Persian girl here

Persian girl here,
What do you guys think of Persian women?

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can be hot, can be not

Sandnigger monkeys
>inb4 b-but they're white

this, sams as asian, white and black girls

The Zoroastrian girl I met in college was the nicest person I've ever met in my entire life and helped me get out of a slump. She moved away but we're still in contact. I'd love to be with her but I can't be with someone that kind and nice. It'd break me and I'd break her when she sees the worst side of me.


They are good looking, they tend to not like me since I’m brown

salam persian guy here pls marry me there's no good persian women in the states. i don't want to settle for any other race/culture than my own.. maybe turkish?

I've always had a soft spot for em

>there's no good persian women in the states
*there's no good women in the states

A few weeks around an Angel and she took all my bad traits while I turned into a marshmallow.

I am your feel user. Self respect and discipline are hard user.

>tfw no persian gf

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One of my favorite ethnicities. Pale Indians and middle easterners make me sad because I'm unattractive

>Persian girl
>On Jow Forums
Why are you on for Godforsaken site

what you mean user? Did she save you? I could use an angel.

Let's get to it then

fat ass
big tits
there's a reason your race has existed for millenia
all the Persian bulls are actually really feminine but they keep training until they become alphas for a shot at that sweet Persian ass
I'd do the Same fucking thing

Why not

No I particularly asked why you're on this site

wood berry
wood merry

Why would she not be on a basket weaving chinese imageboard? she belongs on it. :)) I'm genuinely surprised we don't have more Middle Easterns and Asians posting around here.

Because I'm a sad individual.

I wish I was Middle Easterner.
Fuck HAMAS. Fuck ISIS. But your men make my pussy wet.

Are you white? Arab men tend to be desperate/thirsty and fuck white women all the time. You don't even have to be that hot. Just go to a hookah bar and find one.

>your men make my pussy wet

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>Are you white?

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Haha, funny, I'm actually not attracted to my own kind

My first bf was a very sexy Arab. His face was so intense. I would marry him but I don't live in his city anymore.

im sure some day youll find a nice bushy arab man to kidnap and behead you

shave your mustache.

That's illegal.
My gay best friend also has a thing for Arab men not just me lol.

where do you live

if you're OP that's incredibly sad. Your children will look like you. What are you going to be the Persian version of asian girls who white-worships? Then have self-hating children like Elliot Rodgers or most of hapas? Have some self-respect

the pic u used is unrealistic as she doesnt have very persian facial features and also no 5 oclock shadow.

How very gay of you

Your assumption is wrong, she's definitely Persian.

Women of all races can be cute or not. If not, then they don't deserve/aren't compatible with you anyways.

she is but i think its not a very representative photo

I know how it is growing up in the US - you haven't seen the good looking men. You've been overexposed to white people all your life. Trust me. You'll eventually realize that all races have the good and the bad.

t. Pakistani dude who went through the same issues

Koja zendegi mikoni?

This. Usually very good facial structure. Hairy though and often balloon with age.
Persian girls have a much higher hot to not ratio than Orientals and especially negresses.
Caucasians actually run the gamut and implying otherwise is disingenuous, at best.

Lol, no sweetie. Children with white fathers actually have good childhoods and white pride.

All these morons, actually believing OP is a girl(female)

why would having a white father make a difference? Sounds like you're a white guy who probably has an asian gf or wife and trying to cope. If you mix white with non-white, most of society will treat the child as non-white. Doesn't matter if the father or mother is white.

If OP has a bias against her own people, how do you think she'll treat her own children who will look like her?
And if the dad is overly proud of being white he might instill that in his children, but society won't treat them as white. That disconnect will cause all sorts of mental/social issues.

And asian women are strangely popular on Jow Forums and the "white pride" internet crowd even though their children won't look white at all. Mixing with indians, paksitanis and arabs would make more Caucasian looking children

Persian guy here

Salaam khanom khoskel

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