My dick is only 6.4 inch and pretty thin, should I kys?

My dick is only 6.4 inch and pretty thin, should I kys?
It feels like everyone has a big penis, women talk about the monster cock they take left and right, at the pool everyone has a big bulge, everyone is always speaking about his 7incher thick as fuck.

It feels like the so called average is a cope and a lie, most people are well endowed and I feel tiny and insecure about having sex with a a woman who have been with big dicks.

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It's more like 6.2 actually, my bad, and not thicker than 2 fingers.

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I don't trust this, every time in my life I had sex with a woman she kind of implied my penis was kind of small in regard of the other men she's been with.
A median chart would be more realistic

The map IS based on a median chart.
And honestly, if you're fucking bitches that tell you that you have a small penis you should probably rethink your lifestyle and standards.
6+ inches is fine, it's above average in a lot of places.
Above average doesn't necessarily mean 'big' nor does it mean 'bigger' than whoever was in there before you; but at least it doesn't mean small.

Every young woman is taking dicks left and right in this day and age. If you think they don't talk about their sex adventures and the forearms sized dicks they've taken up in their snatch when they gather you're fooling yourself.
I think charts are a cope, some people with tiny penis drag the median low but most men have around 7 inches thick dicks. I'm pretty sure of that through my experience with women and such. And women love big dicks, all of them, modest or sluts.

Another evidence, it's just a cope, most sexual active men pack 7 inchers

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>most men have around 7 inches thick dicks.
[Citation needed].

Oh no, a difference of 500 searches between the 5, 6 and the 7 inches?!!?!?! HOW WILL I EVER COPE WITH THIS?!?!

FYI I have a 7 incher and I think that statistical data is an accurate means of asserting whether or not one is above or below average. Anecdotal experiences imply that the women you've been fucking have been fucked by enough guys to make up a big enough data pool for their opinions to be relevant in the grand scheme of things. Stop fucking women that tell you that you're small or get better at fucking them. Ever heard of foreplay?

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If you actually think that a search history is better evidence than the chart posted previously, your stupidity is a much bigger issue than your penis size.

>Implying your gf isn't praising your 7 incher.

Every women will compare your dick with the others she had. Stop thinking there is this special women who love your little noodle and never remember the beam she used to have between her legs.

If you don't have a 7 incher women consider your dick to be on the low average and feel like settling down with a not so much blessed partner.
I've been with all kind of women, educated, good family, sluts, they will all look at your dick and make an opinion on it, and the bigger it is the larger her smile will be when she look at it for the first time.
Scientific average are cope, women want the top average.

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I never said that women won't compare your dick to other they've had, but if they do it to your face then they're just so they can tell you that they've had bigger then they're just toxic. I also didn't say that there will be a special woman out there that'll worship your dick like it's the holiest of dildos there is.

Ultimately I just think that views such are yours are extreme and unhealthy. Dick size is just one of many factors that make up a partner; it's no different then one's income, personality or outlook on life; except that you can't change it. But that's something that every man has to come to terms with, some more than others.

I just want to tell other men that sleep well at night because they've seen those charts on average penis that the average woman have had bigger penis than his 6 incher because from my experience I noticed it to be true and 6 inch is considered low average by women because most of them already had bigger.

if you dont have atlest 6.8 inches youre genetically domed

The average woman has had 1, maybe 2 or 3 partners; it's unlikely that they've fucked a big penis just from that small pool of men even if we're to consider that man with bigger dicks are more promiscuous. The more that you escape from the average the less likely it is that you're bigger than it (or smaller), so I wouldn't really trust your opinion to be representative of the average woman even if you've fucked a lot of women.
There can be a multitude of factors as to why the women you've fucked hold those opinions so we shouldn't simply boil this down to bigger = better always.

>The average woman has had 1, maybe 2 or 3 partners

Oh my sweet summer child. Always multiply by 3

biggest cope 2019. since the late 2000s, women have had 1, maybe 2 or 3 partners a MONTH if they're single and at least a 6/10. mathematically, if you're below 6 inches (which is the TRUE average), at least half of her partners have been bigger than you.

I say this as a man with a 6.5 inch cock. Not happy with it, but using a bathmate has brought me from 6 inches to that in less than a year. Still not big though. Learn to eat pussy good and be dominant. Slap her and choke her. That's what women crave more than a bigger cock.

P.s. each one of my partners have told me I have a huge cock, and I know that's not the truth. they do it for your ego so you don't sulk, and you shouldn't. pick yourself up and tongue-punch her fart box.

You're a sad, sad man.

>people who have measured their dicks
>down to decimal precision
I really don't understand this. My dick isn't that big but I've never cared. If you're worried about pleasing a woman, get good at cunnilingus. Good head will make a girl forgive a lot.

No he is just being realist, it's a jungle out there, women are not what you think they are.
To be confident today you need to be at least 7 inch.

