Let's try a less angsty version, minus the racism?

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i want me an alien bf

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I want her back. She's not gone, she's just different

Ain't my fault your lawyer is sloppy as shit.

I went to a cafe today to sit by myself and i ordered from this absolute qt. she was a bit chubby with some minor acne but real gorgeous. it pains me to see attractive women. I wish there were some kind of magical glasses that sensored the bodies and faces of women. i ate my bagel and cream cheese, listened to a podcast for an hour and then left. I didn’t even look at her once I ordered, I just sat on a table looking out the window and when I got my order I just saw her arm reach over and put it in front of me. it even pains me to see older women cause I think about how much fun they’ve had in their lifetime. even guys with families or attractive guys. I wish I could just be by myself out in the country and never have to see another human being again. it’s not really incel behaviour cause I know I’m attractive it’s just that I can’t handle people. i recently counted and I’ve only ever had 5 friends throughout my 19 years of existence. i m tired of living like this. all I want is people to talk to, that’s it, but i can’t handle all these stories about drinking and women and dates and shit. I just get too depressed and quiet. maybe i can save up enough money for a cabin on a lake outside of a place like Armstrong. that place is a tick infected frozen hell but I think I could enjoy it. no people to look at, just me and my lake. i could read books and workout. what if that makes me jealous to? maybe when im not working out I could just work on writing that way i am only inside of me and not living thru others experiences. that’d be great tho, chopping wood, eating fish i catch, hunting. maybe I can get a dog, or a bunch of em. only adopt older dogs and shoot them when I can see it’s too much for them. i’d Like to be away from the internet, even reading about relationships on adv is painful. i get more turned on now by reading any corny romantic shit on google about girls loving their bfs than i do by actual porn or fetishes.

I guess all my problems come from a lack of self-respect. Damn.


I have autism. I didn't find our until I was twenty years old. I feel bad because my dad and I would not connect, and it made me dislike him. I still prefer my mother now. I haven't told either of my parents, only my sister knows. I am sad because I want to tell them but it is hard to. I am scared they will get sad.

Just tell them you literal autist better out than in
It'll make it easier for the both of you

I don't even know what to think anymore. I just wanna pass and avert misery.

I am praying to God I actually get my shit together this time.

I think my mother is incapable of feeling empathy. Sometimes I am afraid of her.

I'm gonna do what's good for me no matter how I feel.

My tribe is the hopes and dreams of Jow Forums losers. Let it be known that you will never be loved by our desirable girls. LOL

Hey guess what?

It's too late. I'm ugly and fat and you will never consider me...and guess what I don't care.

You don't interest me. I waited too long and you fucking suck. Get used to A cups and hard silicone. Thanks, bye. You aren't all that.

I firmly believe that God ordained this. I know the truth, unlike him.

Fuck you and your promises.

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Fuck you and your penis/cum

I hate men. I hope you die. So does your wife.


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where and when

I need you, C.
I can't sleep a night without thinking of you.

I miss your crazy frazzled hair, your cute parakeet looking face, and your edge.

I wish I could talk to you, but that's long gone and you have moved on. Truth is I never stalked you, because I stalked once and never forgave myself for that. You always had a thirst for me and I only knew when it was too late. I think we would've been a great team together and our weaknesses would just be killed with each other. You're edgy and I'm straight edge, you're cute and I'm just there, etc. We were like weird almost true opposites and it would've been perfect.

I hated my job so I changed it
Now I have a car too and I'm actually starting to feel good about myself. I'm going to get a second job soon that'll be purely for paying off student loans and my car but I feel a lot better about myself now

Swinny, you're a goddamn nigger.

I spent most of my therapy session just telling the guy about all the shit that has happened and my concerns and didn’t really get to get much of a response, keep in mind that’s probably because he had to cancel last week for a family emergency which is 100% fine of course, I just can’t believe I spent practically the entire hour complaining about shit and didn’t even tell him about my new meds.

Fuck niggers

What happened to the previous thread? Did it get scrubbed?

