I live 3 hours away from my job, how should I enjoy my drive?

I live 3 hours away from my job, how should I enjoy my drive?

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Why do you live so far away?

Its from my home town, but I moved to NYC

Use the train
Read a book
Listen to the news
Make up some stories

Why did you move 3 HOURS away from your job?

I want to get into real estate here
My old job was part time wagecuckery anyways, not that important

The wheel of time on audiobook.

Each book is like 40 to 50 hours. There are 14 books.

>ottoman slavery
doesnt mention that the slaves are children indoctrinated into islam and commanded to kill their own race and blood.
isnt that mighty convenient.

Like, 3h return included?

Or 3 hours to get there, and 3 to come back?

If so, that's 6h you lose everyday, that's nuts dude

3 to get, 3 to come back

Thats honestly a really ridiculous commute. Why not just move somewhere much closer to your job?

You're commuting 30 hours a week. That's another job

Get a good car audio system in your car

I hear NYC wages are higher.
Why shouldnt I find something here?

Are you being paid for 6 hours of overtime?

The plight of the wagie

No, why would I?
I havent told anyone at work yet

Atleast I'm being a productive member of society

Why would you want to be that? Because society says it's good? Lmao

Bc I wanna get somewhere in my life
Being a degen gets tiring

You don't commuting that long is torture. You can try to cope by listening to audiobooks but the ambient discomfort of driving for 3 straight hours back and forth every single workday will eventually wear you down. Don't try to enjoy it

Why are you doing it then, retard? It would make more economic sense to work for about half the pay in some place nearby.

Because this thread is most likely bait, just like 90% of Jow Forums
He could easily move to an outskirt like anywhere in Westchester and pay much less, even when accounting for a monthly train ticket. But he'll just keep giving excuses

Because this thread is bait.

>driving a total of six hours a day to a part-time job when you live in one of the country's biggest cities with abundant public transportation

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I bought a small apartment in the Bronx, is there any work here? Everything is in Manhattan imo

My hobbies have always been autistically listening to philosophy debates/ audio books so thats what I do on my wagie ride. Not much different compared to my free time when I am away from work.

You should move closer or get another job.