me well, is smart and I enjoy her company. That's it. You can have female friends for the same reason you have male friends. And I'm glad that you're just fucking around with random chicks instead of trying an actual relationship cause you're obviously unfit for that.
I assure you my gf is not a full blown spy with a twin and a burner phone, she's a chill nerd going out to have a lunch with her male friend (who is on a relationship as well) every few months. She sends me photos of food they're having. Grow up and accept the fact that some people are happy and non-evil.

She intended to cheat on you, and when you didn’t grant her permission to do so, she got upset that she can’t manipulate and control you so she went out and cheated anyways. Dump if you are not a cuck

Good luck dude

Bud, it's time to grow up.

If my boyfriend "forbid" me to do anything, I'd be pretty peeved, too. I wouldn't have raged like an autist and thrown shit, but I'd probably leave, hang out with some close girlfriends, vent, talk it over, put the man on the slab and consult them on what to do. In other words, your girl sounds immature, but you obviously are, too.

>When she got back she gave me a blowjob and it was the best I’ve ever had in my life
I think thats the guilt kicking in m8

I’m the one that needs to grow up but you guys believe in fairytales like true love and living happily forever after?

I’ll just stay single, continue to fuck thots (which includes other guys gfs and wives), and generate wealth and a healthy lifestyle for myself. I know how the delusion of love and thinking your girl is the perfect one feels like, you think you got one that wasn’t/isn’t like the others but ultimately the truth will reveal itself. Women love me for me, not what I can provide them. That’s why I can fuck other guys girls and give them nothing but my cum in their face in return. You’ll just have to learn the hard way.

Yes, because you're projecting your own insecurities on others. This is something children/teenagers do.

Whatever you say man. Learn the hard way.

>bizarre cuck dimension

If you don't trust your girl to not fuck other dudes behind your back you've got the wrong girl. If you wouldn't trust any girl then you're the problem.

I don’t trust women that’s been with a bunch of guys and has a lot of male friends, only a fool would.

Yeah but I include him in everything. I'm really transparent. I've cooked them both dinner, with just him home. We go to eat as a group. If I buy her something for christmas, he gets something of equal value. I never eat with her alone. He goes or her mother goes.

But dude is so fucking triggered, its amazing.

Very subtle bait. This is a high-skill post. Love it

>I asked her if he was gay
Lmao good job you fucking bot


no shit retard

> When ideology replaces natural behavior, the post.

Right, dude is going to get s really rude awakening when he walks in on one of her “male friends” with 9 inches of dick down her throat.

If she was asking for permission the question was probably a trap. She's just seeing how far she can push your limits.