Yeah it said it was pruned

Fuck you vanessa. I told you from the start this would fucking happen, but you said it wouldn't, now after 2 years it's the reason you broke up with me. Perfect timing after you got me to love you so much. Doubt you even know how much it hurt me.

Death to all people who take their neighbour's package and then decide to keep it for days.

t. missing my package since Wednesday and there was no note so no idea who of my 7 neighbours could fucking have it

I swore my last post would be my last post vomiting into the void. Guess not. Taking a penny, but at least I'll leave one too.

I like you so much. Yeah, I think you're hot, and yeah, you have big tits that I wanna fuck the shit out of, but you're also just really fucking cool. Genuinely one of the most fun people I've ever met. I don't talk much, I really don't like most conversations, but I talk to you for hours and it'll feel like minutes.

And I know you know I want you - not something from you, but all of you - and you know I care about you, but you can't figure out why I'm not going after you. And you're wondering why I'm getting distant, not talking to you as much, not asking about you anymore.

I'm trying to push you away, but you won't let me. I'm trying really fucking hard, because my life is a mess right now, and my ego is huge, and you're in a relationship you can't and shouldn't and won't leave, and I'm terrified that I like you too much.

I want you to stop trying so bad, but you keep calling my bluff, because you see me for who I am. I want so bad for you to think I'm a piece of shit, I want you to think I've just been playing some kind of game. But you don't, because you know I haven't.

Another school semester coming up, and I can already feel the social stress of trying to make friends and failing over and over again coming on.

oh user...

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Had a dream where I raped a woman today, I'm getting worse by the day FUCK

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Homemakers aren't a thing. Maybe if you're, like, a contractor or an architect or a construction worker, but not if you're a woman. Being a stay-at-home mom is NOT an occupation. You might as well say you're a fucking bum.

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When you hid your active status on messenger that was the beginning of the end.

I miss you so much.

Remember guys, things usually have an explanation and it may not always be what you think initially. If someone looks like they cant see you they might not be able to. If it looks like the person didnt hear you, the person probably didnt. Dont assume they're ignoring you willingly unless they have a problem that has nothing to do with you specifically.


Obviously you haven't looked after a kid long-term in your life. Most people can't handle it, so they go to work and put their kids in the care of someone else.

Not the guy you were talking to but imho kids only need that kind of help for the first 4-5 years then they get into kindergarten/elementary and the parents just need to be there for them at the start and end of the day

The links to YouTube music are stupid af. It’s shitty taste in music and you suck as a dj.

That's about 3-6 hours out of 24. As I said, it's obvious you haven't looked after a kid in your life, any time like that is used for showering, shopping, errands, cleaning, etc. Everyone is an expert until they have kids.

Not him either but I've babysat before and it's really not that complicated.

>not homeschooling
lol if you're American you are literally giving your child the worst avenue for education unless you put them in a really good private school. Also before you parrot your stupid brainwashing, yes, homeschool kids even have better social skills according to studies.

you really think you can trust these people don't you?

babysitting is a lot different than being a parent. I have been both. You don't have free-time as a parent.

Yea why not? also CHECKED

Who? The people that have been watching me since birth?

Oh..and I never said it was complicated. It's just busy, busier than you ever were when you were working full-time (even two jobs).

Nigga babysitting is not the same as being a SAHM, not even close. You aren't cleaning their house, you aren't running errands, you aren't taking them to events etc, you aren't cooking three meals a day. You sat a kid in front of a TV for a few hours and maybe microwaved then a hungryman.


Public school education quality highly differs from community to community. I lived in area where people were pretty affluent and our school and teachers were pretty split during the elections. Students freely criticized and discussed political political things as well as teacher's political leanings.

I know I sound like I'm saying just don't be poor but if you have the knowledge to realize that public schools are most likely not the best you're likely to be well educated or well off already and your kids will do just fine

There's a difference between time consuming and difficulty, anybody with a little patience can take care of a child.
No, I did all of those and even more, i babysat for my brother for 3 whole months while they were on a business trip and there was nobody to take care of the kids, I got the full experience for a while.

