I hate rich people. To the point that I believe that rich people's feelings shouldn't be considered...

I hate rich people. To the point that I believe that rich people's feelings shouldn't be considered, and that it is perfectly okay and moral to do bad things to rich people and to hurt them. Primarily when I refer to "rich people" here I refer to people who grew up rich, trust fund kiddies, private school students, the upper middle classes, etc.

Is this a bad mindset to have? Am I a bad person for thinking like this?

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It doesn't matter what your mindset is because you pussy poorfags never do anything.

someone's jealous. I'll be sure to never ever care about POOR PEOPLE if I ever get rich. Especially the men poorer than me. I'll spit on them and spite them. That'll teach them to be jealous at me.

As you can see this cycle of the rich hating the poor and the poor hating the rich and the rich becoming poor and the poor wanting to become rich is as old as Abel and Cain, so whatever. Hate them fully with all your heart, and remember to step on as many hearts as you can when you get to that position.

The main problem with this type of thinking is the very slippery and incredibly difficult definition of "rich".

Compared to most people in the world, YOU are rich. You obviously have electronics and an internet connection, etc.

In fact, you will never properly define "rich" to the satisfaction of most people in the world.


Oh, no, I mean something very specific here when I say "rich people". Like I said, I mean people who grew up rich. People who's parents had bucketloads of money, enough at least to send them to private schools and to fund extravagant lifestyles living in large country houses and flying off on holidays to tropical countries all throughout their childhoods.

People like this make me incredibly angry. I grew up very poor and had to toil endlessly in school to reach university, only to get here and meet people who are actually very stupid and got in simply because they're rich and their parents could afford a high quality private education.

Welcome to life buddy. It's always been like that and always will be.
You can be a strong person and accept it and move on or continue to be a weak little bitch and sulk in your insecurities.

Replies like this actually don't bother me very much.

What pisses me off the most is rich people who act like I should care about them or offer them respect. Personally I believe rich people are lower than dirt and I wouldn't care if they all got cancer and died. But some people act like me having that opinion is "horrible" and "despicable". THAT annoys me.

>very specific
>bucketloads of money

You're actually not being specific though. What EXACTLY do you mean by rich? Do you mean income? Net worth? Both? Either? What if someone makes a lot but spends it all? What if someone doesn't make a lot but lives small, saves it all, and is worth a couple of million?

Again, think about this and you'll find you have no good definition of "rich".

Nah most people that grew up rich are assholes. But it’s a prison as well, most deserve pity.

You are a psychopath and need professional help.

Oh no, successful parents provide for their children and try to set them up for success. We must put a stop to this.

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>What EXACTLY do you mean by rich?
What I really mean is class. But I don't know if that's a concept outside of the UK (where I live).

In the UK, if you talk about "rich people", you're really talking about the leech-like middle and upper classes who live in gentrified neighbourhoods, rural country manors, send their kids to private schools, etc. They are unbearably privileged and flaunt this at every opportunity. What's even more churlish is the fact that many younger people from these classes have the gall to complain about their lives and act like they are in any way entitled to do so.

Probably. I don't see why I should care about rich/upper class people though. There's no good reason. As far as I'm concerned, they are vermin.

Why do you hate them?

>What I really mean is class
All countries have a version of this. But, using that instead is probably even harder to define. Enormously subjective

What makes them leech-like? Did they have the Sheriff of Nottingham go around and expropriate your parents' rent money?

1. Don't you want to be successful in life? Or have you accepted that you're fucking useless with no valuable skills?
2. If you do become successful, wouldn't you want to share that success with your family? Wouldn't you want to give your children the best lifestyle & the best chance at a successful future you could provide them?

It's not good to be spoiled. I think part of good parenting, rich or poor, is to teach your children to be self-sufficient and strong, so they can make their own way in life. But it's not bad to be rich, it's not inherently bad to be a "rich kid." Your whole mindset is obviously rooted in jealousy and resentment, but it's also self-defeating. If you manage to make something out of your life, then you will become what you hate, you will hate your own children, or you will discover your own hypocrisy.

>Is this a bad mindset to have? Am I a bad person for thinking like this?
The only bad thing about this mindset is that there aren't more people in america with it.

richie rich here, sorry but some of us get the lotto and some dont. the less time you use being angry at people the happy you will be with yourself and your current state.

So I don't know if I count as a rich kid cause I went to a private boarding school. But I worked really hard to get a music scholarship to go there cause my parents have been broke my whole life, and I wanted them to have some kind of Joy.

I may come across as well-off and middle class because of the way I talk, behave and/or dress, but it doesn't mean I'm rich. But I suppose you wouldn't have known that when you did bad things to me and hurt me.

Would this perspective change your views at all?

All talk, no bite. Yeah, I wish certain people were dead too. If you really cared you'd do something about it. Instead, you complain for attention. Grow up

Not a bad mindset but you're going about it the wrong way. If you're a mechanic and a $100k+ Mercedes rolls into your shop looking for an oil change, you charge them $600 for it. If you're a plumber and go unclog a toilet in beverly hills, you charge them $600 for a 5min job.
Fuck the rich over by fucking their wallets. Its not like its gonna put a dent on it anyway. They can afford it. Fuck over Hollywood bigwigs by not paying for movies and rip them instead etc etc

Just commit mass shootings in rich neighborhoods

>Is this a bad mindset to have? Am I a bad person for thinking like this?
This mindset won't be doing you any good. Why spend so much time on hatreds that won't a single thing? Why not concentrate on what makes you feel good?

