Improvement general /ig/

Improvement general /ig/
Let's hope this outlasts /sig/ edition

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Anything special you want to improve yourself in regards of fitness OP?

Can we help?

what happened to /sig/ anyway lads, im gone for a month or 2 and its disappeared

stop being black

Jannies started a crusade against it. Any sig thread made gets nuked after ~50 posts.

why tho? I mean threads like pic related are accepted. Not that I have a problem with threads like that but it doesnt seem consistent.

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What the fuck is this bullshit give me my one fucking good thread on this entire trash website back
i hate this, 8chs sig thread is gone too fuck my life give me that fucking thread back it has improved my life so much.
where the fuck do i go now for my sig threads lads
we need a crusade against jannies as soon as possible lads

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Gotta say i just found out about his channel, and his calming and positive voice and vibe kinda brightens my day, also he got some sick gains

/sig/ and this thread is Jow Forums-tier.
>b-but Jow Forums is a slow board

I tried to make 1 last week and it reached like 35 posts

How tf do I strengthen my ankles? I roll my ankles once or twice a month with various levels of trauma.

I'm at a loss desu

1 or 2 weeks ago there was jannie who insta deleted everything in the first 15 seconds.

the bob ross of MRE review videos

hindu squats

>horny all the time
>sometimes feel too lazy to instigate sex with gf and go through the whole process, just want to blow a load

What do?

let her hop on top and do everything, in your last seconde switch it and finish?

You're not horny then, you're just craving a dopamine response. Do you watch a lot of porn?

Those fucking faggots banned me for a month for ironically claiming to be 14. And in Germany.

They we're just Jow Forums-tier threads. Jow Forums is for fitness.

You do know you can appeal right?

Self improvement is not necessarily advice.

you can give feedback to a mod action why this is moved from Jow Forums to adivce.


>Mental health and self improvement is not "fitness"
You're a fucking faggot and Jow Forums is full of betas and underage.

Jannies and mods don't give a shit about anons.


I mean look at this shit:

that's a fucking joke
it is well known that there is a subversion going on on all kind of discussion boards ont he internet

can't let people improve themself, right?
we faggots are contained in the internet, do they really want to bring /sig/ to real life and make a true change in society?

If mods and jannies gave a fuck about either board they would let Jow Forums have one SIG.
Look at the catalog on this pathetic board. Jow Forumsizens would absolutely destroy this fragile little ecosystem.

And Jow Forums really needs quality threads, the content this year has been worse than ever and steadily declining.

absolutelly, it is so sad how the baord has declined
I am still saying that there are paid people to shit up the board

"sig is not fit related" is the most bullshit excuse
half the catalog is not fit related but is allowed to stay up

>no sig allowed on Jow Forums
>no sig allowed on Jow Forums
>no sig allowed on Jow Forums
this site has really gone in the shitter

>>no sig allowed on Jow Forums
everyone is saying /sig/ is ONLY allowed on fit

would be funny if not now
You guys can try it to establish it here, much fun.
Jow Forums and Jow Forums are totally different people.

I say we just start making QTDDTOT the new, disguised /sig/

Jow Forums has some of the worst mods/jannies
The standard theory is that Jow Forums and sjw type faggots actively apply just to fuck up the board.

It's fucking sad. Every /sig/ thread on Jow Forums gets moved to Jow Forums where it immediately dies. Garbage fucking mods. I miss 8/seig/ threads.

Why does this board not have a sticky?

hat the same idea.
just ask those question in the QTDDTOT
to be honest, many question from /sig/ are already QTDDTOT related anyways.

Newfags and quick lurker won't see it sadly.
Has there every been an official statement except from "belongs to Jow Forums"?

All I saw was "moved to Jow Forums" not even an explanation excuse.
Keeping new fans and casual lurkers out may be a bonus.
Newfags will start single subject advice threads anyways, which will of course be allowed to stay up.

I attended /sig/ threads at fit allthe way back to 2014
just now they prune every sign of it

The same year every social media website of any kind gets heavily censored *rubs big long nose in thinking motion, scratching tiny hat*

/SIG/ threads were the reason I first stayed on Jow Forums when I found it.
It's nice to have a variety of positive information. They usually don't get too much shitposting either.

I want to lose weight but I don't want to stop eating all the unhealthy stuff I eat, I just want to eat it way less so I'm not being unhealthy every day.
I don't struggle too much to exercise, but how do I overcome mental blocks on limiting the junk and fast food I eat?

Shit I didn't realise Jow Forums has a /sig/, I'll post my question here too. It something I've been grapling with for a while:

I want to believe that a person can be giga-productive by configuring their mind to get pleasure from the tasks they have to do to be successful.

Is this bullshit? Is fear and fight the best way to productivity and is inevitable?

>Person A gets up at 4am, they fucking hate it and want to lazily sleep, but they're determined to do their mundane tasks to achieve their goals and they're fucking afraid of how shit their life will be if they don't make it.

>Person B get up at 4am, they jump out of bed because and want to go straight to their tasks, because everything they do gives them pleasure knowing it's making them stronger. Sleep is boring, procastinating is boring and stressful.

Which person wins the race? If you can do it being person B, surely that's better? Since you won't be stressed 24/7 fighting a fear.

But I'll find many productivity cults lauding that fear has made them successful.