Public schools, all of them, are a joke compared to high end private schools and a good homeschool curriculum. always. No matter the community you will not be able to come close. There is a reason even higher class community public schools are btfo by the private and homeschool kids when it comes to testing. That is because no matter the community your state pushes the same shit. The only difference is the teachers and students, while this makes a difference, they still can't compare to the homeschool kids and private school kids in those communities.

Yeah user. Many jobs aren't difficult either, just time consuming. No one said it was hard, just that it's a full time job.

>Most people can't handle it
They did, and anyone can do it.

None of their political views have anything to do with the garbage curriculums public schools are forced to teach. Which is the main problem with public schools.

No they can't otherwise there would be less demand for nanny services and more SAHM. Most of these people can not juggle their jobs be and raise children.

Yeah they can lmao, you just gotta learn to be an adult and get your shit together.

No, they can't. Which is why they need to send them to day cares and hire Nanny's. They literally do not have the time to be a full time parent.

It really ain't that hard user, I was working full time and had no trouble, learn to parent.

Did you take your child to work, or did you send them to a daycare/hire a nanny/hire. A babysitter etc?

You should follow the conversation before jumping into the discussion user.

I think you are the one not following it. I said most of these people can not raise a child AND juggle their jobs. They need to hire outside help to watch their children while they spend 8+ hours working. You can not handle raising a child and juggling your full time job, not without assistance. You are part time parenting, not full time, because you literally would not be able to handle it.

I keep falling for the very few close friends I make.

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No, it's you who's not following it because i've already addressed this, because i was full time with them and still had time to work, it's all about timing and controling a schedule with the kids, it's not at all that hard, it's sticking to a routine and nothing else, easy.

Let me guess, your jobs work hours was during your childs school hours which is basically tax funded daycare systems.

So you're saying you never left your child in the care of another while you worked?

Pretty sure we agreed on after the first four years when they start going to school

Nope I work from 10pm to 7 am, kiddos slept while i worked, it's all about timing and having a schedule.

So you sent them to a tax funded daycare because you can not handle raising a child full time. You know education is part of raising children, right? And the reason public schools even exist is because industrial revolution left most parents without the time to educate their children and work in factories?

Too shy to ask them out?

Guess what, most people work during the day because there are more job opportunities during the day. Thus they do not have time to work and raise their children full time. That is the issue, you can not honestly expect most parents to get hours like that.

Taken. I also woudn't mind keeping a good friend for once.

You left your children alone in a house with no one to watch them? They can wake up and cause a fire or god knows what. Very irresponsible.

Most children don't remember anything before the age of four. You just need to breastfeed them because baby formula causes a loss in a couple of iq points and find trustworthy nanny or just drop em off at your parents/grandparents if you trust them around kids and they have the time

>the reason public schools even exist is because industrial revolution left most parents without the time to educate their children and work in factories?
That's because the agricultural business which made people move to industrial areas as well as women deciding to stay in the labor force after ww1 instead of returning to the traditional stay at home role which flooded the market with labor and brought wages down for everyone which has continued until this very day. Most families cannot support themselves with one person in the labor force like they used to back in the day.It's also partially due to the Jews in the banking industry causing inflation

Who is this for?

Sucks. It helps if you set your mind on other life goals instead of letting them linger. Get productive.

That is what I am saying. Most people can not handle being a full time parent. They don't have the time nor the finances. They do part time parenting and hire nanny services/day cares, and then drop their kid off into a school because they do not have the time to educate them. Raising children is much more than making sure your child is fed and not killing themselves, it involves educating them as well. They can do some of it, but not all of it.

Women also do not breast feed at all or do not do so beyond the first 6 months to a year. Ideally a baby will continue having breastmilk supplemented for two years for the best immune system, brain development, and bonding.

Look my dude unless you live in some ghetto shithole and make 15k a year in which case you won't be able to afford a nanny or daycare or take a year off to ascertain your child gets the nutrition they need your kids will not end up being retarded unless you're retarded yourself as it'll be in your genes.

