Are toxic masculinity the reason why so many men become mass murders?

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Nah, American society is fucked in such a way people go fucking postal and commit suicide to get out of this shit heap of a society.

It's usually a broken mind that leads to that and a mind can break for a number of reasons. They crack up and do it. I heard one of the recent gunmen in the US had drugs in his system, makes sense.

Yes, as it sees violence as an acceptable means to deal with your problems.

Unless you are American. They don't need any reason.

>I heard one of the recent gunmen in the US had drugs in his system, makes sense.
These shootings takes an awful amount of planning. I would hardly call them 'impulsive action by a psychotic madman'

Then what would you call them? You dont believe these people are psychotic?

>Then what would you call them?
Mass murders?

No that's retarded

Well yeah, they were. What are you quoting exactly?

Come with a better theory, genius

its attention seeking. most shooters show heavy signs to their family that theyre wanting to lash out. guns are not the problem, america is partly the problem, but its more on the fact we dont have solid mental institutions or help from family and these shooters dont feel understood or heard so they turn to a final solution. banning guns wont do shit either. britain has a terrible knofe problen with 200,000 deaths in 2 years. my cousin got his head bashed in with a crowbar in spain even though guns are banned there. mass murders in japan or china or whatever have happened with fucking knives.

ish? maybe the reason they choose to do it instead of killing themselves, but not necessarily the reason they have a problem to drive them to that point to begin with.

It's just another form of suicide these days, when you try to bring as many people down with you as possible.

also drugs arent the problem. if he had drugs in his system its probably to make him loopy enough to follow through with his plan. people are always afraid of shit they dont understand so of course theyd chalk up his planned out actions by the immediate drugs in his system.

This is the result of incels rising up, there will be more of this in this future unfortunately

though I would say the aspect of men not getting the mental health treatment and emotional support they need compared to women is the reason men are the majority of it.

Men are discouraged from seeking emotional support and have trouble finding it if they do seek it, women are encouraged to.

I dont think banning guns is a solution either but we do have to find a way to keep them from falling in the wrong hands.

does this look like an incel to you?

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Drugs are not the problem but they are a problem for a lot of people out there.

Yes, he is the typical incel

I'd also argue that it's discouraged among men to build the same kind of intimate friendships that women have, where they reveal their insecurities and talk about their feelings. Even women discourage that shit.

>tl:dr shootings are like a slow motion riot

Some part of the DOJ also put out a paper talking about what these mass murderers have in common, the list included childhood trauma, they tend to copy previous shooters, and they seek the fame the corporate media gives them amongst other things

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The big problem is that in the United States it is, for lack of a better way to say this a “god given right” to keep and bear arms. So when lots of people are told that we need to make compromises, it comes across as “let’s make a compromise, you give up just a portion of your rights and freedoms”. It’s easy to see how that makes people upset.

Combine that with all the publicity about fake news lately helps to fuel the fire of but trusting anyone in power.

Then look at what’s going on in the world right now in China and Russia. They are protesting up the ass but can’t really do anything without guns. If the USA ever got to that level of protesting with police brutality, it would spark a revolution because the armed populous has the needs to maintain one.

No they have misplaced masculinity, they need an outlet or a gf or something to make them think
>I can't do some crazy shit because I have a gf who loves me and cares for me.

The opposite is true actually. Children without father figures to teach them to behave properly end up doing shit like this. None of the school shooters are masculine, most of them are pretty weak both physically and mentally.

So, make something illegal more illegal?

Because it's not a compromise.
Antigunners are not "giving up" anything. They are just taking less (at a time)

To be fair, if the Hong Kong protestors had guns, they'd be slaughtered and the mainland will claim it's self-defense. They are already using the "they are rioters" excuse.

Mass shooters are a statistical anomaly so its difficult to say. It isn't difficult, however, to say that men who engage in violent, dysfunctional behaviors would most likely be less inclined to do so if they had been raised in an environment in which men weren't routinely denigrated and dehumanized for needing mental/emotional support. I know a lot of people's knee-jerk reaction to hearing the term "toxic masculinity" is to immediately get angry and dismiss it as a feminist buzzword but the core concept is sound. I mean, anecdotally, how many of you can remember growing up and being called a pussy by your class mates for crying or appearing "weak"? Or feeling ostracized because you weren't into aggressive contact sports, fighting or other outward displays of masculinity? How many of you had fathers who didn't encourage or enable you to be emotionally vulnerable or express your emotions when you weren't feeling okay? How many times as an adult man have you felt pressured to engage in fairly pointless verbal or physical conflict with other men simply because you felt like you had to defend your masculinity?

A lot of these kinds of things are perpetuated by men onto their sons and then their sons and so on because its what we were taught. We were taught that aggression was good and manly and that weakness was for girls and sissies. We were taught to prioritize "being a man" over our own mental/emotional well being. Putting a stop to that cycle and raising a generation of men who feel like they have options other than violence and aggression to express themselves will probably result in less violent incidences in general.

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>if the Hong Kong protestors had guns, they'd be slaughtered
That's not how urban warfare works.
If the chinks in Hong Kong had guns, they'd make it hell for the Commie Chinks from the mainland trying to oppress them.
An armed, hostile populace in a heavily congested urban area is one of a commander's worst nightmares.

But this is mainland china. They don't give a shit about Hong Kong's citizens. They'd completely destroy it rather than give in, just like Assad did with Syrian rebels.
Hurting China economically by stalling their biggest airport is a good call. They actually care about that.

we're also talking about China who's probably going to slaughter them whether they have guns or not

No, it's actually toxic femininity that leads to mass shootings.
"Toxic Masculinity" would tell these niggers to either kill themselves or man up and get a job.

>No, it's actually toxic femininity that leads to mass shootings.

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>Not a valid rebuttal

It's really not 'one cause fits all' and the quicker people stop pretending there's exclusively one brand of people who shoot up innocents, the quicker this world is one step further away from critical retardation

Mass murdering is just the male manifestation of psychopathy that's been left to progress to a terminal state.
Women and men are inherently different at a fundamental level. There's no wavering on that. Intellectually these differences aren't so significant. Same average IQ with a higher standard deviation for men. Society doesn't really ask you to go much beyond intellectually average work unless you're passionate about something, so men are going to tend towards that comfort zone of output even if they're capable of so much more.

It's more about physical differences and how we socialize and see the world.
Crazy men murder people and usually aren't going to have offers lined up until they're already behind bars. Crazy women still get dick, so they reproduce and take it out on their kids, either raising them horribly, letting bad men near them and sabotaging them, or just flatout murdering them.

Both are the same statement to the rest of us. It's an individual rejecting existence itself, declaring that being is something that shouldn't be. They take the most innocent lives they can, and then their own lives, just to let us know what they think about all of this.

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No, toxic masculinity refers to commie masculine societal standards that are actually harmful for society. Mass shooters are a cultural byproduct of mental illness or political radicalization. Frat boys aren't shooting up rival frats for the sake of maintaining their pride.

Now, in terms of general gun crime there's a case to be made that cultural standards lead to violence but prolific mass shootings as a whole are a lot more rare

This isn’t toxic masculinity, this is just disaffected people that are lonely.

he's just repeating what you said since it sounds completely retarded

Not that user.
Also, he actually gave a valid supporting arguement.

Everything is fucked up and we're living in a goddamn clown world right now.
I'm surprised more men aren't going crazy, things are going to get worse as our way of life becomes more alien.

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