Beginner sex mistakes

What are typical mistakes that beginners make relating sex?

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Thinking they know how to fuck well because they learned from some source other than the person they're trying to please.
Fuck off, underaged ESL cuck.

Trying to fuck and mindlessly pound like in the porn, real sex is much more subtil, yes you gonna suck

People can't poud like that?

You can but if you only do that you'll not make it

The clit is a lot farther away from the vagina than you think it is.

Tell them how to do it right

yea at least a meter. don't forget to wear gloves, it can get messy.

God damnit user

Too long, many years of experience led me to be a good lover, they will have to follow the same path.
Most men don't know how to fuck or please a women though.

Women love a good ploughing by chad. And he isn't known to be tender or subtle.

you deserve ass rape for that

I can orgasm from a guy going slow and gentle. Actually when a guy goes fast I can’t orgasm

Trap detected. Or do you think Jow Forums gives bad advice on sex?

A lot of women only focus on themselves and assume that just because guys cum by default they are automatically good at sex. This is false. Both parties need to try to make each other feel good. That's kind of the whole point of sex. Any old thot of the street could probably make me cum if my penis goes in them but they are second rate compared to my girlfriend.

and you've got any tips? for the men at least.

ravage the bitch, fuck her how you want her

if she complains, adapt and tell her she needs to thrust back or you're just fucking a living sex dol

Women don’t need to do anything to make a man orgasm. If a man can’t orgasm there is something wrong with him. Women need care and stimulation to be able to orgasm.

Vagina is also farther down than I thought.

Always start with oral sex. The best way to lick a pussy is to pretend you're a propeller blade in a plane; go 360 with your tongue, and hum as if you're starting your engine. After, do the 360 with your tongue in her vagina, nonstop, while blowing raspberries with your mouth (tongue out) imitating the plane. The tongue and mouth vibrations will give her orgasms.

When you penetrate her with your penis, you'll want to save your strength. Put the tip in, then let the weigh of your body fall on hers. That way, you'll go in all at once. Just think of her as a landing pad for your body.

After the 14th drop, you have to induce lubrication. Stop while inside her, and pee a little. Your pee with her vagina juice induces grool - meaning she'll get wet.

Lick the excess of vaginal wetness with your tongue. Find the clitoris and give it a little bite (it's okay - girls like this). That'll restart her engine from dormancy.

Go back to fucking. This time, move your body to the letters of the alphabet. She'll think you're a pro. When you get to "Z", do numbers.

When you cum inside her, yell "no babies no babies no babies" at the top of your lungs. The shock will force her Fallopian tubes to tie up preventing ovulation.

After you cum, leave your penis inside and elbow her in her solar plexus. Her vagina will tighten and as you pull out, the vagina slurps the contents in your penis for a better clean up.

Thank her profusely for the sex. Tell her you'll marry her and that she reminds you of your mother. Women love comfort and promises.

Leave some money for her. Imply she will get it again if she'll sleep with you again.

That's it. Enjoy!

does a vagina not smell/taste bad?

Im a women and i almost came just reading this.

Tastes good imo

I don't believe you