Bad sex

My girlfriend is a dead fish in bed who doesn't initiate, talk, lead or act spontaneous. It's like having sex with a mannequin.
I've asked once or twice before if she'll go down on me, denied. I asked again on my birthday, denied and she got mad at me. I go down on her without issue.
I could live without bj's, but the normal sex just blows (pun not intended). How do I get it across to her without getting the same vacant response?

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Unironically dump her, she's not sexually attracted to you or she's asexual. Both of which you can't change.

>other human being isn't interested in thing I'm preoccupied with

By talking to her? Otherwise drop her in a ditch. There's your options

I'm not preoccupied with sex, it's necessary in most healthy relationships. I don't understand how you could even think it's a preference when it's essential.

Yes, but how do I get her to actually take what I'm saying on board? Looking to hear from others who faced a similar situation.

I was in a similar situation with my gf. She was going through some anxiety issues and was bottling it all up. But it showed a lot with her libido being 0 and her being completely boring during sex (including me doing all the foreplay). I had to bring it up a few different times before we actually had a real talk about it, but things have been much better ever since. Actually, even better than before.

When we talked i told her how it made me feel like she didn't care about our relationship because it is literally always me, and if i stopped initiating then we would literally be roommates that are good friends and that if she was fine with that then I'm done

Exactly what I'm going through. I initiate all affection, but as she is pre-occupied with her image issues, she never does it back. Can't even initiate a kiss.
When I bring up that at times I feel like she doesn't actually love me, she'll say "I do though" and expect me to be happy with that. Then when I say she needs to show it, she just stays silent and says she needs time to process it (while changing nothing).

You have to insist on change or say that it's not going to work

You must make her want to fuck you, you need to spark that in her. Or maybe you should improve your sexual skills, read the Tao of love bi Jolan Chang.

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Instead of demanding that she do what you want, try asking what SHE would like to try in bed

How old is she? Many women have this anxiety when they're still young

Ha! user has a gf!

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I get what you're saying, I'll brush up my skills a bit. She's the only person I've been with, while she's been in relationships before. But she honestly acts like I'd expect an inexperienced virgin would act in bed.
I did ask, she says she's happy with "the usual".
She's 27, I'm 24.

Yeah this
And you might need to look into what your love language is OP. Some people need more or less attention.
But if she takes the head but won't give if to you that ain't cool, you need to have some balance, "Hey I am not having fun with this, we need to talk about it." She might bit be into you, or maybe she has some past issues with sex. Either way talking will be the thing that helps.

Get rough with her in bed. You're probably boring her, dumbass.

U don't start with a BJ lifes not like a porno lol

once you've given her multiple orgasms n its been a couple hours or whatever you last ask if she for a bj while shes still really horny.

Fren, I was in the same situation a few hears ago, it sucks, but after reading that book things improved quite a bit. It was like she couldn't help be aroused. Also, you must make her feel safe with you.

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The fuck? My wife always starts me off with a BJ, no exceptions. She knows that's what I like.

Once you need to start asking to get your dick sucked, you're already in beta/cuck territory.

Do you think Chad asks her to suck his dick? No, before the fucking she just goes down under and starts sucking his cock.

How are you gonna brush up on your skills when it sounds like your barley fucking to begin with.
Either A) dump her and find some one that can give you what you want.
Or B) Stop initiating. Stop all hugs,kisses, stop sleeping in the same bed. Make her miss the attention.

You don't need women.

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