Aren't you afraid of hurting your penis with a bathmate?

post dick length now micropeter. if you're not 7 inches at least, you should be either agreeing or sitting there listening and accepting this. i'm not saying this to put anyone down. i'm saying it so men understand that penis length is a big deal to women, and that we need alternative methods to deal with this if we're not packing heat

doesnt hurt at all. it was slight discomfort at first, but now its fine. feels pretty good actually, and for a couple hours afterwards the girth is ridiculous. like trying to touch fingertips around it ridiculous. its really good if you have a hookup that night.

>To be confident today you need to be at least 7 inch.
This kind of shit is unironically creating a generation of incels. You have a group of psychologically vulnerable young people and then a bunch of bad actors like this guy filling their heads with garbage for shits and giggles.

the incels were created from a market of free and easy sex for women, mostly for the purpose of validation and a quick dopamine fix. 20% of the men fuck 80% of the women, and that's because now, a woman can find a top 20% male with a swipe of the finger. the bottom 80%? forget it. it's slim pickins down here.

i dont claim to be top 20%, but saying incels were created in part from men accepting the fact that 1. women like big penises and 2. the "official" average has probably been cut down an inch on record, is retarded

It's the women who decide and they have decided on bigger dicks and laugh about the low average one during their girls nightovers, I've witnessed this times and times again.

If you don't think that literally encouraging insecurity is causal to the incel menace, you fundamentally don't understand the human forces at work in the phenomenon.

post story on this, it will convince the disbelievers

This, I'm sure the scientists making those charts cut down the size to please the general male population, because my first hand experience told me most men who are active with women pack around 7 inchers and pretty thick.

i'm not encouraging insecurity, i'm telling men to learn better ways to satisfy women. dick size is something you can slightly modify, but not past an inch of growth. if you got a 4 incher, that sucks, bad genes, but you CAN learn to be good at oral, at rough sex, having a dominant personality and sex life. all of these will help. I guarantee you, a woman who hooks up with a dude with a small penis, who gets roughhoused and tied to the bed and MADE to cum at his command, will NEVER shit talk him.

Actually, I do concede that I'm wrong here, data shows that the average woman is somewhere around 3-4 partners. I pictured the graph I was basing this off of incorrectly in my head.
>Always multiply by 3
I don't know about that. Even the studies that say that women are more inclined to lie about partner counts when the studies aren't anonymous say that the median is that they'll lie by about 1 partner.

>biggest cope 2019. since the late 2000s, women have had 1, maybe 2 or 3 partners a MONTH
[Citation needed]
Only about 18% of women have had more than 10 sexual partners. Only 32% have had anywhere between 9 and 4. The other 50% have mostly had 1 partner (22%), with 2, 3 and 0 (5%) being the most popular answers.

See .

The worst part is you might convince some sad sack to hate his existence even more.
No matter what I say you won't be convinced they were truthful when women have told me I have a perfect cock, or that's it's so big. I'm just here to tell you a fact: you're a sad, sad man to care this much about cocks.

>Be me, very outgoing and easily make girl friends
>Curious so asked them once I knew they were confident enough around me to speak about what women speak about when alone and stuff
>They speak of sew way more than men and very crudely, all the details, how they got their pussy destroyed by this big Chad and stuff and how Brad is nice but have you seen is peepee ? teehee!

Women are hardcore, it's the men who invented Romance, who wrote Romeo and Juliet? Right, a man.
Women when alone together only talk about the most disgusting degrading sexual act they have been performed upon, their one night stands where they got their holes destroyed by several men etc, and this as young as 19.
Then when with men they pretend to be delicate flowers but it's a lie. Women sexuality is depraved, but not with you, only studs are allowed to act like that with them.

your citation is tough when women are naturally good liars and like to keep good face. even with the current feminist movement, its still not a great thing to be a slut, especially among women, unless theyre extra degenerate. they always lie about number count. i'll admit, i live in a city so a high body count is probably easier here. maybe on the countryside, a girl will have less than 5 partners because she is not as exposed to the degeneracy of modern society. but if you do that same study in a city, and strap every woman to a lie detector or give them a truth serum or some shit, those numbers will be higher.

like if you ask men the same thing, their numbers will be artificially inflated, because a man who has had sex with only a few girls is a negative trait today. yet still, a girl with many is also negative, despite being pushed by media.

When women say partners for the study they think about the long term ones, but the hookups and one night stands are numerous

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Don't worry about your dick too much, yours is normal. Nothing more annoying than a guy who obsesses over his own dick. Just make sure you are simply being yourself and have some self esteem, that's way more attractive and sexy to a woman. I've had different sizes and honestly the biggest ones don't feel that good (it hurts after a while).

Yet you will still choose the 7 incher over the 6 one

Um no, I have lots of friends and we talk about sex, but I can't recall any talks about the size of their boyfriend's cocks unless it was too big to actually fit. I think some women do care about the size, but most of us don't really think about it that much

maybe, unless he has a shit personality like yours haha. Then 6 is fine. Actually I think my boyfriend is somewhere between 6 and 7


Ok, everything has been said, women will always chose the bigger one, charts are cope, average is 7. Good days fellows.


Dina says that you have a small penis and there's nothing you can do about it except learning to eat pussy really well