Rich people are just people like you. Some have good personalities and are fun to be around. They will accept you regardless of your background. Others are just assholes.

And growing up rich makes many things easier. You don't have to worry about money exactly but otherwise it isn't making you into a better person. You can't buy stuff like friendship, a unique personal style, self-worth. In fact too much money can be a trap as it distracts you from what is important in life.

t. grew up upper-middle class

>Am I a bad person for thinking like this?
Yes, as clear as day.
People like you have a "movie/social media" view of a world that doesn't exist.
This all boils down to you not feeling content with what you have, so it's convenient for you to cover yourself in shroud of "victimhood" to justify your lack of self worth in life.
You dehumanize normal people based on their upbringing/income and it's fucking disgusting.
If you're so dissatisfied then either work in a higher paying job or shut the fuck up.
Let me guess, you're conservative right?.

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>Let me guess, you're conservative right?.
No, what the fuck are you talking about? Conservatives love rich people.

Essentially I'd describe myself as an apathetic communist. I would love to see the ruling classes violently and brutally overthrown and a dictatorship of the working classes established. But I have zero faith in humanity that such a future could be achieved. So instead I simply sit and brood with hate for the rich and powerful.

My parents became much wealthier as I grew up and I lost a lot of friends because they grew jealous of my perceived wealth.

I've learned to let them go this life, and only travel around poor neighbourhoods with my dog for people like you.

>Throwing over the ruling classes would totally not give us a new ruling class just as bad as the old one.
How old are you? 14? 16? The naivety in this.

Do you hate poor people too?

What a wasted life, and with views that belong in the old world.
I almost pity you dude.

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Did you not read my post? I have zero faith that it's achievable. One of the reasons for that is that, as you suggest, even most working class people would become greedy and power hungry once in control of society, and would turn themselves into a new upper class.

But, at least working class people are grittier and more genuine. Better than having these posh soft cunts and effeminate richfags in power.

I agree this OP must be 15 years of age.

You seem to care enough to bother with this daydream.

Besides, this a grass is greener on the otherside-thing. You made up your fantasy of how being rich is like. But just calling rich people effeminate shows how little you know about rich people. Many of them are quite macho as it aids them getting to their position and keeping them.

>Many of them are quite macho as it aids them getting to their position and keeping them.

Not in the UK. Most rich/upper class people in Britain are very weak, very effeminate. They enjoy limp, feminine pastimes like tennis, cricket, classical music, theatre. They ridicule working class culture as "brutish" but what this really means is it's too masculine for them and it scares them.

Are you really complaining about white people living in a white country?

Dumb shit. You don't even know what gentrified means do you you fucking retard?

You're right. In the US it is a term that basically means too many white people.

>the process of renovating and improving a house or district so that it conforms to middle-class taste.

Educate yourself. Idiot.

I am not from the UK but what I know from your media your upperclass can be quite brutish too. All the stuff that goes down in the boy schools and clubs at Oxbridge isn't exactly feminine.

It's just a more refined version, making it appear more cultured. Big cars and guns are a thing in these circles too.

You hate what is powerful, strong, intelligent, and beautiful, and identify with the weak, the stupid, and the ugly. That is what communism is on a spiritual level.

That's not what it means in the US parlance. It is used as an antonym to white flight.

Dont blame rich people. Blame your boomer parents for dont having create a business for their kids when they has the oportunity in the most prosper era in history. I hate my parenta for that, their scarcity mentality make the settle in their 9/5 losers jobs

Stay mad wagie. My dad bought me a Tesla and I'm about to graduate from Oxford. Feels good man.

You think rich people are more intelligent, beautiful, etc? That’s the dumbest thing I have heard.

Rich people are rich largely because they were born that way or have sociopathy. There is no correlation with money and intelligence.

>There is no correlation with money and intelligence.
Incorrect, wealth and intelligence are correlated. Your childish attitude towards the successful comes from your teenage moodiness, not from the data. Pic related is you on the right.


Your feelings are misguided. There are bad rich people and there are bad poor people. Now if only we could eliminate both kinds of degenerates...

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I know exactly what this guy means and I don’t like them either.

They have no concept of reality

Most people I meet who have any real wealth inherited something from their parents— property, a business, a position in a firm or company.

Why the fuck did my parents not only not set something out for my future but literally refuse to ever help me finding a job in their company, etc. because “that’s nepotism and you can’t feel proud unless you do it all yourself.”

I know plenty of men and women who stepped right into a high paying position in mommy or daddy’s company and they don’t seem to be full of shame about it.

Rich people tend to be weaker because they can afford to be

You've clearly never met anyone from the British upper classes then. There are a lot of ASTOUNDINGLY stupid but rich people in the UK, who are rich simply because their families have elite connections and wealth that was established generations ago that they had nothing to do with (most are inbred in some way too).