You have to take into account that you're not really educating them for the first years. The first 1-2 years is when i'd say it's really crucial to be there for them full time but after that they'll just cruise though life as long as they don't grow up in some deranged community. If you can't afford to take a year off go back to college and get a better degree.

You have some weird fetish with private schools user I guarantee you that as long as your kid has the drive and the motivation they do if they attend a private school that in a public school (which they will if it's competitive which means that their peers will be of that nature as well) They will get the same SAT results which is all that matters out of the entirety of high school. The quality of teachers in private schools vs a good public one is very debatable. The curriculum is up for debate as well as the extra stuff you're learning in private schools are art and religion related

You're right, and I should be busy next year. I think I just tend to look for friendships when I'm at my worst.

I am just saying educating a child is a part of raising them. If a parent can not handle educating their child along with their jobs they absolutely have to push that responsibility onto another party. You are taking a responsibility, an aspect of child raising and putting it onto someone else because you can not handle it.

>The curriculum is up for debate as well as the extra stuff you're learning in private schools are art and religion related
It is the fact private/home schools have smaller classes, a child can get more attetion and specialized curriculums to give them the best advantage. A public school curriculum is cookie cutter compared to the curriculums a private or homeschool environment can provide. It can make a huge difference when your child gets more attention and a curriculum designed around them rather than trying to shove every child through the same size hole.

>educating their child
It's not like you're going to be sitting them down and teaching them all the material yourself ages 1-18 right? You don't have the qualifications nor the time.
You will have to put them in the care of someone else for this whether they're going to a public or private school. I've already stated why I believe the quality of education between the two are up for debate

>You don't have the qualifications nor the time
Exactly. They can not handle it thus they need someone to do it for them. Raising a child is more than making sure they are fed and not killing themselves. There is a reason it is considered neglect if your child receives no education. Most people can not handle raising a child full time, they need a third party to help.

I agree the flexibility that private schools have with their methods of education is quite an advantage but they'll be learning the same material at the end of the day. The only advantage they might get is that they will have the opportunity to get into college sooner than others.
But do you really want that at the end of the day? Their mental age will not differ too much from those not attending private schools

>But do you really want that at the end of the day?
>durr do you really want your child to have the biggest advantage possible?
Uh, yes. What the hell why wouldn't you.

Ask yourself the question what age are they learning the material they need? Is it ages 1-4 or ages 1-18?
>They can not handle it thus they need someone to do it for them.
You will not be handling their education past the age of 1-4

Mental age they will get shitfaced in college my dude 21 or not

>You will not be handling their education past the age of 1-4
Because most parents do not have the time patience or knowledge. But your child absolutely needs their education to continue beyond those years. Are you purposely dodging the point I am making? I will spell it out. Again.

Actually children who attended private and homeschooling are far less likely to get involved in acholholism and drugs.


Holy fucking shit you ARE dodging the point I am making. Most parents can not educate their children beyond a certain level, but your children still need to further their education. When you can not provide it YOU PUSH THAT RESPONSIBILITY ONTO THE SCHOOL BECAUSE YOU. CAN. NOT. HANDLE IT.


Are you saying your public school education is so shit you can not tutor someone? I was tutoring my friends goong through school. You do not need a degree to teach. You need to know the subject intimately enough and how to get it through to that student.

Teachers in high schools have degrees in whatever they're teaching. Do you really think you have more knowledge or teaching expertise than them in whatever materiel they've been learning/teaching for their entire careers. Do you believe you'll be able to answer every single question a student might have about that particular subject as well as they would?

That is exactly my point you fucking idiot. MOST CAN NOT HANDLE THAT LEVEL OF CHILD RAISING, THEY NEED TO PUSH IT OFF ONTO SOMEONE ELSE. Most people are incapable of raising children completely by themselves, they need help. Which is why it is VERY admirable when a SAHP is able to fully raise a child, including their education up to getting a highschool diploma. Because most people can not handle it.