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>giga production from creating positive feedback off of constructive tasks
This is pretty much the human metagame, once you learn how to derive fulfillment from your work, you attain meta status and are basically unbeatable. That's why people doing shit like crocodile sanctuaries always seem happy, because their work becomes what they love

So either you merge the two, learn to love work, or learn to work at love, somehow creating a sense of positivity from work, thereby attaining personal fulfillment and pragmatic gain
>fear makes you successful
You could think of the gigaproduction I just described as, say, nurturing a field of crops who yield their own seeds; you could think of production-by-fear as importing seeds. Sooner or later, something's going to give and a payment will need to be made; some people can pony up when it's due, some can't. If you really can't derive positive feedback then negative feedback is indeed all that's left, yes, but I don't personally find it sustainable.

> If you really can't derive positive feedback then negative feedback is indeed all that's left, yes, but I don't personally find it sustainable.

I see. I think what's fucking me is I fundamentally get too much enjoyment out of simple things, like sitting and relaxing, or cooking or lying in the sun, whatever. Trying to get abstract pleasure out of something that's hard work can't compete very well (not to the intensity I want anyway).

Maybe negative feedback is just what I'm set up for and I should accept it. And perhaps while I'm at the early stage of a goal I need negative feedback, but when I've reached landmarks and the success feels more "real" (I'm making money, I'm winning competitions etc) that's the time when positive feedback can work.

(I CAN work hard by the way, I succeeded at school and uni, but it was all done through negative feedback and I've wondered if there's a better way. I too felt it was unsustainable).

You can't. The reason why you're so insistent on eating junk food is due to the way dopamine works within the brain. You really should read up a bit on the neurology behind major eating disorders a bit , while you may not be some 300lb glutton the science remains the same for anybody.

Going cold turkey is the best way - although finding alternative sources of sugar and carbohydrates that have less overall calories is a much easier method. The only reason why addicts to drugs like meth or heroin aren't advised to go cold turkey is due withdrawal symptoms being severe enough to threaten their lives. With dietary issues it's not so severe

You're severely overestimating how easy it is to go from eating junk food daily to eating it once a week or something. Cheat days wouldn't exist if cold turkey was the only way.


Thread got mod swapped from Jow Forums
B is obviously preferable, but it has to be worked for if you aren't lucky enough to have had it ingrained during adolescence.

I think honestly the fear of failure will always exist even if just in the subconsciousness of the driven. The difference is they don't fixate on it.

I wouldn't try cheat days until after the first month. Cold turkey is best

This. Don't deviate for at least 3 weeks.
Cheats should still be fairly healthy anyways.
Fruit, cheese, dark chocolate, nuts...

Shame /sig/ got booted from Jow Forums. To stay on topic, I recommend doing journal entries first thing in the morning if you got time.

starting with end of 2018 and now full in 2019
/sig/ got regulary flooded with shitposters and derailers
actively fucking up the thread and baiting for off topic shit

can you at least try to eat less?
cut down here and there a little bit?
or substitute it with stuff that has lower kcal?

advice has no /sig/ that's the funny thing, since years it is a Jow Forums thing but recently mods swap them to Jow Forums where they slowly die without interaction

>Person B get up ....
I was that Person B for about 1-2 years in my life jsut recently
it was awesome
I woke up, straight out of the bed because I wanted to get shit done, it drove me through the day, I way productive as shit and the dopamine response was awesome. I was happy as fuck and social too.
Both person may reach their goal but person 2 has a healthier mind.
You need something you really want in life, no matter what.

>I think what's fucking me is I fundamentally get too much enjoyment ....
and here I am currently again, it really fucks me up knowing where I was once and where I could be
I need to change my daily live to get to that point again

this, the biggest problem is, that it is available in your home
if it is there you eat that shit, simply because it is there
the same with consumer products. we don't use most things because we need them but because they are there and we think we need them

you don't need cheat days
you can eat semi-shit every single if it is the right size, portion control is the key word here!
No need to eat one day a week like a retard and overeat to compensate the last 3 days of your calorie restriction
to add something to that
it is VERY important to have a routine right after waking up
just a simple task
what I suggest: drink 1 big glass of water right after waking up
you re-hydrate, you feel better, it is healty -> you achieved something good already right in the morning

ill post the sig thing, helpful shit

This thread endorses both physical and mental fitness in order to promote healthy living for everyone.

/sig/ Basics:
>YOU are 100% responsible for the way you experience life. Not your parents, not your surroundings, not your ex, not your bully, not your future spouse. YOU. Complete, sincere acceptance of this is the most fundamental step to bettering yourself, and it is by far the hardest thing you'll ever do.
>Work your way to becoming the best YOU you can be - one step at a time.
>Set realistic Goals and have a Plan. Use short-term Goals to keep yourself going.
>Learn helpful and effective daily/weekly/etc. routines, including mundane ones.
>Have a steady sleeping rhythm - one that works for you, so long as you keep to it. Get 6-11 hours of sleep. More Info:
>Learn Mindfulnes Meditation. More Info:
>Learn to be Brutally Honest with yourself. Stop being a slave to your Ego.
>Focus on the essentials. If you try to do everything at once, you’ll burnout.
>The best exercise regime is entirely up to what your goals are - Explain your goals and ask!

DISCORD: Everyone is welcome

> - Overall Guide
> - "Simple" Mental Health self-help resource. You get out what you put in.

> - Mortimer J. Adler, Charles Van Doren - How to Read a Book
> - Sam Harris - Waking Up
> Marcus Aurelius - Meditations
> - Henepola Gunaratana - Mindfulness in Plain English
> - Dale Carnegie - How to Win Friends and Influence People

here a small collection of files which may help you on the journey of self-improvement
the archive gets updated every now and then
have fun digging through all this stuff!C7ZwlY4L!DP4JwX2dJWJdmjxbB7b7Lw

bump for you guys