What drugs do you recommend for ocasional evening chillout? Except weed and alcohol

What drugs do you recommend for ocasional evening chillout? Except weed and alcohol
Maybe codeine?

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But I need receipt for this
What do you think about codeine?

inferior to xanax

Krokodil i heard it's fun

Codeine is the least potent opioids




why the fuck would you use codeine when DXM is waiting for you at cvs otc

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You wanna chillout using drugs, why? Are you that bored or something.


weed + xans. Buy them from a dealer and don't exaggerate with the doses.

Yes Im bored and I jave sort of anxiety disorder

Probably a good thread for me to ask. What drugs don't affect your internal organs? I'm a former alcoholic, anf my liver is pretty fucked, but I can't have sex sober and have a lot of trouble sleeping.

Weed and (most) psychedelics. Obviously weed will fuck your lungs up if you smoke it, vaporizing is much gentler, edibles seem to be 100% harmless for your body.

weed and other natural drugs such as shrooms. Try to avoid synthetically produced drugs, pills and stuff.

just don't use xans/benzos long term. They'll get get you even more fucked up and you'd probably get addicted to them

So once/twice a week would be good?

niggers are dumb

depends on why you use them. If you suffer from panic and anxiety attacks it's ok, if you're doing it recreationally no. Anyways, don't use them frequently for more than a month or two.

So here are my recommendations


No lie huff the fumes from a can of kerosene. You be absolutely out of it.

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Weed and alcohol is all you should use. Those are only recreationally ok drugs to use. Eevrything else is worse



What's good about xanax? it superficially slows down your subconscious, but if you try to focus you can overpower through the effects, except it's really tedious, you'll get annoyed very quickly.

As someone who's been taking Xanax for a long time for health reasons I just don't understand how people can have fun on it. What does it do for you that it doesn't for me + have any of you done "actual" recreational drugs so you can compare? Cause I have and Xanax isn't fun at all to me compared to most psychotropic substances.

what are the benefits of slowing down the subconscious ? im thinking reduced anxiety but im not sure. ive always been really interested in accessing my subconscious so this confused me.

you need a receipt for codeine too
try mdma, but just a bit of it (not dose like you were on a rave), it's pretty chill

Hand truck fuel.


>doing drugs

If you have an anxiety problem benzos feel better than any other drug

I had an undiagnosed anxiety disorder and one Klonopin would have me feeling amazing like I've never felt in my life for hours on end

Everyone here is a fucking pleb. The answer is ketamin OP

I feel that. I used to be a hard addict, doing everything I could get my hands on. Xanax always felt so fucking boring. It's great to relieve anxiety but for recreational use it sucks ass it doesn't even get you high. If you want to get actually high using pills go for tramadol, oxys etc. Best case scenario would be not doing anything at all tho because getting away from benzos and opoids is a kind of hell most people aren't even able to comprehend.

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I wouldnt recommend drugs desu

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fucks the lungs but its better than cigarettes and poppers.

Just doing make it habit unless you want an ulcer.

mdma without a doubt

because DXM feels totally different

how does one take this DXM

Computer duster