HELP! I have a Tinder date for new Tarantula Film

I’ve been out of dating scene for 4 years and single again.

What’s the protocol for cinema first dates? Should I hold hands and go for kiss?

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oh no no no no ha ha ha

Why have you been out of date scene for 4 years?

> :)

I had a girlfriend but she out of the blue dumped me 2 months ago because “I’m not sexually or romantically attracted to you anymore”

I also went through a break up after 4 years recently. It fucking sucks.

>girl had to google tarantino
Never use director's or actor's names when conversing with women. You'll look like that guy that spends too much time with their hobby.

>What’s the protocol for cinema first dates?
Not doing them. On the first date you're supposed to take her somewhere you can talk, genius.

You shouldn't go to the cinema as a first date.
You need to be building attraction and rapport and for that you need to talk. Dinner (stuffing your mouth) and cinema are bad ideas for first dates.

>double texting
>using "haha" and ":)"

>first date
>3 hour movie


It's going to be bad

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That sucks
Lay off the "haha cool" makes you sound like a tool

>I look forward to seeing you
You're already in faggot, here's the deal
You go to the movies, enjoy the movie, take her home and ask if she wants something to eat or chill out somewhere (if she says no, you're fucked) but if she says yes, sit in your car and talk for a bit and then when the mood is there literally start rubbing her thighs or pussy and make out with her. Just be confident and go for it

Enjoy your ban subhuman

what is a good place for a first date? asking for my grandfather

Have s_x

Dark alley

Just go to a bar

This guy gets it. Most fags will knock movie theater first dates , but it counts as a date and you don't have to talk to her. So if she has a two date rule, one down, one to go. Either way as user said, don't prolong it, you spend 3 hours with her, that counts as "getting to know you time", get her back to your place for drinks, dessert, whatever excuse and rape her ass silly.

Tell her kikes run the media and niggers are disproportionately responsible for murders and other violent crimes.
Make sure to use the words "kino", "pleb" and "patrician".
Greet her by saying "You're a big guy". If she does not immediately respond "For you", run away.
If the date is going well, ask to see her feet.

Solid plan.

Both of you need to get really really drunk before you go into the theater or sneak a bottle in with you.

>What’s the protocol
Fucking loser.

God I'm going to be sick.

Also, Once upon a time in Hollywood is the worst Tarantino I've seen. No one clapped at the theater besides one person that made three single claps that failed to spur anyone else to clap along. You're both in for a bad time.

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>Using :) instead of emojis.

Name ONE thing more autistic than this.

>Implying any of that retarded shit matters
>Unironically using emojis

Cut out the bottom of the popcorn carton and stick your penis in there. Works every time.

>clapping at the cinema

bite, right?

ESL, right?

Shit, now you're making me wonder if people actually clap at the cinema or not. I feel like people used to back in the day? I haven't seen that many good movies at the cinema recently anyway so I wouldn't be surprised if the custom died out just from how mediocre most cinema is nowadays.

Only retarded Americans clap in the fucking cinema. Unless you are at a film festival with the cast and crew or you are an American, you don't clap.

I guess it died out in Europe then or I'm remembering shit incorrectly.

The Bane and Batman movie was complete shit and made for mainstream normies anyway. If she doesn't understand that reference, you got a keeper. She probs read the reviews before and thought that she will not give money and waste her time on another bad superhero movie.

Tarantula or Tarantino?